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 Post subject: Xenocide : The Feeding Ground
PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 10:35 pm 
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The heavy atmosphere tasted of sticky iron and clung to
it's carapace like a newly bonded symbiote and glistened with a
sickly wetness as yet another fine pink mist, caused by a feeding
ripper swarm, exploded from its most recent kill. The blood of the
man-warrior always seemed to stay warm just a little longer
than the other organisms, especially those who bore the marking
of the eight-pointed star. Their bio-mass seemed to crawl and
gasp for life even after their flesh had been stripped from their

As the tyrant slowly turned its hungry gaze over the
steaming field of flesh and bone, it spotted the broodlord from the
other Hive Fleet gorging itself on the sickly green skin of the war-
beasts piled at its feet by the hundred. It cocked its head in near
amusement as it slowly and malevolantly turned toward the hive
army massing at its location. The rippers still tore into the meat
and metal cast haphazardly on the ground and the pink mist still
thickened the air around them coating each of them in a new
layer of gore as if preparing them for war by tribally marking them
with symbols of power and faith.

The synapse impulses began to shriek and claw their
way from the mind of the tyrant into the legion of Tyranids
assembled before it. Noticably, the broods began to twitch, hiss,
stretch their salivating maws and stamp their feet in anticipation
of the command to come. They hungered, not only with their
need for flesh, but with a deep, roaring insatiable lust for the
taste of their own kind, for it was now as it always is with this
tyrant. None but the rippers may feed until there are no more
living organisms with which to do battle, especially if those other
organisms are another hive fleet.

Now fat on the flesh of the green beasts, drunk in the
lust for warfare that permeated the biological foundations of this
race of ignorant mongrels, the swarm of Hive Fleet Gorgon sat
awaiting the next command of their broodlord. The thunder of
rattling carapace-shells and the mind-splitting shriek of enraged
carnifex warriors brought the broodlord momentarily out of its
fat, gluttonous slothfulness and confusion boiled its mind as it
attempted to wrap comprehension around what it was seeing.

The tyrant slowly brought its wings to full-extend above
it and the guards around it while unfolding a set of rending claws
and a set of scything talons creating an impossibly nightmarish form
silhouetted against a blood-red sky lit by the white-blue flash of
lightening. It hunched its back as it took in enough atmosphere to
fill the lungs of half-a-dozen tyrant-guards and let out a roar that
immediately demanded the attention of every living organismon
the blood-soaked planet.

On the front-line, the mob of carnifexs bashed their
crushing claws together and stretched their scything talons
forward as if reaching for something to rend apart and screamed
with an unholy hunger and malice. The rabid swarms of
hormogaunts screeched, thrashed about wildly and scrambled
over one another as if trying to get the best position from which
to launch forward. The warriors howled and raised their death-
spitters to the sky as if in salute to the carnage that was about
to commence. The tyrant lowered his gaze upon the broodlord
and silently, with a sickening extacy for what was to come, gave
a simple command impulse to his legion of carnage: "Feed."

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