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 Post subject: 1500 point tournament with the genestealer cult and nids!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 11:37 pm 
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So I went to a quasi doubles tournament, you played single games but your scores would be added together at the end and were given opponents team vs team.
1500 Nids-CAD, Gene Cult and CC Tyrant

HQ 1 Hive Tyrant-Wings and 2 Devourers 230
1 Hive Tyrant-Wings and 2 Devourers 230

T 12 Termagants 48
1 Mucolid 15

Genestealer Cult Formation
HQ 1 Patriarch Ghosar 115
HQ 1 Magus Orthan Trysst 65
HQ 1 Primus Vorgan Trysst 75
Elite 4 Brothers Aberrant 120
Elite 2 Purestrain Princlings 30
Troops 12 Favourer Disciples 85
Troops 16 Faithful Throng 110

Form 1 Flyrant Maw Claws + Reaper 255
10 Gargoyles 60
10 Gargoyles 60
Models 73 Total Points 1498

My team mate brought a necron list with around 24 wraiths. Between the 2 of us, we wanted to bring close combat back!

Game 1: Vs… tyranids! Nids vs Nids.
It was DOW with 3 relic type objectives. I got invisibility on both cult psykers. He had first turn. This game was a bit odd as he was a new player so he had 1 dakka flyrants, 10 gargoyles, some zoanthropes, 2 dakkafexes, a genestealer formation, some gants/dakkagaunts… a little bit of everything. The table was loaded with ruins so I deployed my gargoyles in the middle, my favoured disciples (who are like mini CC genestealers) on the left near his dakkagants and 1 dakkafex and my gants to my right to basically block his main force. I infiltrated the faithful throng (similar to guard with guns) in the middle in front of my gargoyles. I tried to seize and failed, he kept his flyrant in reserve because he was scared of my 2.

Enemy nids turn 1:
All my units were in ruins or behind others so my cover save was mostly 2+ (due to stealth/shrouding from the cult) so his dakkafex/dakkagaunts on my left only killed a few of the disciples and on my right he killed a few of my throng with his gargoyles and then assaulted me. He infiltrated his genestealers on my far right near an objective.
My nids turn 1:
Both my dakkaflyrants move up and kill 2 of his 3 single zoanthropes which puts a hole on his synapse on the left. In the middle my brothers aberrant assault his gargoyles and with my throng, mostly finish them off. On the left my disciples just move closer but still in cover and the gargoyles jump near his dakkaunits and I make them invisible.

Enemy nids turn 2:
His dakkaflyrant comes on and deals 1 wound to one of mine and restores control on the left. All his dakka on my left kills ½ my disciples and on my right his other dakkafex kills a few gaunts and his genestealers move towards one relic. In the middle I finish off his gargoyles in CC.

My nids turn 2:
My dakkaflyrants kill his last zoanthrope and 2 of his 3 warriors. My gargoyle/tyrant unit jump on his fex and dakkagants (I multi assaulted) and being invisible I kill a pile of them with few casualties. My disciples pick up the left relic and my throng pick up the middle relic while my brothers assault his last gaunt unit to tie them up in the middle while my gaunts fall behind them to hide with the cult HQ’s.

Enemy nids turn 3:
His dakkaflyrant kills a few of my disciples, his dakkafex on my right kills a few gants and his genestealers on the right pick up that relic. In the middle his gaunts continue to lose to the brothers as well as his gaunts/fex on the left lose more to my gargoyles.

My nids turn 3:
My beat stick unit (gargoyles) finish up on the left, my brothers finish up his gants in the middle, a psychic scream from the cult kills his dakkafex on the right and my dakkaflyrants kill the last warrior and a few genestealers so he drops the relic.

At this point I have the primary with 2 relics to his 0 and we are almost out of time so he concedes.

My teammate goes up against a DA army and murders them because he goes first and picks up all three relics and his opponent can’t make him drop any of them.

Game 2:
My teammate faces a marine gladius (free transports) and decides to reserve some wraiths to avoid the alpha strike but a bunch don’t come in until turn 4 and he loses.

My opponent is a inquisition and GK army. He has 12 of the insane I6 power sword death cult assassins in a land raider. A unit of 5 termies with 2 HQ’s in deep strike. A 5 man strike squad (basically tactical marines) in a rhino and then a bunch of heavy bolter servitors with an inq HQ. I win the roll to go first and am on another table with lots of ruins. He has a few servo skulls that cancel my infiltrating. This mission is H&A, 6 objectives that you can score each turn starting on turn 4. He has his rhino on my right, land raider in the middle and the heavy bolters on my left with the termies in reserve. I put my gants/gargoyles in the middle, the disciples on the left, the throng on the right and the brothers behind everything. I tried to use the 2 princes to start an inch away from his rhino for a first turn assault.

Nid turn 1:
One dakkatyrant pops a rhino and the genestealers fail to assault the guys inside. My other dakkaflyrant kills ¾ heavy bolters. The rest of my army just moves up a big with the throng/gants in front to try to absorb his assassin charge if he wants to try it. I get invis on the gargoyles again.

GK turn 1:
His termies come in but mishap and go into ongoing reserves. His 5 man squad tries to shoot at a tyrant but do zero damage, as well as his heavy bolter on the other. His land raider kills a bunch of gants and moves up but don’t come out.

Nids turn 2:
One dakkaflyrant kills his HQ/heavy bolter squad, the other kills 3/5 strike marines and the genestealers fail the assault again. The rest of my army just positions to really hide my gargoyles from his land raider and everything else is in cover.

GK turn 2:
His termies come in and he shoots down a few of the gants and the land raider gets a few more, his assassins come out and assault my throng but since they don’t have grenades and are only T3 I kill about 4 in overwatch/assault and his counter kills ½ my squad. The termies also try to do a vortex of doom on my cult psyker with invisibility but I roll all 15 of my dice and stop it.

Nids turn 3:
My dakkatyrants land on his 2 objectives and shoot down the strike squad. My invisible gargoyles assault the termies and kill 2/5 and 2 wounds on a 3 wound character, he kills a few gargoyles only in return. My disciples assault his assassins and he kills about ½ since he is at I6 now, but with weight of attacks I kill a few more.

GK turn 3:
His assassins kill my throng and psykers but my disciples finish him off and consolidate onto an objective. His termies kill a few more gargoyles but I drop another 2 and another full character. His land raider turns around and shoots my warlord hive tyrant on the ground and does 1 wound.

At this point we are close to time so I let him play his turn 4/5 with the land raider to see if he can kill my warlord for partial points and he does as I need to sit on the objective for more points. Another game with full points for me.

Game 3 we are on the top table. My buddy goes up against a brutal elder list with like 10 warp spiders, 10 scatter bikers, 3 D platforms, some Tau and an aegis. My buddy is tabled in 3 turns so it’s all up to me. My opponent is a tough necron player with the un-killable Decurion, so 3 tomb blades, a command barge, 2*5 warriors, 5 immortals, 6 wraiths, a spider, 3 scarabs and 9 destroyers. This table is a jungle so very few ruins for me… plus its kill points and he is going first and its vanguard, none of those are things I would want.

He lines up his army on his close edge to me, destroyers on the left, right and middle with wraiths between the left/middle ones and warriors/immortals/command barge between the middle/right ones with the tomb blades behind. I have my throng in front of my disciples on the right side infiltrated a bit closer in the only decent sized ruin. In the middle of my edge I have the gaunts in front in a jungle with the gargoyles behind and the brothers between those armies. I put my flyrants on my far left so it’s out of range of his entire army but in my range. I try to seize and fail.

Crons turn 1:
His tomb blades flat out to my far right near the throng. His wraiths move into the middle but stay a healthy 20ish inches away from the gargoyles. His barge and immortals move up and between them and the destroyers he kills about 4 gants and 2 of the throng since I am rocking a 2+ cover save since its turn 1 so stealth/shrouding still.

Nids turn 1:
Both dakkatyrants target his spider and deal 1 wound to it… My gargoyles become invisible (again) and I fail a 9 inch assault on his immortals. My army on the right just moves up more into the ruin. I also have FNP and shrouding on the beat stick unit.

Crons turn 2:
he shoots most of his shots at my throng trying to make a hole to assault my disciples with the barge but fail to make a big enough hole so instead he double assaults my gargoyles with the barge, wraiths and the immortals assault the throng. Even with invisibility I lost about 8 gargoyles and kill 1 wraith.

Nids turn 2:
I assault his wraiths with my gants and their cult HQ as well as the brotherhood. On the right my disciples assault his command barge. At this point my entire army is in CC. The disciples tear the barge down with 40 rending attacks (since 10 are alive) and have zealot due to the cult HQ so it gives me first blood, warlord and a kill point. My throng and his immortals trade blows. With reinforcements I kill another wraith but he kills a few gaunts, a few gargoyles and one of the brotherhood. My 2 dakkaflyrants only manage 1 more wound on the spider.

Crons turn 3:
He flats out his tomb blades to my corner for line breaker. Then he assaults in his scarabs and spider into the gargoyles/brotherhood/disciples massive assault and sends some destroyers in to help with the throng. Between invis and FNP and I get away with minimal casualties and I kill his spider, the scarabs (by doubling them out) and can’t hurt the wraiths and he kills a few more gaunts, a few more gargoyles (I am down to about 2 now) and another of the brotherhood. My throng is down to about 6 models now.

Nids turn 3:
My dakkaflyrants land so they can join the huge assault and fire at some destroyers but only deal one wound… The throng loses another 2 models and my gargoyles are down to 1 as well as the gants but I kill another wraith.

Crons turn 4:
He concentrates the tomb blades and 6 destroyers onto my warlord hive tyrant and even with cover, 3+ armour and FNP it takes exactly 4 wounds and dies… I did not expect that at all but even wounding on 5+ he got tons of wounds. My throng is down to 2 models. My last gargoyle dies as well as a brother. So at this point in a kill point game, my CC hive tyrant is alone (but full wounds), one brother left, 2 of the throng all ripe for the killing but the throng is the biggest risk.

Nids turn 4:
I put FNP on the 2 tyrants and then inspiration strikes and I make the 2 throng cultists invisible. After the CC’s are done, the 2 throng are still alive and the brotherhood has 1 wound left so I manage to not give up any kill points on turn 4 but I make his immortals run from the new hive tyrant.

At the start I have 17 kill points available and he had about 10… when we counted them up I got 5 from him and he only got 4 from me! So I win primary and all the secondary’s again.

So on the day they ended up winning overall because my friend lost 2/3 games but we came in 2nd and I came in first for overall single points. Another great showing for the cult.

So overall on the day things went as well as I could have hoped and the strategy worked well. Between invisibility, FNP, shrouding and paroxysm I was able to defend my death star unit and cripple the key enemy units so it was able to dominate every single game. However the throng worked great because there are so many with stealth and fearless so they are great in a ruin on an objective. However the disciples also did amazing because that many rending attacks, 48 on the charge at full strength and with zealot if you include the one cult HQ they will wreck things!

10000 Nids
3000 GSC
10000 Imperial Guard
5000 Eldar
5500 Marines

In that order!!!

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