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 Post subject: Apocalypse Unit: Morogon
PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, 2014 2:45 pm 
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So I had an idea for a rather nasty Tyranid beasty; essentially a gigantic combination of a Mawloc and a millipede (with a bit of Catachan Devil thrown in for good measure).

Dwarfing even the mighty Trygon, the Morogon is a colossal, many-limbed beast coated from head to tail in thick armour plates, resembling a millipede. Unlike the vast majority of Tyranids, which only have 6 limbs, the Morogon can have as many as 70. Studies of recovered Morogon corpses show that the front 6 near the head are the only "true" limbs, whilst the many smaller legs that line its body being muscular, bony extensions of its abdominal exoskeleton, much like the prolegs of a caterpillar. They appear to be overdeveloped versions of the spikes that line the tails of other serpentine Tyranids, such as the Mawloc. Also unlike most Tyranids, its entire body is fairly uniform in thickness, with most of its mass being made up of its "tail" and prolegs.

The Morogon is grown with one purpose in mind: demolition. Its head, which is largely fused with the thorax, is heavily armoured and is strong enough to shatter ferrocrete walls with one strike. In addition, it has a vicious array of grinding mandibles and teeth, capable of chewing through almost any material. Its nigh-on indestructible front section is backed up by an incredibly muscular body and its many pairs of legs, which drive it forward at frightening speed with near unstoppable force. As such, it need only charge towards the target in order to flatten it, with most opponents either smashed by its sheer bulk or trampled between its many legs. In the rare event something survives its thunderous charge, the Morogon's 6 front limbs, developed into brutish claws, are usually sufficient to tear apart any resistance, either crushing them in its grip or feeding them into its jaws.

The Morogon usually enters the field of battle by burrowing under the earth, and emerging directly underneath the target in a shower of rubble. Any structure it emerges beneath will most likely be reduced to debris, as its sheer mass and raw strength is such that there is very little capable of surviving its wrath.

Its only weakness is its main strength- its mass. The creature is so vast that it is not very maneuverable, and as such has a very wide turning circle. Thus, fast moving targets are likely to evade its fury.

Cost: 1800 points.

Unit type: Gargantuan Creature.

Unit composition: 1 Morogon.

WS: 5 BS: 3 S: 10 T: 9 W: 8 I: 4 A: 6 LD: 10 SV: 2+


Gargantuan Crushing Claws: The Morogon's claws are much like the Crushing Claws seen on other Tyranid bioforms, but much, much larger.

Range: - S: User AP: 1 Type: Melee, Armourbane, Concussive.

Special Rules: It Will Not Die, Fleet.

Earthshaking Charge: The Morogon's charge is so devastating that almost nothing can survive it. It may move up to 18" in the movement phase, may charge up to 12" and may charge even after running. On a turn in which the Morogon has charged more than 6", its Stomp attack is resolved at Initiative Step 10. In addition, regardless of how far it charged, it resolves its Hammer of Wrath attack at S: D and AP: 1. In all other cases it attacks like a normal Gargantuan Creature.

Clumsy Beast: Due to its ridiculous size, the Morogon is not terribly agile, and as such takes a while to turn. If it chooses to move more than 12", it may only turn by pivoting (up to a maximum of 75 degrees) before it moves. It can also only charge models in a 45 degree arc from its front if it wishes to charge more than 6".

Cataclysmic Emergence: The Morogon is capable of chewing through more or less any terrain, and can easily destroy anything it emerges beneath. The Morogon can enter via Deep Strike, as per normal. It may choose to deploy onto a point occupied by another model (friend or foe) in much the same way as a Mawloc- roll for scatter as usual. When it enters the battlefield, after rolling for scatter, but before placing the model, place the 5" Large Blast marker directly over the spot the Morogon is deep striking onto. All models (friend or foe) hit by the marker, excluding Flyers (Superheavy or otherwise) and Swooping Flying Monstrous/Gargantuan Creatures immediately suffer a Stomp attack (roll on the table as usual, resolving the effects on all models under the marker). Once any hits are resolved, place the Morogon, moving any models under its base to be at least 2" away from its base. If it emerges beneath a building, Gargantuan Creature or Super-Heavy Vehicle, the affected model receives D3 S: D AP:1 hits. If the offending model is destroyed, remove it and place the Morogon as usual. If the offending model survives, then place the Morogon so that it is at least 2" from it, moving any other affected models as per normal. If it emerges beneath a ruin, resolve it the same way as if it was a building, with an Armour Value of 10. The Morogon may immediately charge after entering in this way, and treats its charge that turn as if it had charged more than 6". If it scatters on top of Impassable Terrain or a vital objective, then simply reduce the scatter distance required such that it is at least 2" away from said terrain/objective.

Grinding Maw: If the Morogon hits with at least 4 of its attacks in close combat, you may nominate a single enemy model of any kind except for Monstrous Creatures, Gargantuan Creatures or any kind of vehicle/building (anything with an armour value) that does not have the Extremely Bulky rule in base contact with the Morogn and attempt to swallow it whole. If you choose to do so, 2 of its attacks are forgone, and instead the nominated model must pass an Invulnerable Save (if it has one) or be removed from play as a casualty. There is no need to decide beforehand if you will attempt to swallow an enemy whole; declare after rolling to hit. If no models in the target unit can be nominated, the Morogon cannot choose to use this attack and must attack normally. Hammer of Wrath and Stomp attacks are unaffected.

In addition, the Morogon has all the special rules listed under the Gargantuan Creature entry in the Warhammer 40'000 rulebook (see page 71).


The Morogon may any of the following options:

Regeneration: 200 points (replaces It Will Not Die).
Acid Blood: 40 points.
Cluster Spines/Stinger Salvo: 15 points.

The Morogon may take 1 of the following:

Pyro-Acid Jet: The Morogon is capable of belching forth a lethal spray of highly caustic fluid that burns through flesh and armour alike. The noxious fumes can also leave any survivors partially blinded.
Range: Hellstorm S: 6 AP: 2 Type: Assault 1, Fleshbane, Ignores Cover, Blind.
Costs 80 points.

Bio-Nuclear Vomit: The Morogon can eject a searing ball of bio-plasma from its craw in much the same way as a Carnifex, but far more powerful.
Can be fired in 2 forms:
Focused- Range: 24" S: 10 AP: 1 Type: Assault 1, Armourbane.
Dispersed- Range: 36" S: 8 AP: 2 Type: Assault 1, 5" Large Blast.
Costs 80 points.

I will admit I have absolutely no experience with Apocalypse, I just really, really like the idea of a giant Millipede-type Tyranid. Also, it's a nice homage to the Catachan Devil.

Criticism, comments and feedback welcome.

Nom, nom, nom, nom nom nom, om...

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