Flying Hive Tyrant: How to Pin and Magnetize
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Author:  ProjectThanatos [ Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Flying Hive Tyrant: How to Pin and Magnetize

Greetings Hive brothers/sisters. Today I'm going to show you how I went about pinning and magnetizing my Flying Hive Tyrant (with Twin-linked devourers as a bonus!)

First, let's go over what actually got pinned/magnetized and what didn't. I built the main base (flying tail, legs, and lower abdomen) and put it aside. I used it mostly for determining the overall stability of the model.

The core of all the pinning and magnetization lies in the Tyrant's three piece chest piece. The middle segment was untouched but used in conjunction with the side pieces for determining pin length and positioning. Below you will see my tyrant's side chest pieces.
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I inserted and glued the magnets (assuming all are correctly facing with your adjacent magnet pieces) only in the lower socket. This allows for the lower arms to be customizable. The top slot would hold the much heavier wings and require the magnets to be placed in the inner cavity of the chest pieces. The main reason for this is because it allows the wing arms to align perfectly with the torso as intended.

In order to correctly pin and magnetize the wings, some basic measuring is necessary. First measure the height of your magnets and cut the ball joint (the one that fits snugly into the torso) in accordance to that height. This allows the magnet to not take up additional space and allow the wing to nestle safely into the joint as intended.

Below is a picture of my Tyrant's wings.
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Once that joint magnet is settled, pinning can commence. Attach the wing to the torso and make sure it fits properly. Now securely fasten the wing to the side piece. I used some sticky tack and a firm grip to secure the wing in place. Hold the combined piece together and from the back of the side piece (picture below) align your pinning tool to a position where it will pass through safely through the chest piece and into the wing arm. This may sound difficult but its much easier than you think. The natural positioning of the wing arms completely conceals my pin. Feel free to use my Tyrant wings for reference as to where the pin should cross through. Remember to keep a firm grip when drilling through the chest piece and into the wing. Once all holes are drilled, glue the pin into the wing arms and NOT the chest piece.


The Twin-Linked Devourer conversion using the Tervigon/Tyrannofex's fleshborer hive is quite attractive and can be easily made using the same steps as above. I initially built the conversion but found that the fleshborer hive is a bit on the heavy end so I ended up using the same technique for pinning the wings for this.

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Again, use the same technique of attaching and holding the arms to the chest piece with sticky tack/kung fu grip and drilling from the back of the chest piece and into the arm. Make sure when affixing the arm to the chest piece that you hold it in the exact positioning you want. Once all holes are drilled, glue in the pinning bars to the arms and not the chest piece. It's wise to use a smaller pin for these arms as it requires less support than the heavier wings.

Once the pins are dry and the arms fit into their sockets, place the outer chest piece parts and attach it to the middle chest piece. We're doing this to make sure the length of the pins aren't too long and make the arms protrude from their sockets. A few quick measurements and some clipping and your arm pins should fit perfectly when the chest piece is completely glued and assembled (this is done last btw.)

its time to reenforce the chest piece. While my wing arms fit perfectly into the chest piece, when held upright, the wings slid out of place because of the weight. This can be remedied by taking some green stuff and applying it around the wing pin while attached to the chest piece. Below you can see the innards of the chest piece and where I applied the green stuff around the pinning hole for support. This worked beautifully for me and the wings don't budge at all. (Don't worry about cosmetics when dealing with the inside green stuff. No one can see it anyways.)

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(Notice the left chest piece has an extra pin hole since my kung fu grip failed me and I was off target. Nothing a little green stuff cant fix but since this is the innards of the chest piece and isn't visible it doesn't matter.)

Now, before gluing the chest pieces together and finalizing the torso, faux-assemble the entire thing using sticky tack or your multi-limbs and do a final check that all arms fit properly and hold up. Make any additional modifications on the joints as needed. Half the fun of conversion is experimentation.

And then... once you make sure everything is in it's right place, glue the torso together and finish assembly.

Prime.. paint... and then Punish your foes!

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I wish I had a better camera to show this bad boy off. There you go Hive-brethren. Hopefully this helps and if you have any questions, I am in synapse so feel free to send them my way. (b~_^)b

Author:  Da Talon [ Sat Aug 31, 2013 4:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Flying Hive Tyrant: How to Pin and Magnetize

Looking good. I didn't use pins, just external magnets (using 6x1,5mm magnets for all torso slots and the same for the wings and 2x1mm for the devourers (I rigged up a deathspitter with 2 devourer front pieces glued together as 1 dual devourer, so 2 of those make for 2 dual devourers).

Yours fits more snugly though :)

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