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 Post subject: YATF: Warlord Traits
PostPosted: Thu Mar 19, 2015 9:42 pm 
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Quick one this time, but deserves much more time than I've dedicated to it...

I always roll on the Strategic Traits table out of the main rulebook. Always. The benefits of the reserve rerolls, stealth in ruins for everyone, auto night fight and night vision, and so forth is great for nearly all Tyranid forces, and (in my opinion) much more so than the Tyranid codex traits. What that means to me is, as baseline, any new list of traits must be at least as good as the median Strategic trait or it's not worth even offering the option (except as a place to put the Special Character traits, which is what it seems to be right now).

Couple thoughts:
* Allowing a choice or reroll of warlord traits would be a reasonable way to accomplish the "forced evolution" concept. Perhaps something like "may reroll core rulebook traits OR choose a trait from the list of Tyranid Warlord traits", which then would allow the player to choose the one that best fit their opponent, intended playstyle, and army.

* Incorporate some of the old Nid strategy card stuff ("Jones is acting funny") into the warlord traits, as well as some of the traits of Special Character that I don't intend to keep in the Codex (like the "ripper spawning" of the old Parasite of Mortrex).

Random Thoughts:

- Chewing on the power feeds again
Constant harassment, corrosion, breathing spores-contaminated air, and other offenses to personal dignity have worn on the enemy, forcing delays, maintenance, and extra medical attention. Before the opposing army is deployed, choose one of their units. That unit must start the game in reserve.

- We're doomed
Choose one Independent Character. That model has -3Ld as long as any synapse creatures are on the board.

- Parasites
Alien parasites have been implanted in some enemy soldiers/vehicles without their knowledge. After both armies have deployed, choose one enemy unit and write it down in secret. When rolling for reserves, the tyranid player will make one extra roll for the parasites. If this results in their arrival and the chosen unit is on the board, reveal it to your opponent and inflict 1d6 automatic hits on that unit with the following profile: S3 AP2 armorbane, lifebane. If a vehicle is chosen, hits are applied to the rear armor. For each unsaved wound or glancing/penetrating hit inflicted, place 1 ripper base (no biomorphs) within 6" of the chosen unit (but more than 1" away from any enemy models), as though they were disembarking from a transport vehicle. This will happen even if the chosen unit is locked in close combat, and the full number of rippers will be created even if the unit is destroyed by the parasite hatching.

- Contaminated atmosphere
During shooting attacks (friend and enemy, including witchfire), if the range is greater than 24" then the target unit has the "Stealth" special rule. Special rules and wargear that negates the night-fighting penalty removes this penalty as well.

- They're Everywhere!
d3 Troop or Fast Attack units may be given Outflank.

This deserves more thought; I haven't even considered the existing Codex warlord traits to see if any of them deserve to stay in (I'm not that familiar with them because I never use them!).

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 Post subject: Re: YATF: Warlord Traits
PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:12 am 
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I like the forced evolution idea you got here. Nice touch. The only problem that comes with it is that it obsoletes one of the main command benefits of most detachments: rerolling of the warlord trait (such as in the hive fleet leviathan detachment and the ubiquitous combined arms detachment)

Some small things that I could think of when I first read this: Parasites need clarification on how they may act in the rest of the turn; is it like they arrived from deepstrike, or may they still move and assault?

contaminated atmosphere: If you're making the tyranid army as fast-closing, short range and melee again as I'm understanding so far, you might want to shorten this to 18". 24" is a long way and will almost never come into play when the tyranid army is constantly trying to close fast; about the only time it happens is before the tyranids have moved, or if a flank has been mopped up. 18" also means that the small arms fire of most armies gets affected, like bolters and lasguns.
Alternatively, instead of stealth, you could make it snap shots. This is a lot more powerful though, and to balance it out I think the 24" would be called for in this case, especially since it denies pie plates from being dropped from afar.

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 Post subject: Re: YATF: Warlord Traits
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 3:37 am 
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I really like your approach to the warlord traits. The book ones are adding extra flair and maybe some backstory to the army leader, and that doesn't fit with (my take on) Tyranids. But this stage, or type, of invasion being what drives the 'warlord traits' is very uniquely niddish. :)

Many of the current warlord traits in the codex haven't made much of an impression me.
Natures Bane: it sounds kind of characterful, but why would the warlord be bringing it on? Not having any jungle terrain pieces this would never be useful as written. I've convinced enemies to let me do it to forests too, but it only disadvantaged me.
Mind Eater: Never wrung a single extra victory point out of it. Seems just like a way of making the deathleaper more characterful.
Adaptive Biology: Has only rarely proved useful. The biggest problem is the warlord needs to still be alive the turn after she loses her first wound. In Old One Eye's case that has happened exactly once so far.
Digestive Denial: Isn't bad. I'd like it more if the description was more about the overall tyrarnoforming doing board scale damage to the world, than a conscious plan of the warlord somehow psychically creating acid pools.
I've never rolled up Heightened Senses or Synaptic Lynchpin. Both sound good but I've gone back to rolling on the strategic trait chart too.

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 Post subject: Re: YATF: Warlord Traits
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 5:14 am 
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