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 Post subject: Map Campaign Week 1 of 12: Planet Dorian - Oda vs Chaos
PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:01 am 
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So, previous conversation about the store campaign I joined and what I'm running here: viewtopic.php?f=25&t=18481

Here's the packet of the rules of the campaign on the store's nifty Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iEx ... W1Cu8I/pub

So I'm facing, as the conversations I eavesdropped on from other players, the guy who won the campaign last year at the store. It's listed as just Chaos, not known if it's daemons or marines.... but someone let it slip that he only has 2 models, so i'm pretty sure you cannot get a troop and an HQ out of only 2 models in marines, so i'm pretty sure it's demons; maybe Shadow In The Warp will actually do something for once as he'll probably be summoning a lot; it's a good tactic for armies that will only have 2 units to start with.

So looking for some tactics on people who face daemons often: what he could possibly be running at such low points, what I have as tactics to use with what i have loaded out.

Also, a slight change in my initial build, because they allow a army max of 5 points plus or minus, so i'm running my tyrant with Wings, Electroshock Grubs, Miasma Cannon and twin linked deathspitter! If I'm given 5 points... I'll use those 5 points; this way I'll still have something to use in case I have to jink, and options are always a good thing. If there's only 1 non-vehicle model, why use the haywire flamer template when you can get 3 shots?

My tactics are to compile Lictors on this planet until I run out of Elite Slots, use the bonus points for Spore Mines, then hit up a Troops planet and fill up on units of 5 Genestealers, the rest of the game on a planet of Heavy Support and buy Mawlocs and Tyrannocytes for everything (assuming I can afford enough Tyrannocytes by then). Probably too lofty of goals, but what the hell.

So, any advice, loopholes in the rules, better tactics, or other words you can think of typing my way are appreciated.


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