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 Post subject: YATF: FOC
PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:12 am 
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I like to think of the beasties in groups based on role in the total Tyranid invasion of a planet. This may later lead to thoughts about formations, but for the time being, I would like to have groupings of like-minded creatures that have a decent spread of HQ, TR, and specialists with a common theme. These themes and roles will go towards how I feel about whether their statlines and rules contribute to how they are supposed to function in the background material, and in the army list as a whole.

Tyranoforming Phases:
I: Vanguard - scout creatures and genestealer infiltrators find centers of resistance, conduct terrorist actions and asymetric warfare. Spores rain down and start corruption of the biosphere.
II: Assault - spore pod drop with waves of attack creatures, led to the fight by the vanguard. The most intense battles occur in this phase.
IIA: Splinter - small splinter fleets invade with fewer creatures, fighting a long-term skirmish war of attrition.
III: Assimilation - tyranid bio-structures are erected, and swarm spreads out across the planet, surrounding and isolating the remaining resistance. Extraction of biomass begins.
IV: Digestion - Fighting creatures are replaced by specialized biomass extraction creatures as the last resistance falls. Remaining biomass, water, and atmosphere are scoured from the planet.

* leadership: synapse or other means to prevent failed morale
* psychic support: psyker level 2 or higher
* multi-role: flexible selection of bio-weapons allows configuration for most roles
* elite - well protected infantry (MEQs, TEqs, characters, etc) and light vehicles (AV10)
* horde - poorly protected infantry (GEqs, Orks, other Nids, etc)
* tank - vehicles w/ effective AV13+
* light vehicle - vehicles w/ effective AV10
* medium vehicle - vehicles w/ effective AV11-12
* distraction - intended to draw fire from more valuable units
* reserve support - provides bonus to reserves arriving, or affects how they arrive in some way
* objective holding - rules and defensive config good for sitting on objectives and holding them against resistance
* forward - has the means to deploy in or near the enemy DZ
* rear - slow; poorly configured to move forward with the army
* fast - can quickly respond to changes on the battlefield
* long-range - can shoot greater than 36"
* transport - protects other broods while they move up the board

- Broodlord [Vanguard] - forward leadership, psychic support, elite assault
- Hive Tyrant & Tyrant Guard [Assault / Assimilation] - fast, leadership, psychic support, multi-role shooting, elite assault
- Tyranid Prime [Assault / Splinter] - fast, leadership, multi-role, elite assault
- Malanthrope [Digestion] - leadership, horde assault

- Lictor [Vanguard] - specialist assault, medium vehicle assault, distraction, reserve support
- Hive Guard [Assimilation] - multi-role shooting
- Venomthrope [Vanguard] - forward area denial, distraction
- Zoanthrope [Assault] - leadership, psychic support, anti-tank shooting, elite shooting
- Pyrovore [Digestion] - elite shooting, rear area denial

- Warrior [Assault / Splinter / Assimilation] - leadership, multi-role shooting and assault, objective holding
- Genestealer [Vanguard / Assault] - forward elite infantry assault
- Gaunt [Assault / Splinter / Assimilation] - (includes hormagaunt) horde shooting or assault, objective holding
- Ripper Swarm [Splinter / Digestion] - horde shooting or assault, objective holding

- Harpy [Assault] - (includes Hive Crone) fast multi-role shooting OR assault
- Ravener [Assault / Splinter] - fast forward elite assault
- Shrike [Assault / Splinter] - fast leadership, multi-role shooting OR assault
- Gargoyle [Vanguard / Assault / Splinter] - fast horde shooting OR assault
- Skyslasher Swarm [Splinter / Digestion] - fast horde shooting OR assault
- Spore Mine Cluster [Vanguard / Assault] - forward area denial

- Carnifex [Assault] - anti-tank assault, multi-role shooting
- Haruspex [Assimilation / Digestion] - (includes toxicrene, maleceptor) rear elite assault
- Exocrine [Assault] - (includes tyrannofex) rear long-range anti-tank shooting, elite shooting
- Trygon [Assault] - (includes mawloc) forward elite assault, horde shooting
- Biovore [Assault / Splinter / Assimilation ] rear long-range horde shooting

- Malefactor [Assault] - (replaces tervigon) elite assault, transport
- Spore Pod [Assault] - (replaces tyrannocyte) horde shooting, transport

"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
- Edgar Allen Poe, The Masque of the Red Death

 Post subject: Re: YATF: FOC
PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:34 am 
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 Post subject: Re: YATF: FOC
PostPosted: Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:16 pm 
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That all sounds sensible Eidre.

"I know you may find the Tyranids physically repellent to look at but believe you me, you don't want to let them out of your sight." Hojan Storall Technomagos of the Adeptus Mechanicus


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