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 Post subject: Draft proposal for alternate 40K VP mechanic
PostPosted: Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:35 pm 
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Some thoughts...it seems like the mission table has many more possibilities than it explores, which could be made into a wide variety of interesting options with just one or two extra die rolls at the beginning of the game.

The scheme below provides a total of 6VP available for the primary mission objective(s) and another (roughly) 6 available for the Secret Mission, if well chosen. A well-balanced force will be much less susceptible to giving up VPs to the Secret Missions, as intended.

And no, this just popped out of my head today so I haven't done any playtesting.


Strategic Laydown: may choose which player is attacker and which is defender either by agreement between players or roll off.


Deployment: may either be chosen by agreement between players; otherwise, roll on the following table:

Roll Deployment
1 Dawn of War. Defender DZ is one long board edge of their choice, Attacker gets the other one. All units start off the table in reserve unless they have the Infiltrator or Scout rule (which moves up from their board edge). All units are considered to have passed their Reserve rolls in Turn 1 and must therefore “Deploy” (any option) as their first turn action; units may be left in reserve to make reserve rolls normally through the rest of the game.

2 The Front. Defender DZ is within 12” of one long board edge of their choice, Attacker gets the other one. The 24” strip between DZs is No Man’s Land.

3 Spearhead. The Defender DZ is within 24” of one short board edge of their choice, Attacker gets the other one. The 24” strip between DZs is No Man’s Land.

4 Ambush. The Attacker’s DZ is within 6” of both long board edges, the Defender’s is within 6” of the centerline of the table (long way). The 12” strip on each side of the Attacker DZ is No Man’s Land.

5 Pitched Battle. The Defender’s DZ is the entire board. The Attacker’s DZ (after Defender deployment) is any part of the board more than 6” from the leader model of each Defender unit (but in any case greater than 1" from all enemy models). No Man’s Land (after both deployments) is any part of the board more than 6” from all units.

6 Last Stand. The Defender’s DZ is a 12” wide by 18” deep rectangle centered on the long board edge of their choice. The Attacker’s DZ is within 6” of the remaining three board edges. No Man’s Land is the 24” strip between the two DZs (roughly “U” shaped).


Objectives: normally, there are objectives on the battlefield that drive the two sides to compete for ownership. Roll 1d6 to determine the Mission on the table below. When players place objective markers, they must be more than 6” from all board edges and more than 12” from any other objective marker. By default, objective markers are immobile, impassible terrain and do not provide cover.

Roll Mission VP
1 King of the Hill. One objective marker in the very center of the board (6 VP)

2 Capture the Flag. Each player puts one objective marker in a chosen spot in their deployment zone (3 VP each)

3 Take and Hold. As capture the flag, then defender places one more objective marker in no-man’s land (2VP each)

4 Annihilation. No objective markers. 1VP each for up to six enemy units destroyed, pinned, falling back, or in reserve at the end of the game

5 Cleanse. Center diamond (24" diagonals) is worth 2VP, each corner (table quarters minus center diamond) is worth 1 VP

6 Recon. Each player (Defender first, alternating) places two objectives in no-man’s land and one anywhere on the board (1 VP each)


Unless the mission is Annihilation, roll again to determine the special properties of the objectives:

Roll Objective Properties
1-2 Nothing special

3 Cumulative. At the end of each turn, each controlled objective gives the controlling army its VP on a d6 roll of ‘6’ (roll 1d6 per VP the objective awards, score 1VP per 6 rolled). However, VP are not awarded for controlling objectives at the end of the game (other than the normal end of turn VPs in the last turn of the game).

4 Mobile. An objective in base contact with model can move up to 6” per turn, maintaining base contact with that same model. No embarking in vehicles or reserving. Treated as “Nothing Special” for Cleanse missions.

5 Destructible. Each objective is T5 W1 Sv- and can be hit by shooting (normal roll to hit and cover saves if applicable) or close combat (automatically hit). If removed as a casualty, it awards no VP to neither side. Treated as “Nothing Special” for Cleanse missions.

6 Surprise! When each objective is first controlled, roll 1d6:
1-2: Worthless! Remove the objective
3-4: As Expected. Normal value
5-6: Archeotech Horde! Place another objective marker on top of the first, or otherwise indicate it is worth double VP


Additionally, each player must choose one of the following Secret Missions. They must write this down on a piece of paper which is then folded up and put in a visible place (to prevent the temptation to change it during the game). At the end of the game, both players reveal their Secret Mission and score points as applicable. The possible secret missions are:

Mission - Target - VP
Decapitate - Destroy HQ units - 3/unit
Surgical Strike - Destroy Elite units - 2/unit
Interdict - Destroy Fast Attack units - 2/unit
Siegebreaker - Destroy Heavy Support units - 2/unit
Depopulate - Destroy Troops units - 1/unit
Witch hunter - Destroy Psyker units - 3/unit
Dragonslayer - Destroy Monstrous Creatures - 2/model
Tankbuster - Destroy Vehicles w/AV13-14 - 2/model
Air Supremacy - Destroy Flyers - 2/unit
Linebreaker - Friendly units in enemy DZ* - 2/unit
Hold the Line - Lose VP for every enemy unit in friendly DZ* - 6VP –2/enemy unit in DZ
First Blood - Enemy units destroyed before first friendly unit destroyed - 3/unit
Dismount - Destroy vehicles with transport capacity - 1/model
Assassinate - Destroy Special Characters - 4/model
Counter-battery - Destroy artillery or models with Ordnance class weapons - 3/model
Counter-insurgency - Destroy units w/ Infiltrate, Scout, Outflank, or Deepstrike USRs - 2/unit

* Can’t be chosen in a Pitched Battle Deployment

"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
- Edgar Allen Poe, The Masque of the Red Death

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