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 Post subject: Hand of the Chosen Week 3: vs Orks
PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 10:00 pm 
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So stayed on my planet some more; got a total of 150 points of Elite and Fast Attack plus a bonus 50 points for anything for holding 2 weeks in a row. Looking to do it again for another 150 to fill out my Zoenthrope horde.

This week, the ork army of "Big Dakka Boyz" swings on by; no chaos surprise this time.

Hive Tyrant – Desiccator Larvae, Miasma Cannon, Regeneration, Twin Linked Devourers, Wings
1 Mucloid Spore Mine
1 Lictor
4 Zoenthropes - Neurothrope upgrade
3 Spore Mines
4 Spore Mines

Ork in mek suit
Pain Boy
20ish Boys
12 Lootaz
12 Lootaz

4x4 Table. Objective is to have the most models on the center of the table by the end of turn 4. Already I know I cannot take the objective as I only have 6 scoring models within 3 units and the rest are spore mines. Bad choice for this battle. I'm gonna have to go for table wipe.

I deploy on the table edge opposite the most cover, putting the orks in the difficut terrain, knowing he will embed himself (the guy playing is an IG player trying out orks, he plays with a very IG mentality still... and not very orky, so I play into his mindset and to to my advantage). I place the Zoenthropes on the right side behind a step pyramid and the Tyrant on the left behind a crenelated tower. Lootaz deploy in the heavy terrain across from the Tyrant and Behind an Aegis Defense Line, or whatever the new thing is called. Boys deploy in the open almost across from where the Zoenthrope are hiding.

Tyrant rolls It Will Not Die from the Personal Warlord List. Tyrant has Psychic Scream and Onslaught; Zoenthropes add Catalyst their impressive power list.

Orkz do not Sieze Initiative.

Flyrant flies up the side of the table and ends up next to the edge of one Lootaz unit. Zoenthropes walk out from behind the terrain. The tyrant Psychic Screams at the Lootaz, 4 die. Zoenthrope drop 4 Warp Blasts on the Boyz, 4 direct hits/less then 4" scatters, no one dies due to Kustom Forcefield and Feel No Pain. Double flamer templates on the Lootaz kill 6 more, the last 2 roll the Mob chart thing and actually run away, off the table. Zoenthropes run back into cover.

Other Lootaz shoot at the Tyrant; 27 shots, 5 hits, 4 wounds, 1 unsaved, falls out of the sky, impacts the ground, takes another wound. Luckily I'm on the other side of the difficult terrain mountain, at least 12" away, no chance of being charged. The Boyz just walk forward.

Lictor deep strikes next to the Boyz, but out of sight on the other side of the wall. 4 Spore Mines deep strike to the left in front of the of the Boyz, Mucloid deep strikes to the right in front of the Boyz. Zoenthropes move back into sight. Tyrant regenerats successfully, moves but has a bad angle to turn to if I'm gonna be able to turn properly next turn so I'm only gonna be at a bad angle. Psychic Scream on the Lootaz rolls a leadership of 2, so nothing. Spirit Leech on the Boyz rolls a 5 on 3d6. I roll the 1 remaining die for Catalyst... nothing. Double flamers on the Lootaz, 8 total rolls, only yields 1 wound.... on two 2+ flamers! And it's the Fleshbane one so he saves it! Run the spores closer to the Boyz. It Will Not Die restores the last wound on the Hive Tyrant.

Lootaz unload on the Tyrant, 2 hits, but both save. Boyz shoot the Mucloid spore and only do 1 wound as epic shrouding rolls kept it alive. Then, for some reason, after explaining what the Mucloid Spore does in detail, the Boyz charge the Mucloid Spore? The charge 10" and everyone gets as close as possible; on 10's it explodes killing 12 boyz.

Last brood of Spore Mines come in from reserves; I drop them on the center of the table, not that they can claim the objective, but so they can hamper the orkz in case this does not go correct. Tyrant turns and moves 12" and gets the straight line on the rest of the Lootaz. Lictor moves next to the exposed Boyz. Zoentrhopes move up. Tyrant Psychic Scream is again ignored by superior Leadership rolls, as it Spirit Leech and I run out of Warp Charges. Tyrant double flamers leave one Loota left, who falls back. Lictor shoots Flesh Hooks at the boys and nothing wounds. Spore Mines charge the boyz... they overwatch the daylights out of those Toughness 1 MONSTROSITIES!!!! Lictor charges, kills 2 boyz, takes 2 wounds back, holds them up on their turn... which is all I needed him to do.

Last Loota falls back off the table. Lictor kills an ork boy; then gets abused by the rest of the unit.

Hive Tyurant moves to just behind the boyz unit; Zoenthropes move to just in front of the boyz unit so that the Big Mek thing, the Warlord, is the closest model to them. Psychic Scream kills all but 2 boyz, including the Pain Boy. Warp Lance hits and he rolls all 1's on the Look Out Sir rolls, Warlord dead, and only 2 boys left... at that point he concedes and I still have flamer shooting left.


Apparently there was a bonus 50 points for Killing the Warlord this game, which I unknowingly got.

3 wins in a row, but this was a poorly picked army list for this battle type and against such an army. Too bad we have to pick the army list before we see who we're assigned to fight, but I guess that's the thrill of it all. adding another 150 points of Elites and Fast Attacks to my list and 50 more Bonus points!


 Post subject: Re: Hand of the Chosen Week 3: vs Orks
PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 9:45 pm 
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Loving these reports mate. (b~_^)b And this sounds like one of the better escalation/map campaigns I've read of.

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