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 Post subject: PLAY 40K ONLINE
PostPosted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:11 pm 
Big One

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Table Top Simulator, a generic steam game that allows people to play online board, card, RPG games. a community has developed to play the table top 40k game online with models and dice. Now its not perfect and is entirely ruled by the player's. But most armies including our beloved Tyranids are all valid and available to play. Much like a traditional game in real life you make a list via battle scribe or such, then got to one of the available workshops to set as side models and same it as a list. then you move to the hosts game and drag your army from the saved list onto the board. then set up and play as you traditionally would. as said its not perfect and the tyranid collection i use does not have varients of teh carnifex. but considering the designer has given every possible combination of equipment for the tryant/flyrant/warrior/ tyranid primes as well most of the other models equip options i think i can forgive the single carnifex. and since you can rename, and give notes/details to individual models it does not interfere with the game play. Currently the groups i play through use Discord to converse/find games and i would like to expand this community to make more games available for those of us restricted by travel or just not financially able to explore the infinite list building options we desire. I have found it useful for exploring experimental combos with accurate results.

A few things to note about it,
1* it does require a $20 investment to buy Table top Simulator From Steam, but after that its is 100% free to use and play
2* as said above the rules are entirely players responsibility, so it is advised to keep to armies and such you have codex/index for using. the community so far have been very nice and often people like to spectate so a 3rd party for debatable rules have not been a big concern.
3* again from above, not all models are available so some improvisation may be needed. again has not been a concern such as the carnifex example, i just rename and adjust the notes to describe the options desired. if anything its better then proxy models we often use since they can have details attach directly to the models
4* language barriar, Being a online community not everyone speaks the same language and Using a system like discord often prefer to use a microphone to play their moves. My opponents have tolerated Me using a Keyboard and in-game Chat to play even though the games and moves may take longer.

All said and Done, its a good community and every concern can be worked out simply with mutual respects and patience. I hope some of my hive brothers and sisters join me in the future to explore some of the neat tricks i've discovered and share some of your own.

Such beautiful name with a dark secret. Welcome to the nightmare that is HIVE FLEET LAMIA!

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