The perfect organism
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Author:  Forest [ Tue Nov 28, 2017 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  The perfect organism

Just a interesting concept for a dedicated warlord/character Hunter.

HQ-Flyrant: toxin sac, lash whip&bone sword( reaper of obliterax), dual bone swords.

Ideally you want <hive Fleet behemoth> warlord trait just to maximize damge but that along with the dual swords are up to your preference.

To explain this is utilizing the relics ability to double damage. Ever time you roll a 6 to wound your inflicting 8damage. It may seem like a high risk but considering you still have 5attacks that inflict 3D per attack at -2ap (plus tail bonus) it simply makes 6s into a potential insta death. Wings are just to give mobility and able to get over/around bubble units. Can also double as a mech Hunter. Pretty straight forward but it's s something to work with since it's only 209pts and of course can be altered for cheaper cost.

Author:  Vore [ Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The perfect organism

That brings me to an interesting consideration of Behemoth vs. Leviathan for warlord trait.

Behemoth for the damage is obviously important, and the charge re-roll is certainly helpful even with winged movement. Yet I can't help but think that Perfectly Adapted for a Leviathan warlord is a strong contender for that same role. The 6+FNP save doesn't hurt either.

I think the question comes down to damage output vs. reliability. With Behemoth, you are more likely to get the charge off (though less of a concern with the full wing move), and once in the thick of it, those rolls of 6 are outright frightening.

But then if you go Leviathan, what are you trading for? You can use your warlord re-roll for the charge, if needed, so basically a wash there. Once you are in the fight, the re-roll you probably didn't use on the charge can be used wherever you need it. Like, for instance, to get a better chance at a 6 to wound (or more 6s if you got lucky already)
Now, granted, your damage is down to 7 instead of 8, but would you rather have the 8? Or more 7s?
Also to consider: if you luck out and just wreck your target outright, the re-roll can be used in your opponent's turn for your armor save, and then of course you get that sweet 6+FNP on top of that just for being in a Leviathan swarm.

I dunno. I just like the flexibility better for the purpose of hunting characters. If you're going to go after your opponent's specialists, you need to make it count, and a one in six chance of getting that 8 damage just doesn't feel like enough. Additionally, that leviathan save will keep your statline from degrading as quickly, so that's a nice plus.

Food for thought.

Author:  Forest [ Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The perfect organism

I think behemoth vs Leviathan sounds like a PlayStation or overall behemoth benefits our primary alpha lists. Via trygon +genestealer for first turn assaults. My perspective of f the list is adrenaline glands on trygon with stealers attached via reserve's, and swarmlord with a crone/harpy on the table automatically resolves the 50% DS issue and gives me 4 units that can assault turn one with potential to cripple if not out right win some games. Between Leviathan and behemoth, behemoth garuntees all those units would make their charges for maximum effectiveness. We're Leviathan adds survival which is often wasted if theirs nothing dangerous to attack back with. As far as the flyrant specific it would depend on how much you want to rely on a singular unit and the VP value should it die. Leviathan in singular would probably be more reliable for the individual warlord doing most of the work. Behemoth is ideal for a wall of pure aggression. Alternatively behemoth adds extra leathalitiy to the warlord and survivability to the overall. Deciding factor (s) would be scenario and playstyles/supporting units.

And as you mentioned in the other post neuropthrope based lists benefits from kraken to a ridiculous amount. Since you have no actual need for shooting phase the ability to run (advance) you entire army with no penalties to the damage out put. And infact can increase the survivability by allowing them to essentially move 6"-12" a turn for focused damage and move as a collective threat.

Author:  Vore [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The perfect organism

Your point about the enemy having nothing to attack back with is a strong argument.
Succeed on the charge and ensuing fights, gut the enemy. Game largely over at that point. Fail to do heavy damage? Likely to lose. The binary nature of the alpha strike, such as it is.

Author:  Forest [ Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The perfect organism

A lot of games I have been seeing are dependent on that first turn damage. we, Tyranids, have some of the most reliable damage dealer's (genestealers, Swarmlord, Deathleaper, Devgant) provided the target is with in reasonable boundaries. the trick is all about that mobility and getting the charge itself off. If facing a shooty opponent your want to tie up as much as you can to minimize the focus on your 2nd wave/ slower units. if against a opposing melee army it will almost always come down to which unit gets the charge. we can exploit a warlord trait or such to occasionally steal that first set of attacks, but as long as your unit (example genestealer's) can thin out a khorne unit before they can swing at full strength.

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