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 Post subject: 1750pt Tyranids vs Grey Knights
PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 11:22 pm 
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After a month away from the table, I broke out my Tyranid force and got a pick-up game in against Grey Knights. Not the ideal match-up but I was desperate for a game.

The lists.

Primary Detachment: CAD
Swarmlord [warlord]

3x Mucolid Spore Cluster (1)

Pyrovore Brood (3)
Zoanthrope Brood (3) w/ Neurothrope

Sporocyst w/ 5x Venom Cannon
2x Tyrannocyte w/ 5x Barbed Strangler

Promethium Relay Pipes

Formation: Hypertoxic Node
Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, Toxin Sacs, Adrenal Glands, Reaper of Obliterax, Miasma Cannon, Electroshock Grubs
3x Venomthrope Brood (1)

I'm not familiar with GK upgrades, so this will be more model based than anything.

Primary Detachment: Nemesis Force
Librarian w/ ML3, relic that grants an additional power [warlord]
Librarian w/ ML3

2x Paladins (5) w/ 4x Halberds, 1x Hammer, 2x Psycannon, 3x Storm Bolter, Apothecary in each

standard GK troop unit (5) w/ 2x Psycannon, 3x Storm Bolter

2x Dreadknight w/ Torrent flamer, Psycannon

Culexus Assassin

We played a basic Maelstrom scenario with three Tactics cards per turn and long board edge to long board edge. He won the right to deploy first. He set up his two Dreadknights behind ruins along his long board edge, one 10" from the NW corner and the other 6" E of the longitudinal midline. He declared infiltrate for the Assassin and DS for the Paladin units, each with a Librarian, as well as DS for the standard troop.

I had a ruin terrain that straddled the longitudinal midline and was 11" from my board edge, so I set up one pipeline to the left of it at the 12" mark W of it, another E of it and a third E of the second one and 9" from my long board edge as there was a LR wreckage terrain feature in between. The Zoanthropes were set up behind this easternmost terrain feature with a Venomthrope camped 5" E of them behind a massive three-story ruin that blocked LoS from anything N of it. The Pyrovores set up along the middle pipeline with a second Venomthrope camped behind them. The Exocrine set up behind the W pipeline near the left wall of the ruin straddling the middle. The third Venomthrope was set up behind the ruins 5" ESE of the Exocrine and 4" WSW of the leftmost Pyrovore. The Flyrant was up against my long board edge behind the central ruin, as well. I declared DS for the Swarmlord in a Tyrannocyte, Toxicrene in a Tyrannocyte and three Mucolid Spores. I declared Infiltrate with the Sporocyst.

I won the roll-off and placed my Sporocyst 5" N of the Pyrovore position behind a centrally located ruin terrain in the middle of the board. He infiltrated his Assassin 18" N of my long board edge and 6" E of the short board edge so that it was 13" from where my rightmost Venomthrope was camped in the SW corner of the board and obscured from where I could see it.

I failed to steal the initiative.

All of his units arrive. He DSs one Paladin unit into the N half of the center ruin The second Paladin unit scatters so it arrives 3" N of the latitudinal midline and 10" E of the longitudinal midline. The troop unit arrives on target 7" N of my right pipeline where my Zoans are located. The right Dreadknight shunts 30" SSE so it is to the immediate right of the troop unit. The left Dreadknight shunts 30" so it's to the left of the forest in the SW corner such that the forest is between it and my Exocrine. He moves the Assassin S 6" to get LoS on the Venomthrope while shooting over a ruin wall feature.

In the Psychic Phase he gives the Assassin several Warp charges (including 1 from the right Dreadknight that's too close) and fires at the Venomthrope, doing nothing. He gets off Sanctuary on the left Dreadknight. I allow several other units to get off Force as I don't care about them and they don't have Nemesis ranged weaponry.

In Shooting, he puts 1 Wound on the Exocrine and 1 Wound on the Pyrovores. Nothing else happens.

Tactic VPs: Scores 1VP for Behind Enemy Lines

I move my right Venomthrope 6" towards the Assassin's position. The Flyrant Swoops 18" ENE towards the Assassin while still being more than 12" away from him. The Zoans shift a few inches W to get themselves farther from the Assassin but still maintain LoS on the troop and right Dreadknight. The center Venomthrope moves a few inches E to keep the Flyrant shrouded.

In the Psychic Phase I get off Psychic Leech on the right Dreadknight whose Ld is reduced by 6; -3 from SitW and -3 from being w/in range of the Assassin. I deal 8 wounds to it, of which it invul saves 4 and gives me First Blood. I fail to get off Warp Blast. The Flyrant gets off Catalyst on itself and the Zoans.

In Shooting, the Pyrovores Torrent strike the troop unit with 15 hits, of which 10 wound and reduces the unit to four models. The Exocrine fires at the left Dreadknight and is able to put 2 wounds on it. The Flyrant tries to Miasma Cannon the Assassin but it scatters right onto my Venomthrope who fortunately makes the save as it was IDing. The Sporocyst spawns three Spore Mines that line up 1" away from the troop unit. It then proceeds to fire all weapons at the troop with the Venom Cannons and manages to deal 11 wounds to it and kills two more.

In Assault, the Spore Mines charge. He kills one but the other two get in and detonate to kill the last two. The Venomthrope fails to assault the Assassin.

Tactics VPs: 1VP for Objective 3

The Assassin advanced 6" SW through cover to get passed the right Venomthrope and within 8" of the Zoans. The left Dreadknight jumped over the intervening forest to land 2" SW of the Exocrine. The Warlord Paladins advance 5" SSW to get to the latitudinal midline. The left Paladins advance 6" SW through the ruin terrain to cross the latitudinal midline and 5" W of the longitudinal midline.

In the Psychic Phase, both my Flyrant and Zoans are within 12" of the Assassin, so their Warp Charges go to him. He gets Hammerhands and Force on the Warlord Paladins, Force on the left Paladins, fails to get Force on the remaining Dreadknight, fails to get Enfeeble on the Flyrant and kills two Zoans with the Assassin's shooting attack during the Psychic Phase. The left Paladins do a Witchfire attack on the remaining Zoan that destroys it.

In Shooting, the Warlord Paladins finish off the Sporocyst. The Dreadknight gets the Exocrine down to 1 Wound. The left Paladins run 4" SW to attempt to get out of the ruin terrain.

In Assault, the Dreadknight charges the Exocrine but not before suffering 1 Wound from Overwatch. The Dreadknight quickly dispatches the Exocrine and consolidates 1" S, 2" on the left of the ruin in my deployment zone.

Tactics VPs: 2VPs (Witch Hunter, Overwhelming Firepower)

In Movement, my Toxicrene and two Mucolid Spores arrive. One Mucolid Spore scatters right on top of his Warlord Paladins and rolls a 1 on the Mishap Table to disappear. The Toxicrene Tyrannocyte arrives where the left Dreadknight had been on the other side of the Forest and the Toxicrene disembarks inside the forest SE of the Tyrannocyte position. The other Mucolid Spore arrives pinpoint where the GK Troop had been, 8" SSW of the Warlord Paladins position. The Flyrant Vector Strikes the Assassin but does nothing. The Pyrovores move 6" SE to get within flamer distance of the Assassin and increase distance from the Dreadknight. The center Venomthrope advances 6" with them. The left Venomthrope advances towards the Dreadknight.

In the Psychic Phase, no powers go off.

In Shooting, the Flyrant Miasma Cannons the Assassin and inflicts one wound. The Toxicrene shoots at the Dreadknight but does nothing. The Tyrannocyte shoots three Barbed Stranglers at the Dreadknight and two at the left Paladins. It inflicts 1 Wound on the Paladins and nothing on the Dreadknight. The Pyrovores shoot three times at the Assassin and inflict one more wound.

The right Venomthrope assaults the Assassin but fails to do anything but die. The Assassin consolidates 1" towards the Pyrovores and center Venomthrope. The left Venomthrope assaults the left Dreadknight, but it all winds up with the same outcome. The Dreadknight consolidates 2" SE towards my Pyrovores and center Venomthrope.

Tactics VPs: 2VPs (Secure Objective 3 twice)

The Dreadknight moves 9" ENE to get within 1" of the Pyrovores. The Assassin moves to within 2" of the Pyrovores on the other side and 3" from the center Venomthrope. The left Paladins move 6" SW towards the Toxicrene's position. The Warlord Paladins move 5" W to claim an objective my opponent drew.

In the Psychic Phase, he gets off Force on the left Paladins. He tries to get Enfeeble off but fails. No other powers of note. The Assassin kills the Venomthrope.

In Shooting, he targets the Toxicrene with the left Paladins, dealing 3 wounds. The Dreadknight targets the Pyrovores and deals 3 wounds, killing one and putting 1 wound on a second. The Warlord Paladins run 2" to further secure the objective.

In Assault, the Dreadknight charges the Pyrovores, who get off Wall of Death but to no effect as the Dreadknight charges in. The Assassin also charges them. The Assassin's attacks manage to deal 1 wound to the unwounded Pyrovore in base contact with it. The Dreadknight attacks and IDs both of them. The two wounds taken result in 2 failed Initiative tests to Acid Blood, one of which wounds and causes the Dreadknight to die. The two Volatile rolls both come up 4+, and enough inches to both hit the Assassin. One of them wounds and the Assassin fails, also dying. Pyrovores for the win!

Tactics VPs: 3VPs (1VP for an objective, 2VPs for destroying three units that turn)

The Swarmlord and last Mucolid Spore both arrive. I deploy them all in his deployment zone to help achieve Behind Enemy Lines, with the Swarmlord and its Tyrannocyte right on the longitudinal midline within 11" of the Warlord Paladins. The Toxicrene moves 4" SSW to get deeper in the forest to avoid getting charged by the left Paladins (I couldn't get out to get a clear attack without suffering from charging through terrain). The left Tyrannocyte moves 4" SW to also extend distance between it and the advancing left Paladins. The Flyrant glides 9" N to get to the edge of the large ruin feature in the SE corner of the board.

In the Psychic Phase no powers of note succeed.

In Shooting, the Flyrant tries to Miasma Cannon the Warlord Paladins but only manages 1 wound. The Toxicrene shoots at the left Paladins but does nothing. The left Tyrannocyte has to shoot at the left Paladins and does manage to kill one. The other Tyrannocyte shoots at the Warlord Paladins and manages to cause one wound (makes Pinning check even at -3Ld).

No assaults.

Tactics VPs: 2VPs (Secure Objective 3, Behind Enemy Lines)

In Movement, the left Paladins advance 5" towards the Toxicrene, which includes movement on the other side of the Relay Pipes on that side of the board. The Warlord Paladins advance 6" NW towards the Swarmlord.

In the Psychic Phase, the Warlord shoots at the Tyrannocyte and does 3 Wounds. The unit fails to get Force but does get off Hammerhands. The left Paladins fail to get off Force or Hammerhands. No other Powers of note.

In Shooting, the left Paladins shoot at the Toxicrene and manage to do nothing. The Warlord Paladins shoot at the Swarmlord and deal it 3 Wounds.

In Assault, the left Paladins fail to get the charge off. The Warlord Paladins succeed in charging. The Librarian Warlord declares a challenge and the Swarmlord has to accept. He only gets in one wound (rolled 1, 2, 2, 2, 4 on the To Hit rolls), but it's enough to ID the Warlord. His counterattacks succeed in killing the Swarmlord. The unit consolidates 4" S.

Tactics Cards: 1VP (Kingslayer)

In Movement, the right Tyrannocyte moves 6" W. The Toxicrene manages to move 6" SE to get out of the forest and gain a clean pathway towards the left Paladins. The left Tyrannocyte advances 2" S to get within 3" of the objective in the Forest. The Flyrant moves 8" so it's 3" W of an objective there and within 11" of the Warlord Paladins.

In the Psychic Phase, the Flyrant gets off The Horror on the Warlord Paladins, pinning them (no damage from Perils).

In Shooting, the Toxicrene manages to do nothing. The left Tyrannocyte manages to cause 1 Wound on the Paladin closest to the objective it's trying to secure. The right Tyrannocyte does nothing to the Warlord Paladins.

In Assault, the Toxicrene successfully charges the left Paladins and suffers no wounds on the way in. It attacks first, IDing two--including the Librarian--and killing two more, leaving two left in the unit. They cannot pile in enough to counter attack. The unit fails Ld and runs away 8" N. The Toxicrene consolidates 4" NW into the forest.

Tactics VPs: 4VPs (1VP for Secure Objective 3, 3VPs for Domination)

In Movement, the left two Paladin models auto-rally and advance towards the left Tyrannocyte. The warlord Paladins are Pinned.

in the Psychic Phase, he gets off Force on the Pinned Paladins and nothing else.

In Shooting, he shot at the Tyrannocyte and did nothing. The pinned Paladins did nothing against the Hive Tyrant.

The left Paladins charged the left Tyrannocyte and dealt two wounds to it. The Tyrannocyte did nothing in return.

Tactics VPs: None.

In Movement, the Toxicrene (who had the only failed IB test all game) moved 5" NNW towards the engaged left Paladins. The right Tyrannocyte moves 6" to get within 3" of an objective there. The Hive Tyrant moves 10" W to claim an objective in the central ruin.

In the Psychic Phase, I fail to get The Horror off on the Warlord Paladins again.

In Shooting, the Hive Tyrant shoots both templates at the Warlord Paladins, dealing 1 wound to one of them. The right Tyrannocytes deals 1 more to a different Paladin.

In Assault, the Toxicrene successfully charges. It goes first and IDs both of them. The Tyrannocyte and Toxicrene consolidate to keep control of the objective in the Forest.

Tactics VPs: 3VPs (Secure Objective 5, Control 3+ objectives)

Game continues.

The Warlord Paladins advance on the Flyrant's position. They fail to get off any powers. They deal 2 Wounds to the Hive Tyrant.

During Assault, the Warlord Paladins suffer 1 Wound from template Overwatch and lose one model but still succeed to charge. The Flyrant kills one more model, but the remaining Paladins finish off the Flyrant.

Tactics VPs: none.

Store was closing, so we called the game.

Grey Knights: 8VPs (7VPs + 1VP for Slay the Warlord)
Tyranids: 15VPs (12VPs + 1VP for First Blood + 1VP for Linebreaker + 1VP for Slay the Warlord)

I've had too many games against GK of late, with my last game against them just two days before using a different army. Both players used the Nemesis Force Detachment with lots of Terminators, Paladins and Dreadknights, though I have to admit I was not expecting a Culexis Assassin. That thing is ANNOYING.

Though they're given such short shrift, my Pyrovores really bailed me out this game... by dying! The Volatile and Acid Blood rules totally paid off, helping rid me of a Dreadknight and Assassin in one fell blow. They totally made up their points this game and proved to be an incredible surprise for my opponent when he discovered what they were capable of. Interesting side note: he's starting a Tyranid army and was mostly unfamiliar with my entire army. The only model he recognized was the Flyrant. He has a much better appreciation for the broader range of models in the codex now. :D

The Tyrannocytes and Toxicrene were also stellar this game. I was not aggressive with the Toxicrene due to a combination of terrain advantage and my oppoonent's need to footslog to me. He also didn't want to face it whatsoever given how potent it was against MCs, which is why he maneuvered the left Dreadknight E instead of back W towards it. Meanwhile, the upgrade to Barbed Stranglers was incredibly beneficial. I think that upgrade makes it very difficult to field basic Tyrannocytes from here on out, they were so effective.

The Sporocyst was also worthwhile. Its forward position and ability to generate a unit of Spore Mines helped ease some pressure against the rest of my force. Because I won the Infiltrate roll-off, I was able to cut off a central deployment position behind LoS blocking terrain in the middle of the board, forcing my opponent to Infiltrate the Assassin to the far E of the board. That alone was worth the points I spent on it. That the Venom Cannons also paid off was gravy.

I did benefit from a good spread of Tactics cards, so that worked in my favor. My opponent did forget to play towards objectives a couple times early on, but when asked about it later he admitted he doesn't always play towards them as he usually succeeds in securing a complete annihilation victory with his army. He has had great success with this army (17-4 counting this latest setback), so it's not like he's a complete newbie. The combination of unfamiliarity with some of my models and the greater number of units at my disposal than his proved to swing the game my way.

I also have to give huge props to the Promethium Relay Pipes. Despite the fact I didn't get too many Torrent shots off, the fact I could claim 2+ cover saves behind it coupled with the Venomthropes' Shrouded ability was massive. Only once did a cover save come up 6 and forced me to see if the pipe exploded (it didn't); really, the risk is so miniscule compared to the reward. It does limit me to fielding CADs when I would like to explore the HFD more often, but it's worth it for the ruggedness it gives my army, especially against DSing armies like GK, Blood Angels and Dark Angels.

There's really very little I would change about the army, though I did buy another Tyrannocyte kit to build another Tyrannocyte. I'll replace the Sporocyst to DS another unit. It would be a toss-up between the Zoanthropes and the Pyrovores depending on what I go up against. Against gunlines with Armor 4+ or worse I'll DS the Pyrovores. Against heavy mech I'll DS the Zoanthropes. Very flexible in that regard. I might also abandon the Hypertoxic Node to add additional units to the initial CAD. That the Toxicrene IDs on a 5+ instead of a 6+, though, is hard to remove.

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Very late reply - Thanks for the report; congrats on the unanticipated win; and yay for pyrovore success! :D

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 Post subject: Re: 1750pt Tyranids vs Grey Knights
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