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 Post subject: A Magos Report
PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:41 am 

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Hi Warpshadow community,

Since I (German) don’t get much time to play in Hong Kong, I spent more and more time with creating and thinking about fluff and background. I played since Tyranids 3rd Edition continously and though new creatures pop-up and give variety to the game ... *I LOVE my pyrovores* .... the Background does not improve likewise. The codices concentrate nowadays only on some bits of history, but what about medical and research papers, Imperial guide lines for Tyranids Encounters, Prioritization charts for the soldiers? The older codices included such things. Like the Anaphelion Project was a good add-on, but since then nothing really happened and the description of the hive fleets was good until the 4/5th edition, but the 6th ed feels shallow. So ...

... this is the creation of new fluff for tyranids.
My idea is a combined report of a Magos Biologis who was tasked by Inquisitor Kryptmann. Since Administration is slow in the empire, the Magos didn't even realize what happened to Kryptmann and just continued and finished his work.

So as a starter I analysed all known creatures of the codices and categorized them by size and how they use their limbs and tails. And it created five types that can be seen in the picture I used mainly latin expressions which would be lorefriendly with WH40K:
1. Grex (Herds) – they use 2 limbs as weapons, 2 Limbs for movement and 2 Limbs without function (Bigger creatures use them as weapons). They cannot create psychic powers, but are huge in numbers in all sizes. (Even Hierodule are in rots of up to 3 in formations)
2. Venator (Hunter) – They use all 6 Limbs as weapons and use their tails for movement. They are highly specialized in their task and gave up other abilities to be perfect in their respective field. (Mostly protection)
3. Bellator (Warrior) – They use 4 limbs as weapons and 2 limbs for movement. They have psychic powers and from medio level perform the role of a leader.
4. Defensor (Defender) – They use 2 Limbs to carry a heavy weapon and 4 limbs for movement and to keep their position.
5. Spore – They have underdeveloped limbs and use their body to perform their task, often resulting in destroying themselves upon completion.
Some units are special mutation that are a combination of different Genestrings (notable are the new/old toxicrene and maleceptor) and some need to be explained or even adjusted to make sense (notable: Terrorfex: A Carnifex with Biomorphs for W+1 and T+1). But these adjustments should come later.
I think the Defensor type is mostly unknown, but a potential possibility. That you could create on your own, due to the lack of Models from GW. And there are more Gaps to be filled. But it is a start.

[Open in new window]

What do you think? Would you agree with the structure, or do you have any suggestions?
Or better:
What reports would you like to add to the Magos Biologis Report? You can give suggestions or give whole fluff texts I will add them to a compilation.

 Post subject: Re: A Magos Report
PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 3:47 pm 
Big One
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Looks like an interesting project.
It somehow remembers me of an older codex where the different genotypes were described and which creatures might be evolved from which.

I think the division between the diffrent tasks that a creature fullfills is interessting, but i would keep in mind that old bit of fluff mentioned above.

For example:
In your diagramm a lictor is creature that has evolved form a hormagaunt.
While in the old one it has evolved from a warrior.

It just depends on what you want to show, i think.
If you just want to classify the different creatures and their main task i a swarm, then your diagramm is sweet.
But if you want to show the genetically evolution, you should keep in mind that old fluff bit.




 Post subject: Re: A Magos Report
PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:00 am 
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Hi Gauckelnder_narr, welcome to Warpshadow. :D

I think this is a great idea. And it is a clever way to stay focused on an army you love while away from home. :)

I really love the old one from pages 16 and 17 of Phil Kelly's 4th edition codex. It added so much character to the background drawing out the genus tree. But I think the important part is not to feel constrained by the old one. Real like biologists argue over genus trees all the time. They aren't as exact and perfect as I once hoped. So I reckon the Mechanicus would have spectacular arguments over how to classify tyranids. Feel free to classify them as you like. What ever you come up with (whether by yourself or consultation from the forum) is every bit as valid - it will be the conclusions of your Magos Biologis. If there is a 'correct' classification, I'm sure the Norn Queens know what it is, but I'm not sure they'd care. :wink:

"I know you may find the Tyranids physically repellent to look at but believe you me, you don't want to let them out of your sight." Hojan Storall Technomagos of the Adeptus Mechanicus


 Post subject: Re: A Magos Report
PostPosted: Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:46 am 

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Thanks Harald and Yaleling. And you are right, the structure is different from previous classification attemps like Magos Locard (4ed) or Magos Kinstream (3ed). But they also follow different approaches. Since this classification is trying to mark the synapse ability as a compulsive characteristic of the bellator/warrior gene string, creatures like Liktors, Carnifexes and Ravener who do not possess any psychic abilities, and since these can and do appear in big numbers these days, I suspect they are better categorized as part of the gaunt/grex genestring.

To continue here is the next report. written lorefriendly.

My Lord,

My Research conducted three types of mutation in the tyranid gen string, which can be accumulated:

Mutation 1: systematic mutation to create a certain creature type .... The tyranid hive mind will use the prime gen string and mutate it into a shape of a certain creature type, e.g. Termagaunt, Carnifex, Hierophant. It is the most basic mutation and could be compared to the different progress of stemcells during a creation process. But it is different regarding the speed. Tyranid creatures can be produced in mere minutes looking at the Trvigon species. Therefore high speed mutation of tyranid stem cells during the reproduction process is the only reasonable explanation.

Mutation 2: spontanous mutation of a chosen few creatures ... The tyranids species showed evidence to rare unique creatures e.g. The swarmlord, Symbiarch, Neurotroph, which operate as leaders or so the Hive Mind wants us to believe. They were detectable due to their unique appearance among the large groups of identical creatures and cross comparisons with historic encounters of similar creatures.

Mutation 3: cross mutation of different Gen String ... Regarding the latest events, it must be assumed that the hive mind can mutated not only in the initial state of the creation process, but also in any stage of the process, even adding features of other different deleoped species e.g. Malefector and Toxicrene, which combine the features of a Zoantroph/Venomtroph with the armor and physioligy of a tyrant guard and the size of a Tyrannofex/ Terrorfex.

Conclusion: The Tyranids species can mutate at will an any stage during the creation process, but it had been detected, that some mutations had been rarer than others leaving the following hierarchy regarding the number of encounters: Mutation 1 (1:1, every creature) > Mutation 3 (1:10,000, common in certain situations) > Mutation 2 (rare 1:1,000,000). It is still a mere guess to follow up in the next report, but apparently the more mutations are used, the rarer the encounter, which I conclude means the more biomass is needed to be created.

Magos Biologis Gaugamela

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