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 Post subject: Annual Big Game - 7K Tyranids/CSM-Daemons vs Eldar/BA-GK
PostPosted: Sun Dec 28, 2014 3:19 pm 
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Every year a friend of ours stationed in Hawai'i comes back for the holidays and we get in a big game. Usually it's an Apoc match, but this time we did a normal game as everyone but me had little experience with 7e rules. And as 7e allows using Lords of War and most of the formations, it was almost as good as an Apoc game could be. The board was a giant 8'x8' table.

With 3500pts apiece, I decided to field Tyranids despite the fact I have enough Daemons and CSM to create a fully Blood Brothered team. I really wanted to use all my new Tyranid models and see how they performed. To his credit, my partner was very open to this despite the penalties we would incur as a result of the Come the Apocalypse rules: no deploying w/in 12" of each other and doing the suspicious tests if our units are within 6" of one another at the start of a turn. As my force has the greater potential for mobility and infiltration, we decided to go against expectations and divided the deployment zone with CSM and Daemons in the center and Tyranids on the extreme flanks. They did the simple thing and divided their half into two sides, with Eldar on our right and BA-GK on our left. Here are the rough cuts of what we all fielded.

Swarmlord w/ Tyrant Guard (3) [warlord]
2x Termagants (10)
Tyranid Warriors (5) w/ AG, TS, LW/BS, Devs in Tyrannocyte
Hypertoxic Node w/ Flyrant, Toxicrene in Tyrannocyte, 3x Venomthropes (1)
Neural Node w/ Maleceptor, 3x Zoanthropes (3) w/ Neurothrope
Sporefield w/ 3x Mucolid Spore Clusters (1), 3x Spore Mine Clusters (6)
Deathleaper's Assassin Brood
Broodlord's Hunting Pack w/ Genestealers (9) w/ Broodlord, 2x Genestealers (8), all with TS

CSM Lord w/ Khorne Berserkers in LR [warlord]
Berserkers (10) in Rhino
2x Hellblades
Brass Scorpion
Helbrute formation (all of them DS into play)
Skulltaker w/ 20 Bloodletters
20 Bloodletters w/ Herald
Daemon Prince w/ Wings
Soul Grinder
Hellhounds (6) w/ Karanak
Hellhounds (6)

Avatar [warlord]
2x Dire Avengers (10) w/ Exarch (TL-Shuriken Catapults)
2x Wraithguard (6) w/ Wraithcannons
2x Wraithguard (6) w/ D-Scythes in Wave Serpents
2x Wraithknights w/ Wraithcannons
Redoubt w/ Icarus Quad, Battle Cannon

Dante [warlord]
LR w/ 5 BA CC Terminators
2x Tarantulas (3) w/ 2x TL-Autocannons, 1x TL-Lascannon
2x GK Assault Squad (6)
1x Sanguinary Guard (5)
Bastion w/ walls, Quad-gun and Quad-gun emplacement on ground
Librarian Dread
Furioso Dread
2x GK Terminators

We decided to have a warlord for each player, with them granting 1VP per destroyed warlord. We also did Maelstrom Mission (Cloak and Shadows), where each side acting as one force for the purposes of card draws and meeting criteria. We also modified objective placement to be 18" from any board edge and 12" from other objectives in order to engender forces colliding in to one another.

They had no infiltrators and only two units in DS reserve: Dante w/ the Sanguinary Guard and a GK Assault Squad. In contrast, our side had the following infiltrating:
3x Mucolid Spore Cluster
2x Spore Mine Cluster
1x Genestealer Brood (in a building on our side of the board)

And the following in reserve:
2x Hellblade (flyer reserve)
Genestealer Brood w/ Broodlord (Outflank/special building-ruin reserve)
Genestealer Brood (Outflank/special building-ruin reserve)
5x Lictor (DS)
Deathleaper (DS)
Toxicrene in Tyrannocyte (DS)
Tyranid Warriors (5) in Tyrannocyte (DS)
1x Spore Mine Cluster (6) (DS)
LR w/ Lord and Berserkers (Outflank)
Helbrute formation (DS)
Skulltaker w/ Bloodletters (20) (DS)
Soul Grinder (DS)

We went first and didn't do too much. We fulfilled one of our tactic cards but that was it.

On their turn, they managed to get all three of their objectives and First Blood with the destruction of the Rhino. They destroyed a Spore Mine Cluster and Mucolid Spore and they made their 4+ rolls to enter Ongoing Reserve. The GK player teleported one unit into our backfield to attempt swiping an objective but scattered off the mark.

T/C-D: 1
E/B-G: 4

I got in all of my reserves except one Lictor. My partner got in all but his Outflanking LR, Skulltaker and the Hellhounds w/o Karanak. Because the Eldar player didn't realize that his Redoubt counted as a building, I was able to get my Broodlord into the building with the special Broodlord's Hunting Pack reserve rule and take over the Icarus Quad-Gun so it couldn't fire Interceptor shots at any of my partner's Swooping/Flying models. The other Genestealers went into an empty building in the backfield immediately behind the Redoubt, as well. I deployed the Toxicrene nearby them, as well, to saturate the Eldar area. The Helbrutes entered for rear shots on Wave Serpents and get in range of assaulting the Bastion. My Flyrant killed all but one of the teleporting models as my partner pressed forward up the middle, assaulting the disembarked Termies that failed their charge against his Bloodletters. We managed to secure two more tactics objectives. The Brass Scorpion assaulted the Librarian and destroyed it. The Tyranid Warriors destroyed a GK unit manning the Quad-Gun emplacement.

On their turn, Dante's unit arrived from reserve and went after the lower right quadrant of our board half to put pressure on us there. They leveled all kinds of shots on the Brass Scorpion, getting it down to 5HP left. The Eldar player also did Mind War on the Toxicrene for 3 wounds, then finished it off with Shuriken Catapult fire. One unit of Zoanthropes were completely eliminated by Wraithcannon fire and another Wraithknight got in a charge on the Maleceptor. They accomplished 1 Tactical objective. They finished off one Spore Mine Cluster and it made its 4+ roll to come back. They also took out the Mawloc that badly missed its entry point and wound up right in front of the Dark Reapers on the Redoubt.

T/C-D: 3
E/B-G: 5

My Lictor still didn't arrive and my partner's LR also failed to come in, though Skulltaker and the Hellhounds did show up. The Soul Grinder and Swarmlord w/ Tyrant Guard both failed their 6" suspicious roll and couldn't do anything for the turn. The Genestealers erupted from their respective buildings. The Broodlord unit charged the Eldrad w/ Dark Reapers, reducing them to Eldrad (in a challenge w/ the Broodlord) and the Dark Reaper Exarch. The other Genestealers charged the Dire Avengers that finished off the Toxicrene. They took out 4 of them and failed to sweep them off the table. A Venomthrope charged into the Wraithknight engaged with the Maleceptor on a whim and wound up inflicting an ID wound that the Wraithknight failed to save. My partner's Bersekers from the Rhino charged into the LR and took it out with the Powerfist. One of the Helbrutes charged the Bastion and collapsed the building. And the Brass Scorpion charged the other Wraithknight and took it out. All in all, a very good round made better when we met three Tactics objectives, including two d3 objectives that yielded a bonus 3VPs for us. My Flyrant tried to take out models from Dante's unit but couldn't muster any damage.

Their reserve roll failed. The fleeing Dire Avengers made their rally check and summarily took out the Genestealers that assaulted them. Dante's unit charged the Hellhounds that just arrived. The Wraithguard w/ D-cannons finally destroyed the Brass Scorpion whose explosion didn't cause all that much damage to anything. The Wraithguard in the Wave Serpents disembarked and managed to level a bunch of damage on two of the Helbrutes, destroying one. They also destroyed one of the Hellblades. They got one Tactical objective.

T/C-D: 9
E/B-G: 6

The Lictor arrived on an objective we needed to claim. The LR came onto the wrong half of the board to go after any of their Warlords on the other side of the board. Not much else happened of note, though we did claim one more Tactical Objective.

As this was the last turn due to time, they did some things and managed to get 1VP from tactical objectives.

T/C-D: 11 (w/ Linebreaker)
E/B-G: 7

It started slow, but one thing that definitely came out of this game was that we operated our forces in a way that accentuated our separate strengths and covered our weaknesses. With the CSM/Daemons taking care of the middle with all their improved armor and invul saves while the Tyranids framed the board on all sides with improved DSing (Lictors and Tyrannocytes), surprise deployments into buildings (Broodlord's Hunting Pack) and poisoned attacks against high T models, they really had no presence on our half of the board. While the Eldar player had the firepower handled to properly support his SM teammate, their choice to just take sides of the board and focus on their halves really undercut their strengths.

Lessons learned:
  • I badly miscalculated where to drop my Toxicrene. He wasn't in a position to charge the Wraithknights, was caught in the backfield and became a total waste of points as a result. Bad, bad decision on my point, especially as that particular corner already had the two Genestealer units in buildings. As it turned out, those two units handled everything just fine without the Toxicrene, further demonstrating how foolish I was to attempt it.
  • I should've put a unit of Zoanthropes in the Tyrannocyte instead of the Tyranid Warriors. They would've been better served as backfield minders, though I may have put them on the wrong half of of the board. Perhaps normal reserve would've been better as I could've seen where they were focusing while staying out of my partner's way.
  • Teaming up as Come the Apocalypse isn't as rough as you'd think. Sure, there's a 12" no-man's land between it and the rest, but you can accomplish quite a bit if you are mindful of the 6" rule.
  • Speaking of the 6" rule, we wound up making a combined 12-15 rolls for units to see if they were too suspicious of one another to do anything. In all those rolls, only two failed. Granted, it was the two that were quite critical, but all in all it didn't hurt too badly. Some improved communication would've helped, though the Soul Grinder arrival scattered badly to force the conflict. Not to mention my Swarmlord failed its charge on the Razorback to keep them within 6" of each other. Still, if you ever wondered about allying something with Tyranids to handle one side of the board you shouldn't feel too restricted by it.
  • Once again, the Hypertoxic Node rule paid off in spades. IDing the Wraithknight with a Venomthrope attack was a surprising bonus. Very cool.
  • I've now played two games with the Sporefield. The first game I played had very few units go into Ongoing Reserves while this game was quite the opposite. In both, however, the enemy expended energy to go after them, which was energy not directed to the rest of my army. As they don't grant First Blood, very useful... and very distracting!
  • I really like the Broodlord's Hunting Pack in large games where Fortifications are more likely to be fielded. I also forgot to pick the unit of the Broodlord's ire, so that's something to remember for all of you aiming to use it.

 Post subject: Re: Annual Big Game - 7K Tyranids/CSM-Daemons vs Eldar/BA-GK
PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:07 am 
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Really good report Tropic - you've got me all fired up for another big team game. :D

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