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 Post subject: Warlord Trait Chart Comparisons *7th Edition Version*
PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:50 am 
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I made one of these after the codex came out last January 2014, but since then the rule book has changed and we have a new additional Tyranid chart that some people may be using. I noticed I was not using the stuff I used to use, so looks like time for a redo.

Just because it wouldn't be fair to judge, I'm not doing the "Tactical Traits" chart.... because I cannot find anyone who wants to play those type of games. Is anyone outside of some tournaments using this in friendly play? Here at least it seems like when I ask about Battlefield Objective games, people act like I just said I married my dog.... and I hate dogs!


TYRANID WARLORD CHART (I'm leaving this as it was originally written as the change from 6th to 7th made no change on these traits)
1. Nature's Bane: What if you are on a cityscape table? What if you're on an arctic table? What if there are just no tree terrain pieces?? And, worst of all, the trees attack EVERYONE.... including your own troops; i thought we use cover too? [situational]

2. Heightened Senses: How many guns will we have that have a range of 13" - 36" that will be in range to use turn 1? After turn 4, how many units will still be outside of 12" and not in melee? And what if you never get Night Fight in your Scenario? [situational]

3. Synaptic Lynchpin: Don't we have an item AND a power that does this? [sometimes useful]

4. Mind Eater: Limited to challenge targets being Independent Characters only to get the bonus. Honestly except for Space Wolves running 4 HQ's, how many ICs are people running? 2 maybe in big enough games? Tyranids don't have to run any. [sometimes]

5. Digestive Denial: Decent, but again we're going into the enemy's deployment zone and going to use their cover too; do we want to sabotage ourselves? [situational]

6. Adaptive Biology: The only good one no matter what! Even if your psyker Warlord gets Catalyst it still can be cast on other models so it's not wasted. [always useful]

1. Inspiring Presence: Almost completely useless due to Synapse... unless it's one of those Psyker powers like our own Psychic Scream, but those are one off's. [situational]

2. Intimidating Presence: Awesome when paired with Psychic Scream or The Horror or Fear or just in general.... poor Orc runt herder. [always useful]

3. The Dust of a Thousand Worlds: Tyranid Prime no longer has Move Through Cover; fixed. Your Gargoyles, Sky Slashers and Shrikes cannot go in cover without dangerous terrain tests; auto passed in synapses range! [always useful]

4. Master of the Vanguard: Used to be added 1d6 to the Warlord and all friendly units within 12" when they ran; it was downgraded to +1" to Run rolls.... but also +1" to Charge rolls. Not as awesome, but still good for all situations. [always useful]

5. Target Priority: Used to be reroll 1's on shooting when the Warlord and unit was within 3" of an objective; now it''s just an easier reroll 1's on shooting to hit rolls all the time for the Warlord and all units within 12" of him. Big jump in power here. Moves way up on the useful options. [always useful]

6. Coordinated Assault: Used to be added +1" to your charge range; as that got rolled into Mater of the Vanguard in a way, this became the melee version of the new Target Priority: rerolling 1's to hit on the Assault phase (not just the charge) for the Warlord and all units with 12". This can be a good late game game-changer when everything is piled into that one big assault and all the hormagants left get their old scything talon bonus back. [always useful]


1. Master of Defense: Used to give the Warlord and the attached unit counter-attack, but only when you were only still in your own deployment zone (people stay in their own deployment zone?? Weird....). Now you always have counter-attack, but it's just the Warlord now. Well, it is the personal chart. [always useful]

2. Master of Offense: Used to give the Warlord and the attached unit Furious Charge, now again, Personal chart, it's just the Warlord who gets it. Never a bad thing.... unless you've already spent the points for Adrenal Glands. [always useful]

3. Master of Maneuver: Combine a Hive Commander Tyrant and an attached Prime Warlord and the outflank game just went into overdrive! [sometimes useful]

4. Legendary Fighter: As opposed to the Tyranid one, this one is just characters, which you can do all day; ever sargent, every exarch, every nob, every tau thing ending in 'ui... i think... [always useful]

5. Tenacity: Used to be Feel No Pain when within 3" of an objective. Now it's Feel No Pain all day every day! Yes Please!!! [always useful]

6. Immovable Object: This is the biggest shift of traits so far. What used to happen is this made the warlord a scoring unit, specifying even if the Warlord was a vehicle. This was useful... I guess. Not great, not universal, but solid. Now, Warlord is Fearless and has It Will Not Die. Well, who cars if we are all already Fearless/Synapse, just the It Will Not Die is worth the cost of admission, especially if you had forethought and already bought Regeneration![always useful]


1. Conqueror of Cities: That would be awesome in a city game.... too bad I'm on this jungle planet. [situational]

2. Night Attacker: Hampering the enemy turn 1 would be good.... if the new night fight rules didn't already just mimic the rules several of our units will already have....... and shrouding don't stack. [situational]

3. Master of Ambush: I don't always infiltrate... but when I roll this, I do. Stay hungry my friends. [sometimes useful]

4. Strategic Genius: Went from reroll any of your own reserves rolls to +1 the seize imitative roll AND reroll any of your own reserves rolls. Well if you insist....[sometimes]

5. Divide and Conquer: A monkey wrench in the opponent's strategy is always a bonus. [sometimes]

6. Princeps of Deceit (I had to look up what Princeps meant, too): This one was stupid. It was the only stupid one in 6th. No tactical benefit at all. Now, well, it's better, but still not great. Baby steps I guess. Pinning chance on 3 units right before the opponent's first turn will work occasionally, but how often are you running into unpinable armies? [situational]


This is the new list from the Shield of Baal: Leviathan supplement that came out last fall. Choices 4,5 & 6 are the same as the original Tyranid list (due to fixed traits on The Swarmlord, Old One Eye and The Deathleaper), so I'll just cover 1-3 here, but do the math for the full list.

1. Cunning Foe: Gives the Warlord only Infiltrate. Always good, although you cannot infiltrate into a Swooping mode. If only you could plan for this with Genestealers and a Tyranid Prime. Oh well, randomness of war. [always useful]

2. Innate Understanding: Preferred Enemy for the Warlord and the attached unit. So, good for Tyranid Prime... but except for Tyrant Guard, HQ cannot join other units. Well, if you're running one of the formations that link Tyrants to stuff, that can be interesting. [situational]

3. Evolving Strategy: There's this one called Strategic Genius under the Strategic traits. You should read it because it's what you need to evolve into because this is not a very good strategy. [situational]


The Verdict -
TYRANID CHART: 1 always useful, 2 sometimes useful, 3 situational = 50% effective (same as previously)

COMMAND CHART: 5 always useful, 1 situational = 89% effective (up from 78%)

PERSONAL CHART: 5 always useful, 1 sometimes useful = 92% effective (up from 61%)

STRATEGIC CHART: 3 sometimes useful, 3 situational = 42% effective (down from 47%)

LEVIATHAN CHART: 2 always useful, 1 sometimes useful, 3 situational = 58% effective (no previous data)


I was a die hard for the old Command chart. For a while I was using Strategic just for the chance to get the Infiltrating Prime and 90 Hormagaunts (got it twice and it's hilarious), but in the games I didn't get it, the Warlord traits were a complete nonissue. I've been looking at the Personal chart recently and that's where this idea to redo the chart came about. Looks like I'll stick to the Personal chart, even though the outflanking one is completely useless with my play style. Still 1 bad choice out of 6 (with a reroll) are not bad odds.


(this is looked at as an objected view from all army types for typical tyranid armies: you may always outflank or deep strike your whole army, or some other aspect then some things are weighted differently for you personally.)

[the math: each roll broken down into 1/6 of 100% = 16.666
always useful coded at the full 16.666%
sometimes useful working half the time, so half the value = 8.333%
situational viewed at usable 1/3 of the time it's rolled = 5.55555%
stupid calculated at 0% because i cannot find a use for it and it wasted my time and day! luckily there were no stupid choices on the revamped charts]

previous conversation if you care to read historical texts:
(edited for grammar and spelling after I got some sleep)


 Post subject: Re: Warlord Trait Chart Comparisons *7th Edition Version*
PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 10:00 am 
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