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 Post subject: [Old Stuff] The Creature
PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:27 pm 
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Hello Warpshadow, long time no see.

I was roaming among some files and I just found some bits I salvaged. Let me give credit where credit is due: this following entry was made by GamesWorkshop France at the time the site was more community oriented and not... well, a marketplace.

A bit of info: This beast was created as the final boss in a Tyranid VS Imperium campaign spanning a whole summer (this was around the time the Tyranid had a massive revamp and the Carnifex and Prince got their current appearance, so this will surely be outdated).
(don't believe me? Here's the archive: http://web.archive.org/web/200710240327 ... /index.asp )

For the lore, I'll be giving a rough summary of what the site says.
Ameton Epsilon is a planet from the Macragge system, it's population is divided between those in the Hive-cities and the more traditional nomads.

The planet suffered the invasion of Hive-Fleet Behemoth, the invasion ended when the fleet was put in disarray after the death of a bio-organism assumed to be a Norn Queen who made it's lair under a mountain called Mount Antigonos (No idea what it was doing there, but it could be assumed to be coming from a crashed hive-ship, or it could have been a completely different kind of commanding creature whose size was said to possibly rival an Imperator, due to the story being told through the logs of a guardsman, the informations are a bit lacking)

No study exist of the creature that was fought and killed that day, it's brain exploded in a psychic blast and the body was crushed under the mountain along with countless of its minions.

150 years later the Tyranids came back, the cause was assumed to be caused by genestealers, after it was found the nomad population had been almost entirely turned into Genestealer cults (which by the way, got profiles and could be fielded for the campaign, along with a nice array of psychic powers).
It was eventually found the Tyranids were gathering at Mount Antigonos and Ordo Xenos inquisitor Hull went with a group of Ultramarines to end the life of the monster lurking inside the mountain.

Deep inside the mountain, and after traveling galleries dug by countless tyranids, the team eventually found themselves inside the corpse of the ancient creature who laid slowly decaying under the mountain. It was found the beast had spawned a monster.
This new creature has never been seen anywhere else and its existence is only up for debate. A larval form? A new specie? Any chance at studying the specimen were lost when it was blown to pieces thanks to the sacrifice of many ultramarines. With its death, the tyranids lost their main commander on the planet's surface and could be decimated.

Additional info: The beast has no point cost, the original scenario it was put in had strict lists:
Imperium forces included:
Inquisitor Hull (had it's own profile)
Captain Julius (Had set items + was holding a bomb)
3 squads of 5 terminators
1 Eversor assassin

Tyranid forces could put up to 500 points of monstrous creatures with free addition The Creature

To win, the Imperium had to kill The Creature and have the character holding the bomb assault the body.
The Imperium loses if they have no more turns (the number of turns was set with a previous mission, a Last Stand, starring 2000 points of Ultramarines without vehicles and terminators, against 3000 points of tyranids, the Imperium had to hold has much as possible until it was fully wiped)

Here's the profile, translated by yours truly.

WS:6 BS:3 S:10 T:7 W:5 I:2 A:4 LD:10 SV:2+/6+

The Creature uses all the Psychic Powers from the Tyranid Codex. Each turn It can use as much powers as it's number of Wounds divided by two (only entire numbers counting, which means it can only use two powers maximum)

Special Rules:
The Creature is a Monstrous Creature and permanently count as if it was in Difficult Terrain.

Synapse Creature

Sidenote: The Creature also had powers from the Genestealer Cult, but I removed the mention in case those are made entirely outdated with the revamp of the new cult.

I've never seen a report on the scenario being played, so I'll admit I am really interested in knowing how horrible that big guy was.

Any help and fix to my shitty translation is welcome. And to anyone who survived through this post, props to you.
Any modification to update it will be slow, I'll mostly be leaving it up to discussion and then put the modifications.
See ya, eventually.

we were lost in the warp for centuries...
now we wake up from the shadows

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