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 Post subject: New Tau Book Look Through
PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:02 pm 
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So one of my boys is a Tau player since they launched in 3rd, gave me the quick downlow on the new book.

Not a lot of big changes, but a lot of little changes that will make big ripples.

Ethereals no longer cause moral tests when they die... and they have a hover board now that lets them ignore terrain. NO-PRIZE for the first person to have a Marty McFly Ethereal!

There's a new piece of wargear that give the Battle Suit HQ a watered down version of Swooping. You don't get to Vector Strike, Hammer of Wrath, or any of the other cool things you get as a Flying Monstrous Creature, but they will need 6's to hit you still. Also, if you have Drones, they don't swoop; they just disappear while you are Swooping and Reappear when you land.

Almost all vehicles can come in units of 3 now, like most other armies that actually have vehicles, and fire warrior minimum squads became fewer and cheaper.

Nothing new on the other races in the book; just Kroot and Vespid still, no new other race HQ.

The Big Ripples are as follows: The new Lords of War suits are in the book, and come in units of 3. As well as Riptides are not Lords of War, just still Elites... and can not be taken as units of 3. Finally, if you take Farsight you can take a Riptide as an HQ.... so you could run TEN RIPTIDES as a legal FoC army.

Yeah, so there's that.

While this is pretty terrible...... it does bode well in one way: if you can run an army of 20 something monstrous creatures and 3 gargantuan creatures with a swooping non-monsteroud creature in the Tau book, what will happen in the new Tyranid book?


 Post subject: Re: New Tau Book Look Through
PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 9:47 pm 
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Heh. The pessimist in me says that this is no guarantee that we'll be getting an improved codex. It'll depend on whether or not we get new figures that GW wants to sell...

I for one would prefer to see a codex that plays more into the original swarm image that used to distinguish the nids. I want the nid army to be a flood of slashing, stabbing, close-combat nightmares that can overwhelm enemies with sheer weight of numbers, while they desperately try to shoot enough of the nids to enable them to survive the onslaught. We should have the fastest, most close-combat-y army in the 40K universe. I'd happily sacrifice what firepower we have for that.

But that's just my opinion, of course... :)

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