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Welcome to Warpshadow

Posted by: Hydra

Well... unless you have spend the last couple of weeks in hybernation, you know that there is something coming.

Since today, we have a better idea of what might be hitting us in Tyranuary.


Here is my Favourite...


Discuss here!

Dec 11, 2013 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Broodbrothers and sisters!

The emprors tarot points straight on January for the big release we are all waiting for.

So, what shall we name that special month?

Give your vote here.

Oct 2, 2013 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Broodbrothers and sisters!

Something stirs in the warp and if the rumours are true or not, doesn't really matter.


I want to quote our Member Nard Prime

The pressures of real life are irrelevant......Only Tyranids matter
Are you spending too much time at work?........Take some leave
Are you looking after the baby at home and changing nappies?......Get the wife or husband to do it instead
Are you studying?........your future can wait



In this Spirit,


Aug 27, 2013 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Broodbrothers and -sisters!

Thought it appeared that I have rested my six limbs for to long, be aware, that the opposite is the case.

On Games Day Germany I met with our beloved Magos Phil "the Midgardsnake" Kelly.

From the many secrets he is carrying, he could share not a single one with me. But the glitter in his eyes told me another story. As a true servant of the Skymother he admited nothing.

Nontheless he assigned me to give his best wishes and greetings to you, fellow Broodbrothers and sisters and said, that the time will come where we all will be united in the glory of the skymother.

Until then we all should only be recognised by our secret  Warpshadow-Greeting

Aug 19, 2013 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Find out HERE why!

Oh, while we are at it:

The winner gets a Miniature,

build and sculpted by Hydra

painted by Terrorfex!


What are you waiting for?

Jun 27, 2013 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Broodbrothers and sisters!

Thanks to the formidable Techmage Hybrid our Forum is back up and running.

Thank the skymother for such fast and uncomplicated help!


Praise be!

Mar 13, 2012 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Fellow Broodbrothers and Broodsisters,

some of you might have already noticed that the content of the Forum has been deleted.

It has been known to the Gestalt, that our Server Host had serious security issues.

We figure that these issues lend to the destruction of our beloved home. We will try to get the board fixed asap. Please be patient with us, since even Lictors have trouble finding little, nerdy hackers.

In all seriousness. Where is the joy in destroying the work of others?



As it appears, that our Host has, in the result of cleaning their servers of infected data, deleted most of our forums.

Rest asured that the Gestalt is working on that.

Mar 12, 2012 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Tarna opened her eyes, forced from her dream by the violent rumbling. She clambered out of her bed and rushed through the living area of her home without skipping a beat. Swinging open the door to her children’s bedroom she urged her two siblings out of bed. Her first thought was that it was an earthquake, as the region she lived in was prone to them, but as she and her children left their home for the safety of the streets and looked up at the early morning sky horror sunk into the pit of their stomach.

The cool air was thick with a red mist that reminded Tarna of giving birth, and a casual glance upwards revealed dozens of fleshy bags falling to the ground, their impacts causing the incessant tremors. Tarna’s youngest daughter; Tash clutched her stuffed animal and began to cry, as her older sister; Sima begged for their father to return.

Tarna and her children lost their balance as a deep cracking sound was issue from beneath their feet and several worm-like creatures burst from the ground, their mouths opening up like a flower made of knives and sickles. The closest creature grabbed Sima by the arm, rending her flesh; Tarna grabbed onto her daughter and fought with all of her strength but was soon dragged into the hellish hole that the beast appeared from. Tash began to run into her house as she heard her family’s last screams.

Several hours later a Tauros assault vehicle rolled by the house, its flamer gushing liquid promethium onto the horde of alien creatures. A local militiaman holding onto the hand railing looked towards the home and saw the bloody holes in the ground and a dirty stuffed animal lying in the dirt. He began to weep.


Hello all you bugs!

I’m happy to announce the creation of a brand new Warpshadow contest. We’re able to host this one thanks to the generosity of one of our members; Sofacoin!

He throws in a brand new Trygon-Kit!

Do you want to know more?

Jun 1, 2011 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Dear Broodbrothers and Sisters!


It is time again for the spawning vats to turn moist and the nornqueens busy.


The 5th Competition is here, go and check it out.

Sep 4, 2010 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Dear Brood Brothers and Sisters!


After a fierce run between the contestants the hive minds vote is final.

In first place we have chuckles, whose "Inflecteuthis" received a shiny 11 votes.


To leave your comment and see the 2nd and 3rd place, please go here:


Jul 17, 2010 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Broodbrothers and sisters!


It is now time for you to raise your voice and vote for your favourite non-combat unit.

Entrants 1-6
Entrants 7-12

Voting ends July 8th, so be sure to set your mark, since the winner takes a brand new trygon kit home.


May the skymother be with you!


Jul 1, 2010 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Dear Broodbrothers and Sisters!

We all know the fighting units of our beloved Tyranids. But there is more to it.

Where the mere humans have Servitors attending to certain tasks, the Adeptus Munitiorum or Adeptus Dialogus working behind the schemes of their armies, Tyranids have such creatures too.

Jump in the gene-pool and take part in the 4th Warpshadow Competition, create your own non-combat unit and win a plastic Trygon kit sponsored kindly by Heavy Support Games.

Send your drones here to get further information: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=14581


May the Skymother be with you!

Jun 2, 2010 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Dear Broodbrothers and sisters!

It’s that time again. Starting June 1st, Warpshadow will be running a brand-new contest! The winner gets to take home a brand spanking new plastic Trygon kit compliments of Heavy Support Games.

Fortunately the contest parameters haven’t been decided yet so if you get yourself over to this thread, you can help decide in what YOU want to do.


May 17, 2010 - Category: General

Posted by: Hydra

Dear Broodbrothers and Sisters!

Welcome to our new Frontsite (again we have to thank Hybrid for his restless and great work).

The board is back in our claws. To prevent our beloved board from hits like we had, the responsibility and ownership is split and the bills will be payed.

So, come on, jump in the digestion-pool and take part in building an even better Warpshadow.


May 12, 2010 - Category: General

Posted by: The Gestalt

Dear Broodbrothers and Sisters! Yes, we are back online!
We dearly hope that all the spread fleets will find their way back home soon!

For those who haven't read it somewhere else:

Warpshadow went offline unexpectedly so we contacted the web host, asking for the access to our board, since our departed friend and much loved community member Accommodator had all the info.

Learning about Accommodator's passing, the host followed protocol and shut us down until the legal side of things had been figured out.

The Gestalt has been working on this feverishly and as of now we have our beloved board back.

I would like to thank Ross' wife for helping us out and would also like to thank Mr. Pink and especially Hybrid for bringing us back online.

Give it up for these heroes of our community!

May 10, 2010 - Category: General

Posted by: The Gestalt

It is our sad duty to inform the members of Warpshadow that Ross Nickle, better known to us all as Accommodator, passed away suddenly on the evening of Monday March 22. Ross is survived by his wife and daughter.

If you’re shocked, know that we are even more so. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to meet Ross, as myself, Moloch, and Hydra have, would quickly realize that the man was as dependable in real life as he ever was in this magical cyber world of ours. Just as Accommodator may have seemed like a pillar of this community—someone who would always be around to solve our problems and slay our spambots—so, too, did Ross Nickle seem like someone who was dependable to the point of immortality.


I think we all had so much faith in Ross Nickle that we were almost counting on him to always be around to steer Warpshadow true. And it was more than a simple matter of taking him for granted. If you ever met Ross, you could attest to the fact that there was something about him...something that was so good at never being beaten and always being prepared, as if it were impossible for him to not be prepared.

But, to quote a cliché, Death makes fools of us all.

In addition to being the Hive Mind of the Warpshadow board for the last few years, Ross also never hesitated to put his money and his time behind cockamamie schemes like the 2008 and 2009 Games Day tables. He was at once project manager and lead cheerleader for the tables. Whenever the build team would get distracted elsewhere or get bogged down in the details of one particular part of the project, Ross would set us straight. He was also the one to come up with the idea and the solution for installing lights in the table, a little something extra that likely went a long way to winning Warpshadow the title of Best Table at Games Day Toronto 2008. Though we failed to give as strong a showing at Games Day 2009 (and I'll take the fall for that -Pinky), we are glad that Ross got to share in the 2008 victory.

Having to make such an announcement, we are reminded of the news of Warseer/Rumour guru Brimstone’s passing a few months back. Though Accommodator was by no means as widely known as Brimstone, there is a similarly odd feeling about the whole thing: a feeling of a duality of lives lived. Ross had a very real life, out in the real world, but he also had another life here and in similar online communities. Just as the process of mourning has been going on for some time in the outside world, we hope that we can start the process here, on the board that is a second home to many of us, a board that was both Ross Nickle's second home and his second job right up until the end.

If anyone has any stories of interactions with Ross that they'd like to share, or any condolences for Ross' family, please take this thread as an open forum for expressing them.

Additionally, the members of the Gestalt are trying to come up with some suitable way for the community to memorialize Ross, but we'll post more on that once we've sorted it out.

Until then, Love and Tentacles

-The Gestalt

Apr 5, 2010 - Category: General