Haruspex vs. 2 Rip Tides.
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Author:  DigestedFotoGuy [ Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Haruspex vs. 2 Rip Tides.

Hey everyone, I just finished an awesome King of the Hill 1v1v1. It was Tau vs. Tyranids vs. Chaos.

I ended up losing, but I had a combat where it was 1 Haruspex (with regen and Adrenal glands) vs. a unit of Riptides.

The Haruspex munched em up quite nicely. They jumped onto the hill and were quite content in sitting there, until I spore podded down the Grabby Tongue and went to work. He went down to 1 hp a few times, but regaining wounds and regen made him a giant pain in the rear.

I did end up losing the game. He brought two crisis suits in, which were objective secured. I charged, and with one wound left again, a single flamer brought him down, doh. =)

It was a great game, which was all decided on a single die roll, it was a ton of fun. Also, Haruspexes earn my love every time I play with them. =)

Give Grabby Tongues a chance. =)

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