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 Post subject: 1750pt Tournament Results w/ Pyrovores
PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 11:08 am 
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I participated in a tournament yesterday with a list that utilized Pyrovores and Promethium Relay Pipes. There were six participants that whittled down to three by the time the third game was supposed to start (one left after Game 1 due to illness, another left due to a separate engagement and the third had announced earlier that he would only be able to participate in two games).

This was my list:

Primary Detachment: CAD
Swarmlord (warlord)

2x Mucolid Spore Cluster (1)

Pyrovores (3)
Zoanthropes (3) w/ Neurothrope

2x Tyrannocyte

Promethium Relay Pipes

Hypertoxic Node
Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, RoO, TS, Miasma Cannon
3x Venomthropes (1)

Primary Objective: Emperor's Will
Secondary Objective: The Scouring

Cadre Fireblade
Some other guy as Warlord
2x Firewarriors (5)
Pathfinders (4)
2x Riptides
3x Sky Rays
Tiger Shark

Knowing he would bunker down and not come anywhere near me where my Pyrovore torrent could affect him, I decided to just use two of the long pipes as cover with Venomthropes behind as I was going second. I put the Swarmlord and Pyrovores in the Tyrannocytes and opted to DS the Flyrant as it was the only one that got the Psychic Scream power.

He got First Blood and wound up killing two solo Venomthropes on Turn 1. I didn't do much against him that turn aside from advance forces to put pressure. Turn 2 saw one of my Zoanthropes die as he dropped the Fireblade in my backfield to serve as a suicide distraction. He also used most of his Sky Ray missiles (6 one-time shots) trying to kill off my Maleceptor, which he finally succeeded in doing.

My Turn 2 was the big turn as every unit in reserve save one Mucolid Spore Mine arrived. I got the Flyrant just in play after scatter so it could cause wounds to both his Pathfinders and one Riptide while the Pyrovores landed on target where they lined up for plenty of shots at his Fire Warriors housing his Warlord. The Swarmlord landed in between them. When all was said and done, the Pathfinders lost one of their number and ran off the board while the Pyrovores wiped out the Warlord and his unit.

Thankfully his Tiger Shark still didn't arrive, so what he did have on the board focus fired on my Swarmlord. He got him down to one wound left but that was it as the rest of his time was spent in vain trying to kill Zoans. Turn 3 saw the last of my units arrive and I was able to put Furious Charge on the Pyrovores with the SL and each of them took out a Sky Ray apiece. The Flyrant Vector Struck one of the Riptides and the Exocrine wound up wiping it out. The Zoans reduced the last Fire Warrior unit to three models and put one wound on the Fireblade.

Then his Tiger Shark showed up. The thing is CHEESY. Super Heavy flyer with 6HP, a Destroyer Weapon and a bunch of Missile Pods underneath. It wound up shooting at my Flyrant who Jinked, but naturally he rolled a 6 on the Destroyer Damage table and vaporized it with no saves of any kind allowed. Lame. The Swarmlord also died.

This was the start of the slow downfall. I did manage to reduce the last Fire Warrior unit to one model that ran away the rest of the game and killed the Fireblade with the last Venomthrope. Through Turns 5-6 I was in position to win as I had my Emperor's Will objective and his, as well as more Scouring objectives. He played a dance with his last Riptide and Sky Ray, but it was his Tiger Shark that absolutely changed the game.

Unfortunately, we went to Turn 7, when he killed the last unit on my Emperor's Will objective and my last Zoan died from Perils (rolled a 1, had one wound left and didn't matter if I passed or failed the Ld check). At the end of the game, he had the Riptide w/ 4W remaining, a Sky Ray w/ 2HP remaining and the Tiger Shark with 3HP remaining. I had both Tyrannocytes and a Mucolid Spore left.

Primary Objective: Tau (4VP)
Secondary Objective: Tyranids (3VP)
First Blood: Tau (1VP)
Slay the Warlord: Both (1VP each)
Linebreaker: Tyranids (1VP)
Total: 6-5, Tau

Primary Objective: The Relic
Secondary Objective: Big Guns Never Tire

His list:


Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf Mount w/ Black Death, 2+ armor and Storm Shield
2x Grey Hunters (5) w/ 1x Plasma Gun in Rhinos
Long Fangs (5) w/ 4x Missile Launchers
Long Fangs (5) w/ 4x Lascannons
Terminators (5) w/ 5x Thunderhammer/Stormshield in Stormwolf
Thunderwolf Cav (3) w/ 3x BP, 3x CCW
Thunderwolf Cav (3) w/ 3x BP, 3x Stormshield
Land Speeder w/ 2x Multi Melta

I went first. Because the Relic was in the middle of the board and he's SW, I knew I would have targets coming into my Torrent arc, so I deployed the Pyrovores behind a long Pipe straight down from the Relic point. I put the other two long pieces on the board along the line to provide more 4+ cover should he steal the initiative. He spread out on the board, as well. I did kill one of his ML Long Fangs with Psychic Scream from my Flyrant.

Turn 1 I managed to immobilize one Rhino with the Exocrine but didn't do much else. He was able to get off a charge on my Maleceptor with his Warlord Thunderwolf unit but was unable to kill it. He also drove his other Rhino straight up to the Relic point in order to disembark his Grey Hunters to capture the Relic.

Turn 2 I wrecked the immobilized Rhino for First Blood after my Swarmlord arrived nearby. The other Tyrannocyte with my Zoans arrived on the other side of the board and killed one Lascannon Long Fang. The Exocrine put in one HP of damage on the other Rhino. The Toxicrene and one of my Venomthropes joint charged the Warlord unit. They killed one but the Maleceptor wound up dying. His Stormwolf showed up right next to my Swarmlord and together it and the forcefully disembarked Grey Hunters put 3 wounds on it. He then charged into it with his weaker Thunderwolf Cav, which was summarily dispatched with incredible ease by the Swarmlord. His other Grey Hunters disembarked and captured the Relic.

Turn 3 my two Mucolid Spores arrived but I forgot to place them on the board (D'oh!). The Swarmlord charged after the Grey Hunters while the Flyrant moved 12" Gliding to the East in order to deal with the other side of the board. The Swarmlord charged in and wiped them out. The Pyrovores and Zoans teamed up to reduce the Grey Hunters to one model and eliminate the Lascannon Long Fangs and took another HP from the last Rhino. I couldn't do anything against his Warlord unit while the Venomthrope died. He managed to get my Toxicrene down to one wound left while I killed one, leaving it with two models remaining. The Stormwolf went into Hover and his Terminators exited to assault my Swarmlord. Sadly I did very little against him and he killed the SL. The Land Speeder DS'd into play to shoot at my Zoans but failed to do anything.

On Turn 4 one of my Mucolid Spores mishapped but went into Ongoing Reserves while the other scattered rather badly. The Zoans Spirit Leeched the last Grey Hunter but couldn't do anything else. The Flyrant lined up to charge the Land Speeder in order to get away from the Terminators. To ensure that, the Tyrannocyte on that side of the board maneuvered to intervene. The Pyrovores managed to shoot at the Rhino and strike the rear of the Land Speeder at the same time for three hits apiece, wrecking the Rhino and taking one HP from the Land Speeder. Another Venomthrope charged into the Warlord battle, but unfortunately I was able to reduce the unit to just the Warlord. On his turn, the Warlord maneuvered 12" to claim the Relic. The Stormwolf maneuvered to shoot at my Exocrine while still Hovering. The Terminators moved and assaulted my Tyrannocyte, killing it.

On Turn 5 I maneuvered my Flyrant to the other side of the Rhino wreck and get within 6" nova range of the Warlord. Thankfully I was able to Warp Blast the Warlord, IDing him to get Slay the Warlord. The Exocrine wrecked the Stormwolf. The Pyrovores maneuvered to take over a nearby secondary objective. On his turn, his Terminators moved to take the Relic; nothing else happened.

On Turn 6 I maneuvered the Exocrine to shoot at the Terminators while the Flyrant took a gamble and moved 12" to assault the Terminators from the other side in order to force them to pile in away from the Relic. The gamble led to one Terminator dying from fire and two more dying from CC, but the Flyrant was killed and he reconsolidated into range of the Relic, which he secured on his turn. Unfortunately, the game ended.

Primary Objective:
Space Wolves (4VP)
Secondary Objective: Tyranids (3VP)
First Blood: Tyranids (1VP)
Slay the Warlord: Both (1VP each)
Linebreaker: Tyranids (1VP)
Total: 6-5, Tyranids

All in all, a good showing. In both games the TO rolled the die to see if it continued. Every time it went against my wishes. Four rolls and not a single one my way. :cry: Anyway, I was in every game and came extremely close to winning both of them. Can't complain about that. The guy who won had a gnarly Necron list with two Wraith formations and two Canoptek Spider formations. The other two lists were a Genestealer/Flyrant spam list and a Bloodthirster spam list.

The Pyrovores were all-stars. Go figure! An initial investment of 160pts (120pts for the three Pyrovores + 40pts for the Pipes) wound up serving me very, very well. I received 2+ cover saves in the first game that helped immensely (none of the 6s for cover resulted in a blacklash). The Pyrovores killed a Warlord and two units in the first game and destroyed a vehicle and seriously undermined another unit in the second. They more than made up for their points. I would also go so far as to say the Promethium Pipes are excellent on their own thanks to the ability to line up my combat models wherever I wish while still providing them cover on Turn 1, so counting the 40pts as part of their unit isn't necessary to determine if the points were recovered, especially since the Pipes prevented more units from dying early on.

If I had to change anything it would probably be to find the points to add a third Tyrannocyte. The Toxicrene did absolutely nothing in the first game because it had to march up the field and was shredded by Riptide fire before I could get close. It also didn't help all of its Run rolls were 1 or 2 for the first three turns. Putting that into a third Tyrannocyte would help deliver it faster and put out another annoyance model in his backfield.

I was very surprised to learn that that particular tournament had not experienced Tyrannocytes or Toxicrenes before. Several came by to check out those models. I did anticipate the surprise at using Pyrovores, so it was cool to see their reactions to how they performed. For their part, the Tyrannocytes did very well, too. It was also gratifying to hear others say they enjoyed playing against my list and seeing it in action. That it was competitive was a bonus. :mrgreen:

I wish I could've faced the Decurion list. Though I probably would have lost, I think I could have made it very, very interesting.

 Post subject: Re: 1750pt Tournament Results w/ Pyrovores
PostPosted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:07 am 
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Thanks for the write up Tropic. I really should get converting and try the pipeline too. :)

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