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 Post subject: The Cost of War [fluff]
PostPosted: Thu Apr 28, 2005 9:30 pm 
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This is a fluff piece to place a spacehulk style marine vs nid battle into the narrative of the game. The game was played on 3 tables one for each lvl and using some of hte space hulk conventions but primarily was "tunnel" 40k with boarding action by tyranids. was huge fun but we never played another sadly...

++Commit to: Council of Lord Drakes entry 76798
++Crossfile to: Techno Magus record entry 1782987
++Input Date: 1837999.M41
+++Input Clearance: Techno Magus Melker
+++Source: Wolf Lord Grimbar
+++Transmitted: Battlebarge "Howls at Dawn" <space wolf chapter>
++Transmitter Astropath Prime Cularian
++Receiver: Astropath terminus Korbarrain
+++Thought for the Day: Faith is our Shield
+++Subject: Urgent: <REF> Capitolship "Inflagio Draco" Draco Legion
Brother Commander,
It is my grave duty to report to you that we are towing the remains of the "Inflagio Draco" to the Biomedical Research station on NewHallefuss.
Following a distress call from a fenrisian Star Trader “Dunfinnin” which had encountered the drifting ship. When we came upon the “Dunfinnin” she was under low burn with her distress beacon on. Upon boarding we determined they had picked up a Tyranid from the derelict "Inflagio Draco" unknowingly. Once the ship had been cleansed we proceeded to the reported area of your ship.
At the present time there are no known survivors. We will hand over the ship and the remains of the tyranid organisms to you control upon arrival.

May your vengeance be swift.

Wolf Lord Grimbar
++++++++++Message separator +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

++Commit to: Council of Lord Drakes entry 76469
++Crossfile to: Techno Magus record entry 1782593
++Input Date: 1782999.M41
+++Input Clearence: Apothicatiate Master Talos
+++Source: Biomedical Research station: NewHallefuss
+++Transmitted: Capitol Ship: Reaper in the Gloom
++Transmitter Astropath Prime Felnun
++Receiver: Astropath terminus Korbarrain
+++Thought for the Day: No man that died in the Emperor's service died in vain.
+++Subject: Cursory assessment of "Inflagio Draco" incident

Great Wyrm, and Council of Lord Drakes
We have received and analyzed the data from the "Inflagio Draco". Tactical reports are damaged, but the ships sensor logs indicate they were attacked and boarded by a tyranid force. The tyranid vessel emerged from warp space in extremely close proximity and "tethered" to the "Inflagio Draco" nearly instantly. It then rapidly bored through the hull and disgorged a myriad of tyranid life forms aboard. Lord Drake Nulkias seems to have chosen to face the boarders head on in the main cathedral hall. What occurs beyond this time is very uncertain but, ships recorders show the ceasing of lifesigns on 87% of marine personnel before they fail. The 2nd cohort is no more, we can find no survivors. We have begun the decontamination procedure required to remove the bodies of the fallen and perform the appropriate rituals. By your leave we will await your representative. The cause for the massive loss of life seems to be a direct assault on the reactor core of the ship. Subsequent meltdown has nearly sterilized the ship of all life. The Preafectea Caecusea variant killed by the Space Wolves is a unique creature, exhibiting traits unlike any other of its kind. It also seems immune to intense radiation at least in the short term. It also seems to have carried or protected eggs from other tyranids <unclassified type> at this time. The so called "Beast of Dunfinnin" was cleanly killed so detailed analysis will be possible. The head was severed by a chainfist wielded by Wolf Guard Sgt. Darkain. We extend our thanks to him and his noble chapter for the return of our brothers remains and partial vengeance.

Attached are the tactical reports, such that they are, and all other ships recordings for evaluation by the council. Based on sensor data we have classified the tyranid vessel "Inretire Ianuas" . The method by which this vessel is able to detect passing ships from the warp is unknown but we will forward our findings when we complete the study.
Apothcariate Master Curairus

The Great Wyrm could scarcely believe what he had read. The entire 2nd cohort had been killed while moving to support the beleaguered 3rd against the advance of Hivefleet Harbinger. Their Capitol Ship “Inflagio Draco” was gutted by a reactor overload. The Progeniod glands of all the marines had been lost due to the radiation. The only consolation was that the Spacewolf chapter had returned the ship and the bodies of his comrades to a remote research station. He had already dispatched the 1st and the 10th cohorts to the warzone. With the 4th away he could spare no more lest the homesystems be left unprotected.

Tarkus sent instructions for the bodies to be returned to Kallette for ritual internment in the Sepulcher of the Chapter. Only once before since the Horus Heresy had the chapter suffered such a terrible loss. That time as well the tyranids were the cause, if a greater bane to the imperium existed Tarkus mused, he prayed he would never know of it.

The enormity of the loss was emphasized by the fact that the artificers were hurriedly making Urns to hold the ashes of the fallen. They didn’t have enough to accomplish the task. One hundred thirty eight marines, the entire support staff of the “Inflagio Draco” and the Adeptus Mechanicus contingent. Scribes were laboring ceaselessly to record the names of the fallen on the Litany of Memory. The entire turret of the citadel was ablaze with the brands proclaiming the loss of marines in battle. The people of Kallette had never before seen such a spectacle. Many feared that the world was under attack, others that the end had finally come. The order of Dragonpriests moved among the people to ease the fears and inspire them.

Tarkus stood at the Chalice of Perdiam, it’s eternal fires mesmerizing him for a moment, and then his gaze moved to the walls of the sepulcher. More marines would be entered during this ceremony than in the last decade. Conscription would of course have to be stepped up to fill the void, he noted to the Dragonpriest attending the Hall of Flames. The old priest nodded his assent and left his leader within the sacred walls. Tarkus searched his memory for something to ease his mind. Faith, Duty they were there, but vengeance, vengeance was the path he wanted. Once he completed the liturgy he would contact Keplar, the Titans were required, waking them would take some time.

As the pods containing the remains of his brother marines began to be carried in by the drones Tarkus, master of the Draco Legion quietly stood alone. He wondered if any vengeance against the faceless tyranids would assuage the pain, deep inside he knew the answer.


Draco Legion Biomedical Research Station: NewHallefuss
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