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 Post subject: More Tyranid Mod Stuff - Playstyles
PostPosted: Thu Dec 10, 2009 9:52 pm 
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Alrighty, so currently we're working on removing the Tyranid's builder unit from the Tyranid Mod and fixing up the second resource mechanic, so this particular discussion is for the 0.6 release (the one after next).

Basically, what we want to do is create a system whereby, on top of "vanilla Nids", you can customise your playlist at the start of Tier 1. Similar to the Necron Lord's limited number of artifact researches, we're planning on adding mutually exclusive researches that would change the particular focus of your little splinterfleet force.

We're also very aware of the 5th ed re-release in January and we're trying to prepare in advance for that, but obviously most of those details are just hypothetical until the codex comes out.

So the hypothetical styles would be:
  • Infiltration focus - scouting stealers, spinies and termies, tooling up the lictors a bit more, etc
  • Swarm focus - bigger/cheaper squads, but units are weaker overall
  • Artillery focus - spore cyst carnifexes, more biovores, possibly swapping out the uberfex for a pyrovore, heavy weapons options for warriors etc
  • Bugzilla focus - smaller squad sizes, cheaper monstrous critters
  • Aerial focus - smaller squad sizes, winged upgrade options for warriors and the tyrant and gargoyles available

We're already arguing over whether Artillery should be a separate style option from Bugzilla, so basically this is all open to discussion.

What we'd like to hear is:
a) What are the standard styles of play you'd normally use in TT?
b) How would you see those adapted to Dawn of War?
c) What do you see as the potential overpower/underpower pitfalls of any of the above styles?

Keep in mind, we have to keep a limit on the number of units availabe in the game due to building menu size and also for things to be easy on the player. Tyranids are already fairly micromanagement intensive, so if we add something new to our lists, we're probably going to have to swap something out from the vanilla list.

Tyranid Mod Admin/Lead Designer

We'd like your input: Tutorial Design | Alternate Playstyles

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