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 Post subject: 1500pts Tyranid vs Deathwing
PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 11:41 am 
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We are both going to the swedish GT in just 3 weeks so we are field testing or armies.

Tyranid army
Winged tyrant with all CC biomorphs. duel talons + Warp field 229pts
Walking tyrant with VC/dev, ES, TS, miasma, implant attack, PS 167pts + Guard with lashwhip 45pts (212pts)

DevilFex 114pts
DevilFex 114pts
DevilFex 114pts

8 Termagaunts 48pts
8 Termagaunts 48pts

Ravener 40pts
Ravener 40pts
Ravener 40pts

3*Zoans 195pts (warp blast & scream, psychic scream)
Carnifex VC/BS, ES, Spinebanks 153pts
Carnifex VC/BS, ES, Spinebanks 153pts

SM army
Chaplain crozius? (Pfist/Pweapon)
rosarius (4+ invul) 180pts

5*Terminators (2 AC) 250pts
5*Terminators (2 AC) 250pts
5*Terminators (2 missile) 250pts
5*assualt terminators (dual lightning claws) 250pts

Land raider crusader, TL assualt cannon, meltagun, 6 hurrican bolters. 280pts

He had 40pts hidden somewhere

Large area terrain building in the center 4+ cover about 12" long and 9" wide, really! blocked los all game.

Small building on my right side of deployment area 4+ cover
Cemetary on my left side of deployment area 4+ cover
Also a small are terrain, ruins next to the cemetary also 4+ cover (lucky me)

I won choose side roll and first turn.

Terrain on the SM side was insignificant because well, his army is full of terminators with better invul saves anyway so he didnt really gain any advantage from cover all game. (course they carry their own cover saves with them)

Mission: Take and hold Gamma (take center)

I deploy the zoans in the are terrain near the cemetary (closer to the center than the cemetary) (left of the center building)

Opponent deployes land raider on center of his DZ, right side of the center building.

I deploy a HS fex in the right corner hoping to split his army up (does not work)

He then goes on to deploy all the rest of his termies (15) left side of the building so they can see my Zoans.

I deploy 1 group of 8 gaunts near the fex in the building on the right (wanted to slow down an enemy assualt)

behind the center building, out of enemies los I deploy my winged tyrant, 3 raveners, 2 elite fexs and 8 gaunts.

1 HS fex on the left in the cemetary (4+ cover)

Tyrant with guard and 1 devilfex in the ruins with the zoans.

I win roll for turn 1 (oh and we roll dusk and dawn so turn 6=nightfight)

Tyranid turn 1:
I move fex on right into los with the landraider (was more than 6" in the terrain so enemy would not be able to see it if they won turn 1.
At this point I will decide to forget about the gaunts with him since all they did all game was run away on turn 6 due to me having no more synapse.
The fex shoots at the landraider and shakes it (course we forget that means it cannot shoot the next turn so it shoots anyway)

Fex in cemetary does the same, tries to get los to the LR but realizes it is too far away for the guns to reach. Shoots BS/VC at terminators and does nothing.

Tyrant shot his VC and killed nothing, Zoans all rolled 5s for their DT tests, 6 was needed to get into 18" range for ap2 shots so they tried to shoot ap3 blasts at the terms but all missed.

I kept most of my army hidden behind the building so the only things the enemy would be able to shoot at would atleast be in 4+ terrain.

SM turn 1: All terminators move up left side of building, land raider moves up right side.

Land raider does 1 wound to the fex with 3 hurrican bolters, BOLTERS! arg. AC and melta I wounds I save with cover or own save.

All the terminators fire on my Zoans (ACs) and on the fex (missiles) but I make all my saves. Inculding 3 invul saves for a zoan, rolled 3 4s :)

Opponent does consider unloading his assualt terminators and assualting me on turn 1 but ultimately decides against it.
I had set up 8 gaunts so they protected my ravs and tyrant, all he could have done is assualted the 8 gaunts, at most kill 5 with 3 left, even with no retreat saves I would be left with 1 gaunt that would tie up his terms, needless to say I would have pounced on his most valuable unit with my whole army the next turn had he done this.

Nothing killed on either side on turn 1

Tyranid turn 2:
I move most things back a few inches so the terminators won´t be able to assualt me the next turn.

I move the 2 devilfexs behind the building into the building so they can see the enemy (inside 12" of the closest termy squad)

I fire the fex on the right at the land raider and shake it, well stunn but extra armour.....

Fex on the left in cemetary fires on terminators and hits with 1 vc shot and the BS which hits 1 in terminator squad 1 (AC) 1 in termy squad 2 (missile) and 2 in the squad 3 (AC) also the VC hits squad 3.

He loses 1 terminator from all 3 squads! not bad!

I then fire my VC/dev tyrant at the closest termi squad (AC) it kills 1, the 3 devildexs then unload and kill 3 more from the closest terminator squad. The squad is finnished.

I then notice I should have shot my Zoans first, they are no longer within 18" of anyone and cannot fire their ap2 shots, so they try to fire ap3 blasts but fail to hit with any.

33% of his termies dead to shooting in just 1 turn!

I then move up my gaunts, ravs and winged tyrant.

Winged tyrant assualts the squad furthest away while the gaunts and ravs assualt the closer one.

Winged tyrant his the squad in their flank, they are in a row (silly SMs)
It kills 2, empties kill zone and wins combat, enemy is stubborn and is outnumbered 3/1 so must take 3 no retreat saves and fails 1, tyrant is left in CC with 1 terminator.

The 3 ravs manage only 1 kill with their 15 rending attacks! (sad I know) the opponent takes out the sarge who is the only one in CC with the gautns (my advoce) so the gaunts do not attack, the terminators kill 1 rav and cause 1 wound on another with their fists.

SM turn 2:
He was feeling somewhat depressed at this point (having lost 9 of his 21 terminators in a single turn!)

Land raider backs up and unloads assualt terms and chaplain into the ravs and gaunts.

They destroy the 2 ravs (chap kills one at init6 so 1 does not even get to attack back) the other does not even hit anything, the assualt marines then kill the last rav and all but 2 gaunts.. the 4 powerfist marines then kill the last wound on the ravener and kill 2 gaunts (well first he put all his attacks on the rav not realising the gaunts would still tie up the terms but I let him reroll his attacks) so they killed everything.

Winged tyrant kills the last terminator in CC with it, causes 4 wounds, it saves only 3 with its 5++.

Assualt terms consolidate into winged tyrant, shooty terms consolidate into the building.

At this point he has only the raider, assualt squad+chap and 4 shooty terms with 2 ACs.

Raider tries to use AC to shoot at the fex on my left but is out of range (machine spirit)

Tyranid turn 3.
Fex on the right moves out of his hiding place in the building to get los to the raider, shoots and shakes it

Fex on my left shoots at the terminators and kills 1 with his BS/VC one or the other.

I then move 2 devilfex into the building the 3 shooty terminators are in, unload 18 S6 shots with rerolls to hit and wound yet I kill none, I then assualt them hoping my 6 S9 attacks will do damage but they only do 2 which my opponent saves! ARG!
the 6 fist attacks then do 4 wounds on 1 of the fexs and kills it! WTF is going on I say, W T Fudge.

Tyrant fights the lightning claw terminators, hits with 2, they save both wounds. They hit back 15 times but only at S4 so do no wounds, chaplain hits at init1 with THUNDER HAMMER, causes 4 wounds (with his 6 attacks) but I manage 1 6++ invul save and I LIVE!!! ITS ALIVE!!!!

SM turn 5.....wait no turn 3 :)

All he can move is the land raider so it moves and fires its TL assualt cannons on my fex in the cemetary on my left. I make my 4++ invul save and take no wounds.

CC with my tyrant and the assualt terms= terms do only 1 wound on my tyrant with their 15 claw attacks but I make my 6+ invul save.

My tyrant then throws his 5 attacks at ws7 at the chaplain, 1,1,2,2,3 great 1 hit, 1 wound, chap fails his 4+ save and takes 2 wounds, it then destroyes the chaplain with its THUNDER HAMMER. (its a hammer wtf)

They then consolidate back inside the land raider.

Tyranid turn 4:
Fex on my right side leaves his building to get los on the land raider. Shoots and destroyes it! glance 6 baby!
Models inside are not harmed (we think that is the rule) but entagled.

The rest of my army I moved back already fearing an assualt from inside the land raider 20" assualt for SM termies is nasty! so the rest of my army does nothing this turn!

SM turn 4:
Assualt marines=entangles
shooty marines get inside the building, it must have been 13" wide as he got inside so I could not see him to shoot from either side of the building.

Tyranid turn 5: 3 Zoans and tyrant move forward and all fire ont he 3 shooty marines, tyrant kills 1 with its devourer (after forcing 5 saves) vc and the 3 zoans do nothing, he is still left with 2 AC termies and the fully intact assualt unit.

My fexs on my flanks move closer to try to take the objective next turn.

SM turn 5:
Shooty terminators shoot their ACs at my nearest Zoan, they kill it so cannot assualt that turn.

Assualt termies + chaplain assualt the tyrant (something shot off his guard before)
They do 3 wounds to the tyrant with lightning claws (mostely due to all the rerolls) but the tyrant manages to kill the chaplain. Since the SMs attacked through cover they got to use their grenades and attack at the same time, the chaplain does the final wound to the tyrant just before it dies! Quite the battle!

The assualt terms consolidate into a fex in cover. (devilfex)

SM has 5 assualt termies and 2 Shooty termies left, I have 3 fexs, 8 gaunts (who run away next turn) and 2 zoans.

Tyranid turn 6:
I try to shoot the zoans at the the 2 shooty terminators but miss (EVERY shot this game! they passed every psychic test but failed to hit even once)

They then assault the 2 termies. termies kill 1 Zoan, stuck in CC with the other (so they cannot wound the fex walking towards the objective with 2 wounds muhhahah)

I then walk the fex on my left flank (in cemetary all game) and assualt the assualt terminators.
Assualt termies do 3 wounds to devilfex (attacks from 4 terms) and 1 wound to the assualting fex (attacks from 1 term) (I made the argument you had to make atleast 1 attack or on the other fex, you cannot be in CC without hitting the thing, in btb no less...was I wrong?)

Anyway, my fexs only manage to kill 1 SM after saves (with 5 attacks)

SM turn 6:
shooty terminators kill the last zoan.

Assualt terminators kill the devilfex and do 1 wound to the other fex.
The 1 fex that could attack, hit with both attacks (needing 4+) wounded with both (2+) enemy failed both saves.

SM had 2 assualt terminators and 2 shooty terminators left, neither a scoring unit.

END OF GAME.....who won? I won´t tell...................just kidding.

I had 2 fexs on 2 wounds (both scoring, no points for enemy) left on the objective (or within 12" of it)

SM kill points 1200 VPs
Tyranid kill points 1250VPs

SM mission points 0
Tyranid mission points 300VPs

I won by 350pts=by the GT scoring card I won by a minor victory.
Had it been a GT game I would have gained 13 command points and my opponent 7.

I would have given my opponent lots of fair play points, since (although it was his idea) to count area terrain right from the edge as 4+ cover, it saved me lots and lots and lots and lots of wounds :)

Great game overall, rather elite armies on both sides, neither side had many weapons that bypassed the others armour, he had ACs 5, I had 3 WBs which never hit! oh and he had 1 melta on the LR.

Pyrovore: A T4 W2 Sv4+ Heavy Flamer on legs that takes up an Elites choice. People say GW makes new units overpowered on purpose to get us to buy models. I guess the intern that wrote this guy's entry didn't get the memo.

Ojetor Jan14 2010

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