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 Post subject: Tyranids vs Ulthwe (wannabe Saimhan) My Godzilla list
PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 5:36 am 
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Nid list:

Winged tyrant with all CC biomorphs. duel talons + Warp field 229pts
Walking tyrant with VC/dev, ES, TS, PS 159pts

DevilFex 114pts
DevilFex 114pts
Lictor 80pts

3 Rippers swarms, Leaping, carapace 43pts
3 Rippers swarms, Leaping, carapace 43pts
3 Rippers swarms, Leaping, carapace 43pts
3 Rippers swarms 30pts
3 Rippers swarms 30pts

Ravener 40pts
Ravener 40pts
Ravener 40pts

3*Zoans 195pts (warp blast & scream, psychic scream)
Carnifex VC/BS, ES 148pts
Carnifex VC/BS, ES 148pts

Seer council with 3-4 seers and 3 warlocks. (fortune, mindwar, enhance, 2* augment and who knows what else, witchblades on all but 2 warlocks)
In waveserpent with TL rokkets, spirit stones, shurican cannon
450pts about :)

Firedragons*9+exarch with pike
In waveserpent with TL BL, spirit stones. 334pts

Black guardians*5 w/2 flamers+ warlock with destructor 73pts
In Falcon (in HS slot)

Black guardians*5 w/2 flamers+ warlock with destructor
in Serpent with TL starcannon, spirit stones and shurican cannon

In Falcon with pulse lazer, 2 shurican cannons, spirit stones, holofield

Wraithlord with starcannon 120pts
Wraithlord with starcannon 120pts

We rolled for mission and it was Cleanse omega.
Rolled for quarters which I won, and first turn which I also won.

I chose left bottom table quarter, 10" from my table edge was a large ruin that gave 4+ cover. tbh I never played a game with more cover than this table (cityfight terrain) but since the eldar where so mobile they could always fly to the otherside of the terrain and shoot from there so the only time I got cover saves was turn 2!

Believe me there was ALOT of terrain, heck half the table was terrain but only area terrain really gives good cover against eldars fast skimmers so most of it was irrelevent or poorly utilized on my side by anything except the rippers.

Mission is played under omega setting so the eldar player starts with nothing on the board while all I get is my 5 squads of 3 rippers and my 3 Zoans.

I deploy these as close to the center as the mission allows.

I won the roll for first turn but gave the turn to eldar.

Eldar turn 1:

Tyranid turn 1:
I move my Zoans up near a building that also gave 4+ cover (the only real cover used this game)

(rippers roamed around the whole game but didnt actually do anything so I will be forgetting to mention them most of the time)

Eldar turn 2:
He gets the falcon with guardians inside out from reserve aswell as 1 Wraithlord. The falcon boosts 24" out and is well out of reach of my warp blasts.

The wraithlord comes in near the Zoanthroapes, other side of the building. He cannot shoot this turn, WL=no los, falcon moved too much.

Tyranid turn 2:
I roll for reserves and I get, 1 winged tyrant, 1 devilfex and 1 ravener.

Zoans move up into the building for 4+ cover saves,
Rippers roam around.

Tyrant and ravener both run/fly behind some terrain so they are not seen by the enemy. Devil fex moves to the right towards the falcon.

I forget to shoot the Zoans warp blasts.

Eldar turn 3:
He gets seercouncil serpent and the firedragon serpent from reserve, only guardian serpent and 1 WL remain.

He moves them all behind the building the 3 Zoans are sitting in. HE unloads both the seer council and the dragons.

Shooting, WLs starcannon, sepents tl rokket and tl brightlance, 1 shurican cannon and some tl shurican catapults, 1 mindwar, 9 firedragon fusion guns and 1 firepike later, oh and the pulze laser from the falcon (ok his WHOLE ARMY!) all shoot at the 3 Zoans in the building, 2 dead, 1 left with 1 wound.
Stupid for me to give him a target like that! I was too greedy to get into that cover.

He also tries to assualt the remaining Zoan with his WL but rolls badly for Dif terrain and fails the assualt.

Tyranid turn 3:
I get walking tyrant, ravener, HS fex.

I move the last remaining Zoan out of his cover, to my side of the building (this way if he wants it dead atleast he has to reveal himself to my shooting)

Devilfex moves nearer to the falcon while keeping a destroyed car (terrain) between the 2 for some cover, falcon came just close enough last turn (to shoot at the Zoans) for the fex to be in range with his 2 TL devourers.

Walking tyrant comes out near the center of the board (right side of my table edge) Also has los on the falcon for his VC.

HS fex climbs up a steep wall to get los on a serpent in the far distance (35" away) he can just see it between a small space between 2 buildings.

Winged tyrant and ravener (the one that came on last turn) take better hiding positions while advnacing to around the center of the board (only falcon has los to them)

Other rav that just came on moves up as much as it can, 12" with a good fleet roll.

Devilfex unloads 8 TL S6 shots on the falcon, 5 hits, no glances, VC tyrant shoots its 3 S8 shots at it, 2 hits, 1 glance? was shaken which he ignored with his spirit stones.

HS fex fires on waveserpent, BS misses, VC gets 1 hit (damn energyfields making my S10 weapons only S8! grr) shakes it and spirit stones allow it to be ignored again.

I was not feeling great at this point, he was dictating the game and my shooting was doing nothing (though his was not too hot either!)

Eldar turn 4:
He gets the last WL and the last serpent out of reserve.

Falcon tries to fire on the devilfex, comes to within 24" to get those 6 shurican cannon shots off but does no wounds :)

Firedragons and seer council mount their serpents and they all move out towards the center of the board. The 3rd serpent with the guardians moves with them (just came on)

2nd WL moves onto the table his 6" but has nothing to shoot at.

All 3 serpents fire on the last Zoan finally killing it.

First WL moves towards the last Zoan and the 6 rippers also sitting round there. He uses his starcannon and a flamer on the rippers killing 2 bases total I think.

It then assualts 1 squad of rippers (2 left) kills them in CC and consolidates into the last 2 rippers.

nid turn 4:
I get all the rest of my reserves on this turn (lictors reserve reroll helped)

I deploy 1 HS fex and 1 devil fex on my left side (so they can fire on the 3 serpents)

Devilfex shoots at the closest one, with the 5 guardians + warlock inside (only one in range of his 18" guns) does nothing

HS fex fires on the seercouncil serpent, also does nothing.

Other HS fex on the hill above has los to nothing but a WL locked in CC so it moves into the ruins for cover.
This was all on the left of my deployment zone.

On the right my devilfex gets closer to the falcon once again, the tyrant does the same.

Devilfex unloads 8 S6 shots once again, 6 hits, 1 glance, I roll 2d6 (holofield) both 6s! falcon goes down in flames!
of the 5 guardians and warlock inside 5 guardians die in the flames, warlock is entangled in the wreckage. (so sad)

Tyrant fires its VC at the remaining warlock but it passes its invul save. (since when do 12pts models have 4+ invul saves....eldar)

the 2 ravs that made it onto the table first both fleet towards the wraithlord and assualt him, a lictor also deepstrikes into the terrain just behind and assualts the wraithlord.

Tyrant considers trying to get into the combat but is a few " too far away and decides not to try, stays in cover.

Assualt phase:
lictor rolls his 4 attacks, does 1 wound by rending.
2 Raveners roll their 10 rending attacks and do another 1 wound.

WL is left with 2 wounds, it tries to swing at the lictor, hits with 1, wounds, but due to the tyrant being close enough to grant synapse the lictor is not isntakilled.

Eldar turn 5:
All 3 serpents move towards my HS and devilfex that are out in the open.
All 3 dismount their troops.
the 3 serpents all fire on the HS fex and do 2 wounds total.

(seer council tries a mindwar but does nothing, I rolled 3, he rolled 2)

the firedragons then decide the devilfex is more of a threat than the HS fex and unload on him. They cause only 2 wounds on him, so I now have 2 fexs both on 2 wounds (he really should have just gone for 1)

His free WL moves closer to the fighting WL and enters terrain (though not far due to bad dif terain rolls)

assualt phase:
I have 8 rending attacks on the ravs and 3 on the lictor=needless to say the wraithlord lost its last wound and died.

I consolidate the 2 raves 4 and 5" towards the firedragons and seer council, the lictor moves towards the last wraithlord.

Tyranid turn 5:
(At this time I am thinking I have won the game, so is the eldar player)

Devilfex on the right moves up towards my opponents starting table quarter (only the WL is contesting it)

VC/dev tyrant stays in the right bottom TQ, shoots the last warlock dead.

Winged tyrant moves and assualts the last WL and the lictor joins.
Finally my 229pts tyrant gets into some CC.
6 attacks, 5 hits, I need 6s to wound, I roll 1 6 which causes 2 wounds due to implant attack, I then reroll the other 4 dice due to acid maw and I roll another 6, WL is dead before I even had a chance to strike with the lictor.
Tyrant consolidates to the left so it can take over the top left table quarter on turn 6.

Now the main action, on the left bottom table quarter.

My HS fex shoots at the guardians + warlock, I score a hit with the BS and it hits all 6 models, with ap 5 all the guardians die and the VC hit also manages to kill the warlock.

The devilfex shoots at the firedragons, 7 hits, 7 wounds, 2 unfailed saves.
2 dead. I would have tried to assualt them but the eldar opponent parked his serpents in the way so the fex could not assualt.

The other HS fex on the hill has only los to 1 serpent and tries his luck against it, it is destroyed by something, I dunno could have been any of the 3 guns the fex had, S10 (downgraded to 8) VC shots, the BS shot or the 2 tl S6 spinebank shots. Something killed it.

2 ravs then fleet towards the diredragons and assualt them.

Assualt phase:
At init 5 the ravs and dragons all hit at the same time.
4 dragons die to rending and normal attacks while the dragons cause 1 wound which I fail to save on my 5+ save.

Eldar turn 6:
He has 1 scoring unit left, the seercouncil.
Not much he can do, 1 of his remaining serpents shoot at my devilfex and take off a wound, non scoring at this point, the other one decides to finnish the job and I lose my first TMC. damn, only got 5 left.

the seercouncil manages to kill 1 of the ravs off at init6, the last rav does 2-3 wounds to the remaining dragons. was a win for me or a tie in that combat, not sure.

He conceades the game at this point.
I had 3 table quarters and contested my own one so I got 1500 VPs from the mission alone, I also killed more of his than he did of mine so I won rather crushingly.

His army really didn´t have enough ap3+ weapons to do all that much to mine. It was also very fragile, I didnt really kill much untill he got out of his transports.

I had alot of trouble killing them, the falcon going down was just really good luck! 2 6s from a glancing hit! how often does that happen!

Tyranids are not great at taking down eldar transports as you can see.
You won´t find a nid army with more anti skimmer power than mine and still I struggled.

Playing the mission is what wins games with a godzilla army, not killing all that much.

This guy is going to the scandinavian GT with me in a month, should be fun. Had he had a few more starcannon vypers (or any) they could have given me more trouble, esp with their 36" range! only my BS/VCs could have harmed them and they had better things to shoot at.

He said his saimhan GT army will have 5 vypers scary.

Pyrovore: A T4 W2 Sv4+ Heavy Flamer on legs that takes up an Elites choice. People say GW makes new units overpowered on purpose to get us to buy models. I guess the intern that wrote this guy's entry didn't get the memo.

Ojetor Jan14 2010

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