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 Post subject: My alien story. PLEASE READ!
PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2006 6:04 pm 
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I typed up this story last year for year 10 coursework but got carried away. It's quite hard to follow the plot so try to follow along. It's called UNDERWORLD (I came up with the title before I found out about the movie) This is not a tyranid story it just got moved here.



The world was a wonderful place. Humans built structures that towered high into the sky and mighty ships deep in space patrolling the ‘United Empire’ a union of 456 planets all made to be like the human home planet using high-tech technology. Earth had been made into a paradise. All the cities are eco-friendly and are surrounded by the wonders of nature. Nature had been restored to the world after the agreement of the United Empire council in the year 4012. Once extinct animals such as the moose and the pigeon now roamed the earth.

But that was the past, for a more sinister threat had been under the feet of the humans. For 466 years humans have been fighting a race of monstrous creatures known as Skardinhors. They burst from the depths of 56 of the United Empire’s planets from their underground hives in the year 4078 and in the year 4085 they grew huge bio ships and started a massive assault on the worlds of the United Empire. Their bio constructs grew on the planets of the United Empire reducing them to a mangled mess of tangled alien growth. So far 289 of the United Empire’s 456 planets have been taken. Things got worse when the alien bio ships started to prepare an attack to the take out the heart of the United Empire, Earth.


Deep in a death strike command ships hull General Sadorrat the supreme commander of the United Empire fleet planned his next assault on the Skardinhors, or as he called them the planetary scum. He and second-in-command General Vectorian, his advisor General Taurus and his fleet organiser Arcanthos argued over the next step in defending the Dethorino system.

‘Can’t we send the 45th company to sector 456.78?’ asked Taurus wiping his sweaty forehead with a white handkerchief. ‘We could if sector 467.98 wasn’t occupied by alien fleets F557, W84457 and L4576’ answered Arcanthos. Sadorrat then pointed at a sector on the projector map table with his green marble coloured staff. ‘Sector 437.92 is free to be used and by deploying the 45th, 67th and 39th companies here we can take the planetary scum by surprise. Suddenly they map room door opened and a slender, dark haired woman emerged. She was Euatorta the ship’s commander. ‘An alien bio ship is firing pods at our ship!’ she shouted.

The pods hit the ship and probed it with long tubes which burst into the ship it self. The four generals in full battle armour were startled when a tube burst in to the ships armoury taking them by surprise. A tide of Skardinhors burst out of the tube and swamped the armoury. Sadorrat tore a power axe from a nearby coat of arms and ran towards the endless numbers of monstrous creatures.

A Skardinhor leaped at Sadorrat with its talons ready to cut him down. It had two leaping legs, a set of scything talons, a pair of rending clawed hands, two observational arms and a pair of huge leathery wings. The creature had a large head, which looked disturbing human and a long tail with a barbed spike on the end. The alien was two times taller then a human standing four meters tall and was seven meters long. The Skardinhor’s grey body was almost translucent and it was covered in a thick layer of glistening slime.

The creature lashed out at Sadorrat’s ultra thick Gatorium forcite armour leaving a gash on his left shoulder pad. Sadorrat then reacted by decapitating the creature and vertically slicing the alien in half with his power axe. The creature’s grey blood sprayed on the general’s shining gold armour. The blood looked like liquid metal but was cold and sticky. ‘Stupid vile creature, no weakling scum can defeat me!’ Sadorrat boasted to himself. Around him his generals and troops fought to protect him with honour and with the strength of their hearts. You would need to be very brave to stand in front of a huge creature of Satern and have the courage to kill it in the name of god and the United Empire council.

There was a crash as massive tanks burst through the wall and used huge incinerator cannons to incinerate the Skardinhors and take back the ship. The generals cut down the aliens and the troops shot at the aliens with their photon guns. The Skardinhors lashed out tearing humans in half and impaling them with their scything talons and barbed tail spikes. One of the creatures picked up a troop and bit his head off, throwing away the corpse. The creature screeched in victory before Arcanthos blasted its head of with a plasma shotgun. A heavy destroyer tank shot a rocket at the tubes opening blasting it to pieces and sealing the stump that was left behind with debris from the blast. Sadorrat waved his axe in victory as the aliens were finally destroyed.

There were still many pods and bio ships docking the command ship and they were gradually weakening the ship’s hull. ‘Send the ship into hyperspace!’ shouted Euatorta at the top of her voice. With her command the pilots worked to activate the ships hyper generators. The generators hummed and the ship suddenly speed forward faster then the speed of light tearing the docked alien vessels from the hull of the ship. The Skardinhor vessels burned up in the heat of the ship generator’s exhaust flame. Chunks of flaming bio ships and aliens floated out into the darkness of space as the huge vessel speed towards the solar system, over 54 million miles away.


Back on Earth in one of the planets many space ports
Sadorrat was very anxious and nervous for what would happen after this incident. Such a dramatic event would have to be reported. The last time something like this happened was 137 years ago. When an alien fleet attacks a command ship it usually means the aliens are going to war. Killing enemy leaders is a basic instinctive action carried out by the alien nodes. Alien nodes run the bio factories with their own life force in under ground hives. They also telepathically command their fleets to carry out their orders. Sadorrat suddenly had an idea. He then started to quickly prepare a meeting with the United Empire council.

Sadorrat entered the huge council debate room. The walls were covered in Dicium chlorite a type of marble found on the planet Rickdorious famous for its sea blue colouration. The floors were covered in a wonderful white marble and the sealing 7 metre chandeliers hanging from them. The sealing also had a huge painting showing man’s journey into peace and tranquillity. Sadorrat sat down on his velvet seat, which was on the right hand side of the Emperor’s throne. ‘Late to your own meeting I see’ said the Emperor Barika in a taunting voice as if it was a joke. Sadorrat knew that his plan to protect Earth was no joke as it would protect millions of innocent people, but at least Barika was in a good mood. All six hundred and fifty councillors were seated on rows of white seats and waiting for Sadorrat’s speech. They all wore gold-rimed white tunics made from the finest materials. In front of them were white complicated computers on pedestals made of the same marble as the walls. The councillors were busy discussing about the previous subject they were arguing about. ‘We must go to the planet Govaous to destroy the alien node which commands the invasion force attacking earth!’ Sadorrat bellowed to the councillors. The room went quiet. Even the Barika gave Sadorrat a surprised look. ‘And how do you propose we break the defences of one the most heavily defended hive worlds in the galaxy, destroy its massive swarms and kill it’s node!’ shouted one of the councillors. ‘We simply use the elite 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th companies and all the conscript companies from the 30th to the 50th’ explained Sadorrat. ‘That’s over 40 billion men!’ shouted a councillor in disbelieve.

Suddenly Sadorrat’s right hand man Vectorian got up from his seat. He had already been on the planet once during the 4th Govaous invasion and lost both his legs while fighting to take back the planet. He now has bionic legs and always wears big black boots to hide them, for he is a proud man who wants to always show his power and he thinks his bionic legs make him look weak and brittle. ‘There may be over 40 billion troops ready for the biggest human assault on an intergalactic foe, but I lost 7 billion troops and my legs to that planet’ exclaimed Vectorian. ‘While on the Govaous we set up detectors which measure how many living animals are on the planet at all times and last Earth week my researchers checked the planets population and at the moment there is over 546 billion billion billion aliens on the planet. No army in the known universe is that big, it is over 1365 billion billion times bigger than our little invasion force, we could never win this fight!’ explained Vectorian. In defence Sadorrat answered ‘We have high-tech weapons, experienced warriors and god on our side, it is the aliens that will not stand a chance!’ The council agreed and voted. Sadorrat already knew what would happen. He knew his invasion would work.


Sadorrat’s fleets had been launched and were now near Govaous. Over a 4 million fully armed ships were ready to wage war on the gigantic green planet. The Sadorrat knew that once on the planet his army would have to face impossible odds, but they were not prepared for what would happen next. Sadorrat was seated on a chair in the control room of his command ship when Euatorta, the ship’s commander, ran towards him. ‘There is a large object over 386 miles wide approaching us!’ shouted Euatorta. She then looked closer to the computer map screen. She could not make out what the holes in the green patch were. Sadorrat was also looking. ‘That is no object’ Sadorrat he said in a surprised voice ‘that is a fleet’.

The alien fleet was massive. The some ships were the size of a human fighter class ship and some were the size of mountains. Bio ships are basically really big ship shaped Skardinhors. Instead of slimy skin bio ships have rock hard colourful chitinous armoured plates protecting them from blast debris and weak weapons that fire bullets or low charged photon shots. The bio ships were radiantly coloured making them a wonderful sight to behold. All the ships looked different, one of them had a maw and four huge pincers while another used muscle spasms to fire particles of combustible bacterium out of bio guns. Over 57 billion billion ships had been preparing and waiting for the inevitable 5th Govaous invasion.

The human fleet flew head long at the alien ships. Both sides shot at each other as the mighty ships came close to a titanic clash. Ships, both alien and human, exploded into ether a spray of grey blood or a massive explosion. Then the ships clashed. Ships collided, shots were fired, explosions ripped apart hundreds of ships.

The alien node’s bio ship burst out of the wreckage of the destroyed ships. It was massive, as it was almost 9 miles long. It’s arsenal of bio weapons fired at Sadorrat’s command ship tearing a massive hole in its hull. ‘Prepare a boarding party and a small ship’ shouted Sadorrat ‘we need to get on the alien node’s ship!’ Sadorrat and a boarding party of elite warriors, including his general’s boarded a small ship about the size of a large tank, which flew out of a circular door in the hull. It then set course for the alien node’s bio ship.

‘So does this alien node have a name of some sort?’ Sadorrat asked his right-hand man Vectorian. ‘The alien node’s classification code is B.O.B’ answered Vectorian ‘It means B.O.B has a close combat danger level of B, it is an Ovitick class Skardinhor and a level B synapse creature’. ‘So this evil alien monster is called Bob’ joked Sadorrat ‘how threatening’. ‘Brace yourselves!’ shouted the pilot as the ship flew toward the underbelly of the massive bio ship. There was a massive explosion of colourful chitin and flesh as the ship’s particle cannon blew a hole through the weak underbelly of the ship and flew straight in to alien node Bob’s chamber.

The men exited the ship and walked into the unusual alien chamber. The chamber was huge. It was at least 200ft from the ceiling to the floor. The chamber resembled the inside of a cave; it even had alien slime dripping from weird spires of biomass growing from the ceiling. Some of the bio mass columns were growing from the ceiling to the floor, some were growing from the floor to the ceiling and some were growing from the walls in funny angles. Suddenly a large creature climbed out of a weird opening in the ceiling. ‘There is the target!’ shouted Sadorrat ‘There is Bob!’

Bob was massive. He looked just like a normal Skardinhor but he was 60ft long and 40ft high. He had three extra sets of scything and chitinous plates of armour lining his back and tail. Bob had huge scything talons, big enough to slice a trooper wearing Gatorium forcite armour in half. Bob’s head was noticeably more animalistic then a normal Skardinhor’s head as Bob had five rows of teeth in each of his huge jaws. Bob had massive wings that were big enough to serve as a tent for 100 men, which is proberly what Sadorrat was going to do to them after he had finished with Bob.

‘MY GOD!’ screamed Taurus as Bob flew through the air towards him. The creature tore his body in half making his organs and flesh fly out in random directions and then tearing apart 13 members of the boarding party. Bob sprayed their warm blood and internal organs all over the fleshy walls of the chamber in many differently shaped patterns. Vectorian drew his auto gun to shoot Bob, but before he could use it Bob quartered him using his scythes making his body parts fly through the air. Arcanthos started to shoot Bob with his plasma shotgun blowing a hole in Bob’s chitinous armour. Bob leaped at Arcanthos and tore his chest open, finishing the job by tearing all of his organs out of his body effectively gutting him. Bob turned round and tore through the rest of the squad causing organs and flesh to fly across the chamber.

He stomped through the blood of Sadorrat’s men finishing of the remanding troopers. One of the men had his arm sliced of by Bob and slipped in a pool his own blood. Sadorrat rushed to his rescue but before he could reach him Bob picked the trooper up and swallowed him whole. ‘DAMM YOU SPAWN!’ shouted Sadorrat as he ran towards the beast, his axe glowing with energy. Bob spun round and dug his massive talons into Sadorrat’s chest. Sadorrat looked at the creature. His axe dropped from his hands. Bob looked at Sadorrat for a second and then bit his head of and threw his body across the room. Bob then started to feed.


The 5th Govaous invasion failed and the Skardinhors were victorious. The human fleet didn’t make it past the alien fleet and was completely destroyed. The massive Skardinhor fleet lead by alien node Bob attacked Earth in the year 4897. Earth’s defences were overwhelmed and the alien ships managed to unload their deadly cargo. The massive alien swarm assaulted the Earth’s surface like a tsunami of living bio matter, swallowing up everything in its wake. Tons of bio vegetation grew on Earth and from each alien plant over a billion Skardinhor eggs were grown. Cute little baby Skardinhors were running about everywhere. The Skardinhor’s abandon Earth in the year 4925 after it became useless and left it as a cold barren rock.

Bob lived for 4566 years after the assault on earth and died as one of greatest alien nodes of all time having made the destruction of Earth possible. In the year 4947 the Skardinhors destroyed the United Empire and everything that shows that they once existed. All the Human planets were turned into alien wastelands covered with alien growth. The time of the human had drawn to a dramatic end.

In the year 6907 the Skardinhors had become the most dominant race in the universe and in the year 8702 the Skardinhors were the only race in the universe. The Skardinhors continued to live by feeding off clones made by collected DNA. Their favourite prey was and always has been US!


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