How to defeat the Fist of Medusa (Angels of Death)
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Author:  Akaiyou [ Fri Jul 15, 2016 12:09 am ]
Post subject:  How to defeat the Fist of Medusa (Angels of Death)

So my friend has decided to start playing Fist of Medusa Strike Force from Angels of Death supplement.

This thing gives him a crazy Feel No Pain on his Chapter Master/Captain 2+ and possibly even 1+ FNP.
It also makes the vehicles gain Machine Spirit which is brutal on Vindicators.

My Dark Eldar got crushed last week fighting this ungodly thing, I tossed Soul Grinders at it to negate the FNP roll altogether but still lost the game (it was close though) but on the second game I had already picked a list with Astra Militarum allies using Cadia's Emperor's Blade formation with a LOT of flamers...and well I surrendered after turn 3, realizing I had no hope of ever killing these nigh-immortal space marines. My flamer-heavy list went up in flames....

So I went back to the drawing board and our next game day (next week) I plan on using a pure Dark Eldar list and also some Dark Eldar + Tyranid Allies list and toss MCs at these superman marines while the scheming DE sneak around and nab untis on the exterior far away from the carnage.

So I'll show you the last list I played against when I had my very dead IG slaves. And if you guys can provide some solid ideas or tactics to use this type of list that'd be awesome. My opponent has a lot of dirty tricks up his bag but i'm positive he will keep using Fist of Medusa until i find some sort of hard counter to it.

Fist of Medusa Strike Force
1 Armoured Task Force, 470 pts
1 Techmarine (Bolt Pistol; Power Axe)
1 Thunderfire Cannon
1 Techmarine Gunner
1 Vindicator
1 Vindicator
1 Whirlwind
1 Battle Demi-Company, 729 pts
1 Captain (Bolt Pistol; Artificer Armour; Thunder Hammer x1; Digital Weapons, The Gorgon's Chain, Space Marine Bike)
4 Command Squad (Equip with Space Marine Bikes)
1 Apothecary (Space Marine Bike)
5 Tactical Squad
1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Boltgun)
4 Tactical Squad
1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Boltgun)
4 Tactical Squad
1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Boltgun)
1 Attack Bike Squad
4 Devastator Squad (Heavy Bolter x1; Missile Launcher x2)
1 Sergeant (Bolt Pistol; Boltgun)
1 Storm Wing, 430 pts
1 Stormraven Gunship (Twin-Linked Lascannon; Twin-Linked Multi-melta)
1 Stormtalon Gunship (Skyhammer Missile Launcher)
1 Stormtalon Gunship (Skyhammer Missile Launcher)

Imperial Knight Detachment:
1 Knight Errant [KNI], 370 pts

Total Roster Cost: 1999

If you want to see the lists Im currently plan on using against this, and possibly offer advice check them out here:

Dark Eldar + Tyranids (Devourer)

Dark Eldar + Tyranids (Hierodule)

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