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 Post subject: Trogdor Returns! 4 Batreps!
PostPosted: Sat Jul 16, 2005 6:02 pm 

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By popular demand (Well, a mate of mine down the club actually), the tale of Hive Fleet Trogdor

The Hive Fleet had evolved slightly differently to last time. 3 broods of 6 gene stealers had taken their place alongside 2 bs+1, st+1, VC+BS tyrants, 3 bs+1, w+1, BS+VC fexes and 3 ws+1, miasma, 2 x Scytal fexes.

The Hive Mind's orders were to get as many units as possible past the Chaos forces, whilst stopping them doing the same (Alpha level recon).

The Chaos forces consisted of 2 Preds with AV+1, Twin las + 2 Heavy bolters. 2 Rhinos, each with 8 CSMs, 2 plasma guns and power fist champ. 4 smaller squads with plasma guns and various heavy
weapons. He also had a winged lord (normal size) with dark blade, a+1, t+1, w+1, 5+ inv.

I can't remember specifics, suffice to say that I split my forces along a wide front. He had set up his stationary units + lord to my right and his 2 preds and rhino squads to my left flank.

I totally forgot about synapse for the fexes, so ended up not covering them with the tyrants. oops. Do fexes count as broods?

My opponent had never played Nids before and was intimidated by the 8 TMCs. The game consisted of my gribblies advancing forwards, gradually getting whittled down by all his firepower. The stealers were quite good at holding up units due to nearby synapse in late game. However, out of
about 50+ dice rolled for their attacks, I got 3 rending kills. Bah.

His lord was dead killy. Despite being ganged up on by two tyrants, he was able to kill 1 and take 2 wounds off the other. Making 5 inv saves out of 8 helped...

His targeting selection was strange. He ignored my nearby stealers to hit my TMCs that were another turn away. He had one fex down to one wound, then opened up on a healthy one nearby. Bizarre.

My target selection and deployment was rubbish. I should have deployed well away from his stationary flank, leaving all but his 4 heavy weapons out of range, and ripped apart his mobile wing with my whole army. I was also wasting shots against CSMs. Nid weapons just aren't
efficient vs power armour.

Final situation was that I had 4 stealers, a shooty fex and a tyrant in his end zone,vs his empty rhino. I also had a lone stealer left alive. A clear win for me. With VPs, I would have had won by about 500 as he only had a rhino, 2 half squads and a full squad left alive.

Quite a successful outing. I really must be a lot more careful of plasma weapons in future.

I'm looking forward to the Nid FAQ as I'd hate to think that I'd cheated him by forgetting about the IB rules for the fexes.

I got a second game in as well vs Necrons. This was a newbie I'd been chatting to a few weeks ago and he wanted to take me on. His army was pretty solid. 2 x 10 warriors, Lord with 100 points of kit (I'll let you guess what that was...), 2 squads of 3 heavy destroyers, 5 destroyers, 5 scarabs, Monolith.

We rolled the mission and I already knew I'd won. Gamma Take and Hold. As if that wasn't bad enough he made the cardinal sin of any 40k player. He let me have first turn... If he learned one thing in the game, it was that going first in 40k is dead good.

His Monolith went down to a glancing 6 result and 7 warriors from a squad of 10 fell down. 6 of them got back up.

He was pretty much stuffed as his uber vehicle was dead and he'd deployed his 2 heavy destroyer squads apart from each other. He sniped at TMCs, but had some awful luck, like causing zero wounds with 3 heavy destroyer shots. I lost 3 stealers and 7 wounds from a mixture of TMCs
during the game (As TMCs can now screen each other. My tyrants did lots of hiding behind fexes).

My shooty fexes and tyrants blasted apart the destroyer squad and one heavy destroyer squad. On my turn 4 I was set to charge his other 3 heavy destroyers with 10 genestealers, his lord + 9
warriors with 3 Miasma fexes (15 attacks hitting on 3s, killing on 2s) and his other squad of 6 warriors with 2 shooty fexes. I asked him if he wanted to call it a night as we had to pack up.

It wasn't really much of a game, suffice to say that he learned about the importance of getting the first turn, how target prioritisation worked and about wound allocation to multi wound critters.

Once he gets more games under his belt, he'll be good to go.

I expect a hard game next week as I am taking on a Nid swarm full of rending and gribbly goodness. Should be a challenge.


Hive Fleet trogdor is still stomping, with 8 fatties trying to do the business.
Got two games in last night.
First was against Nids. I was quite worried as it contained 48
genestealers (Without extended carapace...) and Brood Lord. Pretty
good vs my 8 TMCs. He also had a rubbish close combat carnifex, 3
zoanthropes and 16 devourer gaunts.

I was trying yet another new list.

1 Gun Tyrant 144
bs+1, s+1, Venom Cannon
Scything Talons, ws+1

1 Fast Tyrant 174
2 x Scything Talons, i+1, s+1,
Implant Attack, Winged, ws+1

1 Dakka Carnifex 113
bs+1, 2 x Twin Devourers
1 Dakka Carnifex 113
bs+1, 2 x Twin Devourers
1 Dakka Carnifex 113
bs+1, 2 x Twin Devourers

1 Blaster Carnifex 163
bs+1, w+1, Venom Cannon
Barbed Strangler
1 Blaster Carnifex 163
bs+1, w+1, Venom Cannon
Barbed Strangler
1 Blaster Carnifex 163
bs+1, w+1, Venom Cannon
Barbed Strangler

It was actually 6 points over as I changed the Fex weapons and forgot
to remove the Tyrants' ws+1. It didn't actually make any difference at
all to either game and I'll leave the ws+1 off both tyrants in future.

It was Gamma Cleanse. I had set the scenery up to give him loads of
cover and concealment coming in, but with the 45 degree twist, the
battlefield suddenly seemed a lot more open.

I set up one Gun Fex in the middle and he set up as many gene stealers
as he could within 18" for possible first turn charge, subject to not
bunching too much against my 3 pie plates.

I set up my 2 other gun fexes, 2 tyrants and 3 dakka fexes and stealers
well behind.

He got first turn (But not the charge) and advanced all his gribblies.
His 3 thropes fired 3 shots, with triple 1s.
My guys opened up with everything, killing all of 15 stealers. My
central Gun fex advanced forwards to his doom towards the stealers 8"

He ripped apart the central gun fex, but had set up his charge badly so
he couldn't sonsolidate into the cenral6 stealers I had set up too close by.
His thropes rolled triple 1s again. His devour gaunts killed 2 of my
central stealers

My guys opened up, felling lots of stealers. My winged tyrant attacked
his Fex, but only did 1 wound (doubled to 2) as it was T7. My 6
charging genestealers only did 1 wound.

My central 4 stealer squad charged his 12 stealer squad, losing 3, but
causing 4 kills. Huzzah!

He countercharged my Tyrant and bottom most stealer squad. Tyrant lost 2 wounds, 3 enemy stealers died and the fex fell. The other 4 enemy stealers ran off. The thropes killed 2 of the upper stealers with shooting then killed 1 in combat. The stealers caused a wound and held.

My opponent then conceded as he was left with 14 genestealers, 3
thropes, 16 dev gaunts and a brood lord, and it was my turn next. I
had 7 stealers, 3 Dakka fexes, 2 Gun fexes and 2 Tyrants left.

Next game was vs a typical Eldar army. 3 wraithlords, Avatar, 4
guardian platforms with attached guardian bullet catcher squads, seer
council, vyper, 2 Wave serpents and some banshees. 5 star cannons and 5 bright lances. I'm glad I didn't waste points on extended carapace for the big guys...

I made 3 crucial errors that cost me the game. Firstly, I set up 2 of
my gun fexes in a corner. My opponent was nice enough to give them
targets to shoot at, but he could quite easily have refused that flank.
Secondly, I deployed the Dakka fexes on the other flank. They should

have taken a more central position. They had trouble making an impact on the game after blowing away some guardians as the Eldar took the centre.
Thirdly, I thought that 330 points worth of carnifex should be able to take on an 125 points monstrous creature. Not when it's a wraithlord... At least my 10 wounds worth of fexes caused it 1 wound before it star cannoned and beat them both to death. Bah.

The other 2 WLs and the avatar got rended to death by the genestealers who then got shot down like dogs. At the end I was down to a winged tyrant and a dakka fex. He had a WraithLord, Seer Council, Vyper, Wave serpent and banshees left. Lots of points, but more importantly as it was Alpha Secure and Control, more scoring units around loot counters.

If I was a bit luckier with the glancing hits against his skimmers (3 glances = shaken, shaken, stunned. Bah) I would have done better, but at the end of the day I made 2 silly deployment errors and I was playing against the only army that worries me. I'm quite encouraged by how it performed and I'll keep the same list for my future games.

I still haven't rolled an escalation...


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