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 Post subject: 1,000 Point Pick Up Game on Vacation
PostPosted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:02 pm 
Mawloc Prime
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So had the week off of work so went to the shop's usual GW night on Wednesday. Got a pick up game with a guy I never met before playing an army I never saw before.

1000 points, The Relic, Hammer and Anvil

Tyranid Prime – Reaper of Obliterix, Scything Talons, Regeneration
2 Brood of 1 Zoentrhope
1 Brood of 2 Zoentrhipes
3 Brood of 3 Spore Mines
1 Mawloc
1 Mucloid Spore Mine
4 Brood of 14 Hormagaunts
1 Brood of 15 Hormagaunts

3 units of mixed weapons guys, one of this has the warlord
1 unit of 2 light walkers
1 medium walker
1 unit of infiltrating guys with weird guns
1 Vindicare Assassin

I pull first turn, set up on the line, left to right:
Hormagaunts, Zoentrope, Hormagants 15 hormagaunts with Prime, 2 Zeonethropes, hormagaunts, Zoentrhope, Hormagaunts

He has the three mixed weapons units in the backfield, medium walker on my left, unit of 2 light walkers up the middle, vindicare in the backfield next to a mixed weapon unit on my right; infiltrators come up in the front of the hormagaunts on my far right.

Top of the 1st:
I run up as far as I can, there's a crater between me and The Relic that slows me enough I don't touch it this turn.
Zoentropes either miss or fail all powers except giving the Prime's unit of Hormagaunts Feel No Pain, and that was a perils of the warp that lost one of the brood of 2 Zonentropes a wound.
Everyone runs, poor rolling still doesn't touch The Relic.

Bottom of the 1st:
Walkers move forward, the medium one has a lot of Skyfire guns (good thing I did not take the Templant), so missed a lot on the hormagaunts in front of it, the light walkers opened up on the Feel No Pain hormagaunts, which didn't matter because the guns were more that STR 6; a bunch die. The infiltrators open up on the hormagaunts in front of them, with like Assault 5 Strength 2 Shred each? It was like +30 shots and only 4 hormagaunts died. Like is said, weird guns. Vindicare uses the No Invulnerable Save shot and kills the Zoentrope that was already down a wound.
The infiltrators charged the same hormagaunts, they cause -1 WS, BS, Ld and I in melee, so swung simultaneously with them, had like 4 attacks each on the charge, hormagaunts loose to sheer numbers, but I kill 1 infiltrator which was half the price of the hormagaunt unit... I call it a moral victory.

Top of the 2nd:
Reserves: Mawloc, 2 Spore Mines and the Mucloid come in. Put the Mawloc on the mixed weapons unit on my right next to the vindicare, kill everyone but the Vindicare and one guy. Spore mines show up next to the two other mixed weapons units. Mucloid shows up behind the 2 light walkers.
Move forward, Prime's unit secures The Relic.
Zoentrhope drops Warp Blast on the infiltrators, scatters away. Zoenthrope Warp Lances the medium walker, misses. Zonetrope Warp Lances light walkers, misses. Bad day to be a psyker.
Hormagaunts assault the mediums walker, hormagaunts to the left of the Prime's unit assaults the unit of light walkers, hormagaunts on the right of the Prime's unit fails to assault the infiltrators. Walkers cannot be hurt by the hormagants so they swing their melee attacks, 1 dies each unit.

Bottom of the 2nd:
Infiltrators run back towards the Mawloc, and the one guy left in the unit the Mawloc ate moves away from the Mawloc.
Vindicare takes a 2+ to wound shot on the Mawloc and wounds. Infiltrators also shoot the Mawlock and the weird guns do nothing. The other mixed weapons units shoot at the Mawloc and do nothing.
Infiltrators assault the Mawloc and do 2 more wounds to it; the Mawloc kills 2 more infiltrators, then Hit and Runs away from the combat, across the table towards the medium walker and into Synapse range. The medium walker kills a hormagaunt; the light walkers kill 2 hormagaunts.

Top of the 3rd:
Third Spore Mine comes in, mishaps and dies.
Prime's unit walks backward with The Relic into the crater. Spore Mines move toward the mixed weapon units. Mucloid moves towards light walkers. Mawloc moves towards the Medium Walker. The only remaining free hormagaunt unit heads towards the infiltrators.
2 Zentrhopes try to lance the Vindicare, he invulnerable saves both of them. Third Zoenthrope shoots Warp Blast at the unit of the mixed weapons guys on the left, kills 2.
Hormagaunts charge the infiltrators, the infiltrators have been outfiltrated! Mawloc charges the medium walkers, who's front armor is 12, Hammer of Wrath does nothing, so I choose to Smash as I need 6's to just glance the walker, but I miss; walker messes as well. Mucloid comes up short on the charge, spore mines on the left are not killed by overwatch, reaches the unit and explodes, killing everyone, which was actually his warlord. (I never killed a warlord with a spore mine before!) Other spore mines gets obliterated in overwatch. Light walkers kill 2 more hormagaunts.

Bottom of the 3rd:
No one moves.
Vindicare and mixed units shoot at the Zoentrope on the right, everyone misses.
Light walkers kill 2 more hormagaunts. Mawloc Smashes again, destroys the medium walker, moves towards light walkers.

Top of the 4th:
Zoenthropes and Hormagaunts on the left and right move into enemy deployment zone to secure Linebreaker. Mawloc moves towards the light walkers.
Zoenthrope in the middle and right try to Warp Lance Vindicare, one misses, one perils, loses Dominion and the Vindicare still makes the invulnerable save.
Mucloid and Mawloc make the charge with the light walkers. Mucloid explodes and causes 1 hull point on each, Hammer of Wrath does nothing, Mawloc swings and glances them to oblivion. Hormagaunts and Mawloc move towards the remaining unit of mixed weapons guys.

Top of the 5th:
Mawloc dives down. Hormagants move towards the unit of mixed weapons.
Psychic phase was a wash.... I rolled 6 charges and he canceled all three of my powers with 2 dice all rolling 6's.
Hormagaunts charged unit of mixed weapons guys, wiped them out completely, rolled no kind of Massacare move and ended up outside of synapse. Other hormagaunt unit roll 3 on the charge with the reroll on the Vindicare, never got close. Other hormagaunt unit is way far away from everything.

Bottom of the 5th:
Only thing left is the Vindicare, who shoots at a Zoenthope with the d3 wound shot, but my invulnerable save holds, and the solo guy who did not get eaten by the Mawloc when it arrived, who shoots at the hormagaunts right next to him and kills 1.


Hive Fleet Oda = 10
Skitarii = 2

So The Relic is easy when you outnumber you foe; once that was rolled, I knew I had it. As normal, I had more hormagaunts than his whole army. While I have never faced Skitarii, he had also never faced Tyranids, so he was expecting the know builds, hence all the Skyfire in his army... but I'm an outlier in the current Tyranid meta still playing horde style.


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