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 Post subject: 1500 pts vs. Iron Hands
PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:05 pm 
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I finally got my first game in with the new codex last night. It wasn't a complete game, but I think I learned a lot for going forward. The player was a very new player and I think learned a lot from the game as well.

Tyranids 1500
-LW/BS -Norn Crown
2 Tyrant Guard

3 Zoanthropes

30 Termagaunts
30 Termagaunts
30 Hormagaunts
-Regen -Cluster Spines

Tyrannofex with Acid Spray

Iron Hands (I think)
HQ- ??? (Never came up)

Siege Dreadnought in drop pod
Terminators (never came in, have no idea about equipment or numbers)

5 Scouts with sniper rifles
5 Scouts with sniper rifles
5 Marines with ML in drop pod

3 Devastator Centurions with heavy bolters
Demolisher with techmarine
Storm Raven (I think)

The deployment was the 12" straight ahead with objectives as the mission, four markers, two on each side. Also, we were in a bit of a hurry as the store was closing in a couple hours and both of us had things we needed to do right after or just before.

He chose to deploy and go first, placing his scouts on upper floors of ruins, his demolisher in the middle of the board, and his centurions on the level below one of the scout squads. His HQ was on the ground below them, but didn't do anything. I spread out on my side of the board with my squad of hormagaunts on my far left, my hive tyrant next to them. Next was a squad of termagaunts, then my zoanthopes running behind my Tyrannofex. My other squad of termagaunts positioned themselves on the other side of a ruin next to my Exocrine with my Tervigon holding my right flank.

Powers: Warlord got the feel no pain after the first wound, Hive Tyrant rolled Paroxysm and Onslaught, Zoanthropes rolled Catalyst and took Warp Blast, Tervigon got Onslaught as well. I have no idea what his warlord trait was. I failed to seize.

Turn 1:
He drops in his dread, and does a bunch of wounds to the middle gaunt squad next to the tyrant with the demolisher cannon and the template from the drop pod. His centurions fire at the tyrannofex to no effect. One squad of scouts tries to wound the hive tyrant, but fails to wound. His other squad plinks a wound on the Zoanthropes.

I surge forward with everything. I cast onslaught on the two shooting monstrous creatures. The Exocrine shoots at the Centurions with the blast template and scatters off. The T-fex roasts four scouts from one squad.

Turn 2:
His Storm Raven shows up, everything else stands still. His entire army opens up on the T-fex and puts five of the six wounds on it. Something puts a wound on a different zoanthrope. I surge forward with everything again. My exocrine puts two wounds on his Centurions, the zoanthropes blow up the drop pod as they don't have line of sight to the dread. (I was more afraid of it than the drop pod.) The T-fex charges the demolisher and wrecks it.

Turn 3: The tac marines drop in behind my lines and punk a couple hormagaunts. Half his army tries to strip the last wound off my T-fex, before his techmarine uses his plasma pistol to kill it. The depleted squad of termagaunts is reduced to two models. The dread assaults the Zoanthropes, kills one. Knowing this is the last turn, I finally birth gaunts with my tervigon and stay near the objective. I also move my two gaunt unit up to hold the objective in the center of the board. My exocrine charges into the combat with the dread and strips two hull points. We then end the game as he has to go.

Lessons learned:
1. Tyrannofex is still a beast, particularly with regen.
2. Mass squads of gaunts in synapse are hard to remove.
3. Remember that your Tyrant can use two powers a turn. And Zoanthropes can't use warpblast if they use their other power.
4. Onslaught is scary. The ability to run, then shoot is nasty on a TMC. Or on zoanthropes. Or an just about anything in the army with a gun...
5. Tyranids can get across the table fast still. Speed hordes may be a viable army type again.

I've also got some changes I'm thinking about making to the list, but I will post those another time.

Graf Spee

A good plan executed violently now is better than a perfect plan next week. -George Patton

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