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 Post subject: 2,000 Points of Tyranids vs Imperial Guard
PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:48 pm 
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HQ: Tervigon (AG, TS, Catalyst)
Troops: Termagaunts x 10, Termagaunts x 10, Tervigon (AG, TS, Catalyst), Tervigon (AG, TS, Catalyst), Hormagaunts (AG, TS) x 18, Hormagaunts (AG, TS) x 18
Fast: Gargoyles (AG, TS) x 10, Gargoyles (AG, TS) x 10, Gargoyles (AG, TS) x 10
Heavy: Tyrannofex (RC), Tyrannofex (RC), Tyrannofex (RC) (Yes, Really!)


Command Squad in Chimera
Troops: Platoon Squad (Flamer x3, Vox), Shock Troops (Flamer, Vox) x 4, Veterans x2, Chimera x2, Lascannon HWTeams x6 (two squads of 3 each)
Fast: Valkyrie (MultiLaser, Multiple Rocket Pods), Valkyrie (MultiLaser, Multiple Rocket Pods)
Heavy: Leman Russ (Battle Cannon), Leman Russ (Battle Cannon) x 2, Leman Russ (Demolisher) x 2

Spearhead, Annihilation.

Nids Turn One:
Amazing! The Tyrannofexes shots land and wrecks one Demolisher Leman Russ, and destroys the Demolisher Cannon of the other! The squadron of Battle Cannon Russes are both Shaken! Termagaunts move up, Hormagaunts behind. Gargoyles move to the flanks. Two Tervigons spawn and BOTH roll doubles!! The third sits pretty. All three give Catalyst to Hormagaunts and Gargoyles.

IG Turn One:
Nearly nothing happens. For orders, Box Cars is rolled!! Few Guardsmen move forward.

Nids Turn Two:
Everything moves up, Dice turn against the swarm. Everything misses or does nothing!

IG Turn Two:
Reinforcements do NOT show up. Battle Cannons cause wounds on one Tervigon. Lascannon teams blast a Tyrannofex for three wounds.

Nids Turn Three:
Two Leman Russes are Shaken by Tyrannofexes. Close Combat! Many IG Footsloggers are tied up or killed in Close Combat by mere Termagaunts with Big Mommas behind offering their Adrenal Gland and Toxin Sac abilities, but NOT engaging in combat. Hormagaunts tear thru Guardsmen like a hot scything talon thru butter.

IG Turn Three:
Both Valkyries show up, and trash Gaunts and Gargoyles with their Multiple Rocket Pods. Many Guardsmen die in close combat.

Nids Turn Four:
One Valkyrie goes down by a Tyrannofex's Rupture Cannon. Another is wrecked by Hormagaunts! The IG Player about pooped when he found out Scything Talons work against vehicles!

IG Turn Four:
One Tervigon is killed. Backlash kills some Termagaunts. Battle Cannons turn some Gaunts into Biomass.

Nids and IG Turn Five:
By this time, not much is alive on either side. Not much happens.

Nids and IG Turn Six:
Game continues. Not much happens as there is not much left. Game ends with the IG having both HWTeams, one Chimera, all three Leman Russes (two squadrons) still moving. Nids have all three Tyrannofexes, one Tervigon, and one Termagaunt squad remaining. We never bothered counting the Kill Points, as it was a grueling four-hour game. An excellent battle between two good players. We decided that the game would be considered a LOSS for BOTH armies, as the loss of life, and vehicles would be a huge setback for both sides.

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 Post subject: Re: 2,000 Points of Tyranids vs Imperial Guard
PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:24 pm 
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Nice pithy write up Mystery. I sounds like you both came prepared for each other.

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