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 Post subject: WH40K simulator?
PostPosted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:22 pm 
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I had started coding some of the tools for a java-based battle simulator under the 5e rules, but got frustrated in the design phase because some aspects of the game did not lend themselves to simulation.

Now, with what I've heard of 6e (my book doesn't arrive until later this week), nearly all of these have been changed, specifically:

* Wound allocation is nearest to farthest instead of defender's choice (algorithm vs. choice)

* Pre-measuring is legal, making decisions to shoot, run, move, and assault more concrete/statistical and no longer based on how good the player is at visually estimating distances.

So now I'm pushing around ideas again for a battle simulator. The ultimate goal of such a monster would be to test-run different army configurations and see what works more often. This is ver far down the road and requires development of significant heuristics for deployment choices, movement, target choice, etc.

Intermediate goals would include a robust shooting and close combat monte carlo type simulator that would permit detailed results that are beyond the realm of easy statistics (e.g. "what is the chance that I end this close combat with 8 or more gaunts left alive? And how many close combat phases will it last?").

Similarly, a shooting simulator that could deal with blast and template weapons (due to the simulation of target model positions, and the size of vehicle hulls) could give some concrete numbers on the relative effectiveness of the VC/HVC which are currently hard to judge with raw probabilities. Admittedly, these simulations would have to test more than one assumption about spacing of enemy models, model size, unit size, hull size and orientation, etc, but these constitute a finite set and it wouldn't be too hard to just test them all (or a sufficiently large random assortment that effectively all possibilities are tested).

Not really soliciting for anything since I'm likely going to work on this (slowly) regardless of whether anyone else cares; I'm mostly curious of whether anyone can think of other aspects of the game that are 100% algorithmic (or nearly so) that would lend themselves to simulation (i.e. hard to do with raw probabilities and don't involve player strategy and choice) and would be of interest.

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