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 Post subject: Tyranid Creation Fluff
PostPosted: Sun Mar 21, 2004 4:10 pm 
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Here's an interesting piece I found about Tyranid Creation and the Hive Mind. It postulates that the hive mind was in some way birthed when slaanesh was born into the material galaxy and the eye of terror formed. It is one of the most interesting, most philosophical pieces I have ever read about Tyranid creation.


For untold aeons, It drifted through the Void, cold and inert. It was there at the beginning, and it would be there at the end - unthinking, unchanging. It was as old as life itself. In some respects It WAS life. It existed in a place that was outside the comprehension of all creatures within the Material Universe, a place in which all material universes drifted like bubbles through a sea of Warp chaos, and yet were joined and were a part of one another. Its body, if it could be called that, was defined by the borders between the Material Universes and the Warp Space. But its body was the border, and not the spaces enclosed by it - a macroscopic 4-dimensional organism feeling both the Material Universes and the Warp wash against its flanks.

For billions of years, so as life developed in the young universes, It too developed. It saw all things, and yet none as the winds of a chaotic Warp Space shifted and altered its form. For there was nothing to see. But yet, as life evolved further, as the first sparks of intelligence began to manifest themselves, these sparks caused a ripple in the chaos of the Warp. Where there was intelligence in the Material, so the Warp was altered alongside it. And as the Intelligences developed, as Emotion began to be defined by Intelligence, so the Warp became more and more rigid.

And finally, as the concentrations of intelligence and the excesses of intelligence compacted the Warp even more, the Warp began to define itself, and from it sprung forth imitations of Emotion that Men called Chaos Gods, beings that were composed entirely on emotion, and who depended on it for survival. Inasmuch as It felt things, this sensation caused It discomfort. For as the senses of all life had become more acute, so had Its feeling of sense increased. Where the Warp was alongside a universe with Intelligence and was a parody of life and intelligence,
so was the barrier between the Warp and the Material universe rigid and inflexible, a scab on the hide of Its flanks, a stiffening of Its joints.

And then, through the excesses of one of the Races of one of the Material Universes, the membrane was punctured and the Realms of Warp and Material mixed. And as this occurred, all the Warp around the puncture froze, tearing at Its sides. And It shifted and was aware of a great pain. Thus as the Eye of Terror was created and Slaanesh stepped forth, so was It punctured and wounded, and it sought to protect itself from this, to heal Its wound. It was a part of all Life, as it defined the barrier between Life and Space, and it started to act. A part of It felt out the Wound and was made aware of the Galaxy around it. Thus, as a body might move to destroy an infected cell, so parts of it moved to cleanse the wound.

Moving along its links with all Life, parts of it began shaping that which would remove the festering sore of the intelligences. From dust clouds and planets, suns and moons, It gathered together materials which it brought together in its own imitation of life. It constructed nucleic base pairs that were compatible with all the creatures of the infected galaxy and from these built its first creatures. The nature of their biochemistry depended on their absorption of other organisms in order to reproduce and to learn. And so it released its children to protect it. The galaxy was infected, and would need to be lanced of the parasitic intelligences and all the life that could support it or develop it in the future.

But the wound had to be cleansed on both sides. The organisms it created in the Material were its physical extensions. On the other side of the wound, within the Warp, a part of It detached itself to form a mental extension, and be the guiding force. The Warp Aspect would also protect the Material Aspect from attack from within and
without the Warp.

And thus the Wound would be cleaned and healed. For without the Emotions and Intelligences of the creatures in the Material Universe, the Warp would no longer be bound together, and would again disperse.

And on a thousand worlds, the rain of death began.

Hive Fleet Fenrir
Harbinger of Ragnorok

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