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 Post subject: RTT Game 1 vs. Imperial Fists
PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2005 4:13 pm 
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Here's my smashing victory of the RTT.

Game 1, Suicide Squad mission vs. Imperial Fists.

We set up on long board edges. IF took the side with the densest terrain to slow me down and get shots off. I deploy first: Biovore on far left in some heavy rocks, blocking line of sight. He deploys his predator with Twin Autocannon & 2 sponson lascannons across from it. Deployment continues and I spread out my heavies, leading him to do the same with his tanks. My 6 troops were still deploying after he was done deploying his whole army. Meanwhile, he had deployed his three razorback squads on the right side of the table in cover of trees (6 ea. w/ a lascannon). His three rhino squads stayed in their vehicles behind the advancing line of razorbacks. I declare one of my Hormagaunt units as my Suicide Squad. He declares his deepstriking Assault Squad. He gets first turn, and advances with his razorbacks and one of his rhinos to reach a good defensive position. One razorback moves successfully, and all the other vehicles get jammed in place (REALLY BAD DANGEROUS TERRAIN ROLLS!). He opens fire on my lines, taking down a few gargoyles and hormagaunts, but not firing at my Suicide Squad. His left-most predator, being fooled into deploying across from my biovore, does his best to make up for his situation. Having LOS w/ his right sponson & autocannon, he fires on my Biovore... to only successfully wound with one autocannon shot! (consequently this is the only successful wound he does for the rest of the game with the predator... read on)

On my turn, I advance my entire horde, with the exception of my artillery. My difficult terrain and fleet rolls (in a theme througout this game) are horrendously low, so I must rely mostly on shooting. Having rolled my troops first for fleet, and performing fleet before shooting, I decided not to fleet my Raveners whenever appropriate. They actually got off a few good shots at the razorback squads. My Biovore and Fex, working together, were the stars of this game for the first three turns. My biovore consistently landed his mines on rear and side armor of the clustered vehicles, preventing many razorback shots w/ twin-linked heavy bolters. My carnifex did much the same and actually popped two rhinos and a razorback by the end of the game. Meanwhile, the tyrant and one ravener focus on the line of troops from the razorback squads. No one makes it into assault this turn.

On his turn, he opens up by forgetting to roll reserves on his Suicide Squad. Next, he moves his two remaining mobile rhinos... one rams over some height 2 terrain and gets stuck (woohoo!). The other, seeing the predicament of the other tanks (and being stuck behind a pileup of 4) decides to pull up behind cover and unload its troops. The forward immobilized rhino, side armor facing me, unloads its troops in cover as well, and his jetpack chaplain moves forward to try to support them later. His firing proves just as effective as the last turn (minus of course all the heavy bolter shots that I shook up).

On my next turn, I finally reached assault (but not on the right flank!). On the left, my remaining gargoyles, a full compliment of genestealers, my flying hive tyrant, and two hormagaunts all leap into respective combats with the two fast-stuck rhino squads. Assaulting into cover, only my Genestealers and Hive tyrant in the first combat managed to get off hits simultaneously... and utterly destroyed the first tac squad. The other suqad only managed to kill one of the two hormagaunts that assailed it, and he caused a wound back (draw!... plus he was in Synapse anyway so who cares). The genestealers and gargoyles swept on through with the hive tyrant, and were facing a possible assault from the mobile tac squad and the chaplain in the next turn. Fortunately this did not go as planned for the IF's.

On his turn, he only managed to barely get into the area terrain where my Tyrant and Genestealers now reigned supreme. He decided to do his best to fire at me before assaulting, but didn't wound my tyrant. The chaplain fired at my genestealers and killed not one. His razorback squads were still whittling away slowly at the mired-up hormagaunt broods that were approaching (still ignoring my Suicide Squad!). Meanwhile, his one effective razorback managed to down my leftmost Zoanthrope, but his predator was still shooting blanks when it came to my Biovore :-D. His chaplain charged into my Genestealers and took near-fatal wounds, whlie dealing out none himself. The tac squad decided not to assault my hive tyrant after all (because they had suffered some losses from Biovore & Carnifex alike and were none to happy about that).

On my turn, I finally got in good range to assault with my rightmost hormagaunt broods. My remaining ravener and my VC tyrant were chipping away nicely at their numbers before I assaulted them as well. My carnifex was still blasting away at the leftmost rhino squad and sent them to their maker. Meanwhile, my Tyrant and 2 Garoyles flew away from that madness and dove into the left flank of the three tree-loving razorback squads. My remaining zoanthrope took out a few of their number before assault time. My suicide squad also made it into charge range this turn, and dove in with my flying tyrant and the gargoyles. The 5 men left in that squad were promptly squished by tyrant & hormagaunt alike (hormagaunts got a Suicide Squad Battle Point for that AND for being over 50% in his deployment zone at the end of the game!~WOO). Meanwhile, the hormagaunts to the right were devastating his numbers as well.

At this point, my opponent was flustered, pissed, AND impatient. He was glad that the hosts called time at this point. He almost left the tournament swearing off 40k forever. It was sad. But he came back after lunch to finish.

All in all, I won by approximately 1300 victory points to just under 300. This gave me 15 battle points, plus 1 for my suicide squad killing a unit, plus 1 for having units above 50% in his deployment zone, +1 for having my highest points squad still alive at the end of the game (Melusine my walking tyrant & her retinue). He received 5 for the loss, and lost one point for not controlling even one table quarter. HE DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER TO DEEP STRIKE HIS SUICIDE SQUAD TO GET A BATTLE POINT FOR KILLING A UNIT!!!!!

Anyway. I win, 18-4.
Happy day!

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