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 Post subject: tag team succsess.
PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:41 am 
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this past saturday I was involved with a 2k team tournement at my local store. My appearance was a last minute as was my partner. we never met eachother before then and had no pre planning other the 1 hour before the start. he was going to play a IG support army i was going to play Dark eldar verssatile. but we noticed last minute that our other armies (my nids and his space marines) have the same color scheme. so we decided to through a list together and explain what the purposes was. only a 3 round tourney but was still fun.
game 1- us VS tau and NiDs, a rather even game as it ended in a minor victory for us.
game 2- us vs an all terminator army. (2 paladin squads and 3 storm sheilds and hammers i beleive)
objective game was a draw do to the lack of time. or we would have tabled them next turn.
game 3-us vs IG and chaos marine, i actualy felt bad playing these guys as they argued with eachother more then anything else and worse of all they decided to park all vehicles in a single corner with the squishy units in behind so no one could out flank. need less to say my partner played a very effective can opener as my tervigon and gaunts had a feild day with he vulnerable IG 8-4 our major victory.

ill try to get a copy of my partners list but as for what i played

hq-tervigon:catalyst, cluster spines, TS, AG, talons,

elite-DOM;pod:venom canon

troop-tervigon:catalyst, cluster spines, TS, AG, talons,
troop-11Xdevgaunts; pod:venom cannon

using his vehicles to block LOS and i flood the feild to alow his marines to shoot. in the final results 1st and 2nd place was a tie so we got 3rd and 4th tied. rather impressive considering we only had a short time to work together,

Such beautiful name with a dark secret. Welcome to the nightmare that is HIVE FLEET LAMIA!

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