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 Post subject: League game 6: Vs. Tau again!
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2013 4:32 pm 
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League Game 6:
Vs. Tau.

My Standard list
Hive Tyrant with Wings and TL devourer*2-Warlord
Hive Tyrant with Wings and TL devourer*2, Hive Commander (makes reserves come in on 2+ not 3+)

Doom in Pod
2*2 Hive Guard

10 Termagants
1 Tervigon with TS, AG and the FNP power

Trygon with Poison

This is the first game I didn’t get my opponents list so from memory I might not be 100%.

Commander who got the no scatter DS ability. Had plasma gun, missiles and airburst.

1 riptide with interceptor and 2 shield drones

15 Kroot with a shaper + sniper rifles
15 Kroot with a shaper + sniper rifles
10 firewarriors in a devilfish (disruption pods)
10 firewarriors in a devilfish (disruption pods)

10 Pathfinders

Hammerhead with railgun and submunition rounds
Hammerhead with railgun and submunition rounds

We were doing H&A and the relic. I got iron arm and enfeeble on my warlord tyrant and warp speed/haemorage on the other. We rolled and I got to pick sides, it was night fighting and I won the roll to go first.

I set up my tervigon 12 inches away from the relic, 1 hive tyrant and 1 hive guard group on either side. He had kroot in the middle and on the left (both infiltrated to be only 18 inches away), pathfinders on the right in a ruin, 2 devilfish in the middle at the back, one hammerhead on each side and his riptide on the right. He failed to steal the initiative.

My turn 1:
Spawn 7 gaunt and get doubles! So no more, they start 6 away move 6 and pick up the relic I pass it back one guy. I flew my warlord (who had T9) right near his middle kroot and the other (who had FNP) could get in behind it. Unloaded everything on the pathfinders but only killed about 5. Hive guard glanced one HH once only, others whiffed. Gaunts fired and killed like 3 kroot and everything held. Not a great first turn but I had the relic. I also had a T9 warlord hive tyrant right in his face with another as backup.

Tau turn 1: The kroot on the left have to move more into the middle to get LOS on the T9 tyrant. Not much else moves. The first Devilfish shoots at the T9 tyrant… can’t even hurt it but grounds it. Then between his pathfinders marking it and his entire army with like 27ish snipers he does all 4 wounds to it and gets first blood and warlord. Sounds crazy but I flew him in the middle expecting that would happen because it meant he had nothing to shoot at the relic squad. He jumps the riptide right into the middle near tons of gaunts, my 2nd tyrant, everything. He wants to be able to get the relic squad into CC next turn I think so they can’t run away.

Nid Turn 2: Mawloc comes in and missed the riptide, trygon comes down in front of the riptide to block it, doom lands behind his army within range of his pathfinders and 1 kroot squad. The ripdetide intercepts with a S8 large blast on doom and its pod but he makes his 3++. Gaunts give the relic to the tervigon. Hive tyrant rolls a 6 on warp speed so has I8 and 7 attacks, 8 on charge! With that many attacks I decide to go after the riptide and jump right beside it. Hive guard on the left only manage 1 pen on the HH, it has 1 hull point left, ones on the right only manage to glance the other one, so its has 2 left. Doom kills 2 more pathfinders and a few kroot so is up to 9 wounds. I reminded him that the dooms power works in his turn as well as mine. Trygon, pod and some gaunts combine to take the middle kroot squad down to one. Hive tyrant shoots the riptide but only kills one drone, then I assault in and do it 2 wounds, they fail to wound me back, he makes his leadership.

Tau turn 2: His leader DS’s in behind the tervigon, his pathfinders mark it and between his leader a railgun and the lone kroot, only do 1 wound to it, bad rolling from him. His other rail gun tries to kill the doom but misses. He uploads all his 20 firewarriors within 6 inches of doom (even after I reminded him), doom kills like 6 of those and is at 10, both devilfish and all the firewarriors fire at the doom bout only take it to 8 wounds. His full kroot sniper squad fires everything at the trygon but fails to do a wound, more bad rolling on his behalf. The hive tyrant still with 7 attacks kills a drone and 2 wounds to the riptide that deals one back to me but then I overrun him.

Nid turn 3:
My trygon and hive tyrant massacre his kroot, my left hive guard again only get one glance but that kills the other hammerhead. Everything else basically whiffs but I kill a few more fire warriors. I charge his leader with 7 gaunts to tie him up till help can arrive.

Tau turn 3:
He kills a few of my original gaunts squad and is still in CC with my new gaunt squad that are down to 3 now. He spreads out his vehicles to get some shots on the tervigon but again fails to do a wound, FNP blocks 1 railgun.

Nid turn 4: My hive guard finally immobilize his right hammerhead. My mawloc destroys a devilfish. Doom cripple a fire warrior squad that runs off the table and the pod kills another pathfinder who start to run. My hive tyrant kills his other devilfish. Then I might have made a mistake, I charged in the last 7 guants vs his leader instead of the tervigon… I wanted to make sure enough bodies were in so he didn’t get away but I should have used the MC…

He was now surrounded by guants and I am unable to even wound him with his T4 and 2+ save and he can’t kill me fast enough for me to get the hivetyrant into CC.

The game ends after 5 turns and all he has left is a commander in CC with 8ish guants and his back to a ruin.

I had the relic and linebreaker and he has first blood, linebreaker and warlord kill so I win 4-3. Regular victory when it should have been a crushing, oh well. :)

4 crushing and 2 regular victories so far which means I am sure I will be in the top 8 and play the elimination rounds. :)

10000 Nids
3000 GSC
10000 Imperial Guard
5000 Eldar
5500 Marines

In that order!!!

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