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 Post subject: 4909 word bat rep (TLDR?)
PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:12 pm 
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This is what happens when I type stuff. I finish it, look at the word count and go... OMFG

Yet another tournament done and one of my favorite ones in the end, even after my list writing woes. Hot Led is a war gaming convention held each year in Stratford, Ontario. This was an 1850 point event centered on sportsmanship. It also had list rules, as in you must fill each force slot, and not have identical unit numbers and war gear, transports excluded I think. Here is the list I went with.

== HQ ==
Hive Tyrant Brood (285 pts.)
Hive Tyrant (1) - Twin-Linked Devourer - Brainleech Worms, Twin-Linked Devourer - Brainleech Worms, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Old Adversary = 225 pts.
Tyrant Guard (1) - Scything Talons = 60 pts.
== Elites ==
Hive Guard Brood (3) = 150 pts.
Zoanthrope Brood (3) = 180 pts.
== Troops ==
Tervigon (1) - Cluster Spines, AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat, Onslaught = 210 pts.
Termagant Brood (20) - Fleshborer = 100 pts.
Hormagaunt Brood (20) - Toxin Sacs = 160 pts.
Genestealer Brood (10) = 140 pts.
== Fast Attack ==
Gargoyle Brood (20) = 120 pts.
== Heavy Support ==
Tyrannofex (1) - Rupture Cannon, Cluster Spines, Thorax Swarm - Desicctor Larvae = 265 pts.
Trygon Prime (1) - Containment Spines, Synapse Creature, Shadow In The Warp = 240 pts.
== Total ==
1850 pts.

Thing that was bugging me the most with this list was taking a T-fex. It’s so bloody expensive but I really need all the anti-tank I can get, especially long range ones. I also could not afford to put the Zoanthropes in a pod, but a friend said they are perfectly fine on foot. I also put the “run and shoot” power on my Tervigon due to not having my Zoanthopes in a pod, and also because I do have quite a few shooty units.

The Gargoyles were so I have a unit in each force slot, and they make amazing cover screens, granting troops and MC’s alike a cover save. They were always deployed right on the front lines, with most of my army right behind them.

I felt a tad uncomfortable not having the Hive Commander power, due to the flexibility of outflanking a Troop, but at the same time I would not be getting the most out of it due to having only 2 units that make use of reserve rules. I also had to walk my Trigon Prime to keep my faster units in line.

I was also uncomfortable with only 4 synapse units. In the end, they were enough, and each synapse group had 6 wounds to go through. The MC’s are all 6 wounds, including Hive Tyrant because of the one Guard. The Zoanthropes were squishier but they do have that 3 up invulnerable save.

So here I was, unsure if I would do well due to being really rusty as I have not played much these days. Then there is the fact that when you’re playing Tyranids, all your battles are very up hill.


First game was against George’s Sisters of Battle. I have never played against them before, so was a bit clueless on what they do, but he did quick explanations of what everything does. The scenario had this force field wall right down the middle of the board. You can’t move anything or shoot though it, but you can destroy notes to shut down sections of the field to be able to pass and shoot though it. Then it’s the “autodraw “ aka two objective mission, but objectives need to be placed on opposite sides of the board. The secondary mission is to kill the enemy HQ.

George won the roll of and chose me to go first. I split my army up on both sides of the board. My attack force consisting of my Tyrant, T-fex, Trigon Prime, Hormagaunts and the Gargoyle screen on one side to go after his objective. On my Objective I had my Tervigon and Termagants, with my Hive Guard and Zoanthropes close by. I Bubble wrapped my Termagaunts around my Tervigon, and extended them out to give my Hive Guard some cover too. The Tervigon was using the big bastion as cover, and the Termagants also had some barrios to hide behind too.

He deployed most of his vehicle’s to plow head long into my objective, think it was two Rhino things and a bigger looking Rhino. He is also going to outflank two of their special transport things; one had flamers, the other meltas. The flying lady, saint Celestine I think flew behind the vehicle spearhead. He place an organ shooty tank near each corner of his table edge and had sisters on foot around his objective, which was inside a ruins. He also had some walker thingy.

My turn was mostly moving my spearhead up and forgetting about the force field thingy when I declared shooting with my T-fex haha. I poop out Termagaunts with the Tevigon, and she gets doubles. The brood was a good enough size though. I cast “run and shoot” on my Hive Guard, and all they manage to do is shake up one of the transports. I warp lance the middle node of the force field with my Zoanthropes, opening up a huge enough chunk that it would no longer be a nuisance anymore.
His turn was moving his spearhead up and popping smoke, and firing both his pipe organ tanks at my T-fex. It only took two wounds I think. He shot at the Gargoyles with his sisters on foot, and took minimal casualties due to some good cover save rolls. He also forgot about his faith point system, so we made sure he remembered for the rest of the game lol.

My next turn was moving my spearhead up. The Genestealers came in on the board edge his objective was on. The Gargoyles zoomed ahead with a running Hive Tyrant and Trigon Prime, who had its eye on the approaching walker thingy. With my Genestealers after his objective, I turned my Hormagaunts towards my home objective, due to that spearhead closing in. I shot my T-fex at one organ tank, with only a “can’t shoot” and “immobilized” result. I open fire at the spearhead tanks with warplances and impaler cannons. The smoke negated a lot of the incoming fire, but I do remember blowing up one of them in this or another phase. The Genestealer assault was meh, but he couldn’t do much damage back, think it was a tied combat, can’t remember. We lost 2 or 3 models each or something.

His next turn, one of his outflanking transports came in, and got on the board edge were my Tyrant was close by. It was the melta one too! He unloaded his transports and marched towards my objective. He used most of his faith points on abilities that let him re roll ones. Again, the Gargoyles had some crazy cover saves going on when they were shot at. The outflanking melta squad only got a wound on the Tyrant and a wound on the Guard out of the 3 melta shots. The pipe organ tank that could shoot shot my T-fex. It survived with a few wounds left. The disembarked squads then shot and charged my Termagaunts, and proceeded to utterly destroy them with flaily arm guys, some hooded HQ guy, some chicks with power weapons and other sister’s lol. I might have taken a few of his models down too. The Genestealers then cause the objective holders to run right off the board, and then they consolidated right into those ruins so they were out of sight.

Next turn for me, the Gargoyles fly right up to the sisters who constantly fire upon them, and shot them and surprisingly killed quite a few!. The Hive Tyrant turns towards the outflanked threat trying to knock it off. There were only 5 models, so I decided to use 6 shots and super nerf beam on them. Think I killed one from shooting. With a giant blob of sisters marching towards my objective, I used “run and shoot” on my Zoanthropes to turn them around. Managed to get two of the three in line of sight of the sister blob and they ate two warp blasts. I Think I nailed that squad good. The spawned Termagaunts open fire on the HQ squad of many odd things, and actually killed a few. They caused enough wounds to make them run! The Hive Guard blow up another transport I think. The Trigon Prime fleets and assaults the walker, which it utterly destroys. The Gargoyles charge the sisters they shot at, and oddly, kill a few more. I can’t remember how many he got in return, but the combat was tied I think. The Tyrant charges and kills the sisters who shot it in the butt with meltas. Then it consolidates into cover, hugging the wobbly tress going SAVE ME FROM THE MELTA RHINO THINGY lol.

We only have time for one more turn, and then I feel I did a huge mistake with not charging my Termagaunts into the approaching sisters, to keep them from contesting my objective. Argh… I am mixing these last two turns up, so I am going to condense them together.

His second outflanking rhino thingy came on his objective’s board edge, and flamered the crap out of the Genstealers. They all are BBQ’d to a crisp. The HQ squad who was scared away from Termagaunt shooting rallied and went back after the objective, but they didn’t get much movement to be able to make an assault. The other sister squad with Celestine continued their march towards my objective. The pipe organ tanks kill the T-fex. The melta tank didn’t dent the Tyrant. I can’t remember if the Gargoyles made the sisters run or if the combat was tied. But in the end, my home objective was contested, his had no troops as those outflanking ladies in the special Rhino thing were elites, and we didn’t kill each other’s HQ. So it was a draw. It was a crazy good game though. Even with my tactical oops, he probably would have killed the Termagaunts and consolidated onto the objective anyhow. The unsure Hormagaunts got no action lol. We both had a great game, though, darned “autodraw” scenarios lol.


My second game was against… Shawn’s Space Wolves! I hate facing Space Wolves! I just felt I was going to get bloody annihilated. He had a Rune Priest with Jaws and Lighting, three Long Fang squads, and Thunderwolf Calvary. The Calvary I felt I could easily handle, but those Long Fangs and that bloody Jaws power had me insanely worried. He also had quite a few Marines too riding in 3 Rhinos; one of those Rhinos had the Priest.

The scenario was Blood Bowl. Primary was to get the football to your opponents table edge, secondary was kill points. If you have the ball, the unit with the ball has the Rage rule towards the opponent’s table edge. I asked beforehand how this would affect units out of synapse, and instinctive behavior gets over written by the rage rule. I won the roll of and chose to go first. I laid out my Gargoyle screen out front, and lined up the Hormagaunts behind along with the Hive Tyrant behind. I had a tall building to hide my Trigon Prime behind, and my T-fex was hiding behind the Gargoyle screen but close to the building. To the left of my Gargoyle wall was my Tervigon and Termagants, along with the Hive Guard and Zoanthropes. He deployed his Calvary right on his frontlines, with his 3 Rhinos behind. The Long Fangs took up the left, right and center left of the board, which was a building.

My first turn, I flew the Gargoyles up to the ball and took it. The Hormagaunts and Hive Tyrant ran up behind. I aimed the T-fex at the Rhino with the Priest inside, and blew it up! Think two Marines did too. I cast “Run and Shoot” on my Hive Guard, but they were out of range by an inch on the other Rhino! The Zoanthropes and Termagants run up too. I keep the Trigon Prime were it is.

His turn, the Calvary leaps ahead, the Long Fangs destroy all 3 Zoanthropes, and template missiles plaster a few Termagants. I can’t quite remember what he did with the other two Rhinos; think they moved up a bit, argh lol. The Priest shoots lighting at the Gargoyles and gets a couple. Then, the Thunderwolf Calvary charges. Goodbye Gargoyles, but I think I took one of the two little war gear wolves down out of that lol. The Calvary gets the ball, and off to my next turn.

The Genestealers don’t come in. I move my Hormagaunts and Hive Tyrant position, and move the Trigon Prime out of its hiding spot, hoping for a good fleet move to join the approaching combat. The Hive Guard, Tervigon and their Termagaunt screen move up too. Tervigon casts “feel no pain” on the Hormagaunts, and he tries to stop it something but it failed. The T-fex wrecks one rhino, the Hive Guard wreck the other. I cast “super nerf beam” on the Thunderwolves, but he blocks it. The 6 shots after do cause two wounds. The Termagants shoot into them and I can’t remember if they did anything. The Trigon just gets enough out of fleet to be in assault range. I get a little hesitant with this charge, as no retreat wounds suck with the whole, kill as many little guys to force a bunch of no retreats on the big guys… but in the end I am all OMNOMNOMNOM and charge the Hormagaunts, Hive Tyrant and Trigon in. And thus begins one hell of a long, messy and bloody close combat phase, due to me having to roll 60 dice for Hormagaunt attacks under the effect of Old Adversary. I screwed this up too because I forgot they were I5… but we made it work. I just couldn’t think and ended up counting the dice wrong and ended up putting all the dang wounds on the Wolf Lord by accident haha. We just allocated them all between the squads. I felt so bad messing so much up and I thank Shawn for being an awesome sport! After all the Hormagaunts, Hive Tyrant and Trigon Prime attacks, and the attacks back from the Thunderwolves themselves, all he had left was his wounded Wolf Lord, and I just suffered a few no retreat wound. He wound cheesed A LOT of the MC wounds off, which made angry (at the rules, not him
) which is how he managed to have a unit left alive. I failed one no retreat save on my Tyrant and Trigon though, gaaah. Feel no Pain helped a bit on the Hormagaunts, who took a lot of chainsword wounds. Shawn was just all; they applied lube and gave his Thunderwolves a hardcore anal raping. Now I keep calling Old Adversary scything talon lube now xD. The Wolf Lord is now surrounded by lubed scything talons ready to violate in the next close combat phase haha.

His next turn started with moving up his now on foot squads up to the front lines. The Long Fangs dispence the pain, though the one squad on the left was ding really bad lol. Think I lost some more Termagaunts, a Hive Guard and my T-fex took some wounds. One ten man squad charges into the combat to help the Wolf Lord who is in some deep trouble. Jaws was fired but Shadows in the Warp made him Perils. The Trigon Prime takes a huge chunk out of that assaulting squad. The Wolf Lord smacks down more Hormagaunts which get the nick name of “little pukes” for making him want to vomit on hard they raped his Calvary. The Wolf Lord goes down hard, due to nothing to cheese the MC wounds off. I can’t remember if I whipped the assaulting squad out though… I did consolidate everything after though, so maybe I did. Oh… I think maybe I was stuck in for another turn then killed them a consolidated… gaaaah now I am confusing my turns again lmao. I also remember Jaws finally hitting my Tervigon, but I rolled a two and lived haha.

Well, guess I will sum up the rest of the game then. Genestealers get on turn 5 and go after the Long Fangs on the right. The template missles from said Long Fangs only get two of them, and they get assaulted next turn. I continue to move my units up. The Termagaunts go pick the ball up and the Hive Guard and Tervigon move up along with them. With no armour to worry about, the Hive Guard and T-fex pick on the Long Fang squad in the ruins, and whittle them down to nothing. The Hormagaunts last hurrah was charging into one of the smaller on foot squads, but counter charge and bad rolls plowed the “little pukes” under. The Hive Tyrant unloads everything into a squad with little to no damage, but due to him being weak from the Thunderwolf battle, the Long Fangs and bolter fire easy kill it. Long Fangs pick off the rest of the Hive Guard. The T-fex wanted some action and moved up to unload some template hell on some Marines, but didn’t do much before it fell to intense firepower, as one Long Fang squad had lazcannons. And I wanted to vomit on what happened to the Genestealer combat with the Long Fangs… omg they just anal raped them! Counter Charge… I hate you sooo much omg. Long Fang little pukes lol. All that was left was one Hive Guard, a Tervigon and some Termagaunts. The Tervigon finally fell to Jaws, the Termagaunts got rolled over, and my only model left on the board, the Hive Guard, takes a Marine down with it.

We roll to see if the game goes on, so he can try and get the primary objective with touching down the football. It goes on a turn and he makes it half way there. It hits the final turn, he is ONE INCH AWAY from my board edge. I ended up with a Minor loss but dear lord that was a good game. He wants a rematch though because of what I did to his Thunderwolves haha. He said I played a very solid game. I marked him as my favorite opponent of the day too. We had a lot of fun and he was extremely good with my rustiness and huge mess up with organizing all those Hormagaunt attacks on his Calvary.


Final game of the day, it had to be Gray Knights. I have played against Brad and his Gray Knights a few times. This mission was all about holding multiple objectives and table quarters. There is on objective in the middle of each quarter and one in the middle. This kind of scenario is usually a cake walk with Hive Commander. With this list and no Hive Commander though, I was a little worried. Brads army also looked like it was pure troops! He had the jump infantry teleporty guys, a squad of purifiers, a large squad of Terminators, and the HQ guy with the two headed birdy, and two other squads of something but they were all different. The two units I was concerned over were the teleporty guys and Purifiers. Lots of Psycannons mixed in there too! He won the roll off and omg… did he go first or second haha man I was tired by this game, and I couldn’t even count the turns right! I was fudging stuff up bad too but he was always good on correcting me on some things, but I eventually caught some other stuff I effed up on and he let me correct it lol.

This may be a bit sketchier due to my tiredness because I honestly can’t remember who went first… think it was him… omg lol why can’t I remember! I am going to have to sum this up. We picked quarters. He bunkered up with his HQ and a squad in a building. The objective is behind said building. His Terminators will deep strike, and his 3 other squads were as close as they could get. My quarter was more open, but I did have terrain ahead that would give me some cover saves. The Gargoyles were the forward mobile cover screen again. The Hive Tyrant was right up there too with Hormagaunts behind him. I was thinking I am better off maybe just taking the Hormagaunts to the Objective next door. I parked the Termagaunts on my home objective with the Zoanthropes and Tervigon nearby. He has no armour at all, so the Hive Guard and T-fex are just going to have to combine fire on a squad. They rode up front behind the Gargoyle screen. I had the Trigon Prime nearby close to a building. The genestealers will do the outflanky.

My Gargoyles took a lot of fire, as well as my Trigon Prime, who just fell over dead from so much Psycanon and strength 5 bolter pain! I combined my Hive Guard and T-fex firepower on the Purifiers. My Tervigon poops and spawns out yet again. All 3 of my games she just craps out on the first spawn lol. All I can do is grab hold of both objectives on my side.
The pooped out Termagaunt squad jumps ahead to join my Hive Tyrant to give it some cover, as my Gargoyle screen is down to 5 models. I get the Hormagaunts over to the second table quarter and move the Zoanthropes up a bit, but not too far because Brad is pretty keen on killing my Tervigon.

His insane firepower rips holes into the Tervigon, but the psychic aftermath of her death didn’t kill off a lot of Termagaunts, just a couple from each squad.

When my Genestealers came on, I got a fleet of 6 AND managed to assault into the building his HQ and squad were hiding out in. Luckily, I didn’t lose too many of them from going last, yet I didn’t do too much damage to him, so not much happened there.

Focusing anti-tank fire on the Purifiers was starting to work well, then the Hive Tyrant dakkad everything in there too.
The jump pack guys got a taste of Warp Blasts, and I killed them all but one. That one used its super teleport to get the hell away back towards his quarter.

The Terminators came in to deal with the Genestealers, who killed off the squad and yet stayed alive, leaving the HQ left. The Terminators didn’t make the charge, leaving the Genestealers to finish the HQ off.

I was pretty crazy with the leftover Gargoyles; they finished off a weakened squad and tried to get the left over teleporty guy, but couldn’t get him. They died when I assaulted another whittled down squad.

The Hive Tyrant and the small squad of Termagaunts were holding the middle objective. The Hive Guard were dead from the shoosting and the T-fex was having fun getting close and personal with its wound on 2’s flamer and cluster spines, and then stomping on some Gray Knights who assaulted it. Shadow in the Warp kinda killed a lot of his power attempts.
When the Terminators were done with my Genestealers, they survived though ALL my dakka from Tyrant and T-fex. He would NOT fail a save. Tyrant died, Termagaunts died and T-fex was left to instinctive behavior. It still got shots on the Terminators but yet again, nothing.

The teleporty guy jumped behind the building to grab the objective back there, and the Terminators had the middle. By games end, I had my back two objectives with my Hormagaunts and Termagaunts, being baby sat by my Zoanthropes... who did no damage to the Terminators either! We both had two quarters too, so it was a tie.

This was our best game as we took heavy chunks out of each other’s armies. He had Terminators and a jump pack guy left. I had a T-fex, 3 Zoanthropes and my Termagaunts and Hormagaunts. I usually massacre him. It’s weird to say that Tyranids massacre Gray Knight’s lol.

I didn’t win anything from the Tournament, but I did win the painting contest. I entered my Soul Grinder and I was really surprised I won. There were some very well painted entries in there, some with some awesome blending! I got a little plaque as a prize.

As for my Tyranid gameplay, I usually get ties or minor losses; I don’t seem to actually WIN these days. I feel I still did well though and it was nice that it was a toned down tournament. There is no way in hell I would go to a win at all costs event full of crap. I will do a little unit break down but do note this performance is based in a more toned down environment, not the retarded over mechanized crap your used to seeing:

Hive Tyrant: It did quite well. Most would say it’s a waste to double dakka, but I had rounds I would fire both guns, and rounds were I used a power and shot one gun. The Tyrant Guard just makes it ten times more survivable too. I just can’t play Flyrants anymore as they have a rule of “I fall over dead in 1-2 turns”. Old Adversary is amazing though, just ask the Thunderwolves lol.

Hive Guard: I usually have the worst luck with that damned vehicle damage table, but this tournament I was actually blowing stuff up! They did what they are meant to do for once, and combed with the T-fex well when I had no armour to fire at. They got a squad of Long Fangs and Gray Knights working together!

Zoanthropes: I have TERRIBLE luck with these normally. I would pod them in, they would fail to do anything, and then they get assaulted. This time they were walking, and did amazing! Since there was no super heavy mechanization this tournament, they got a lot of use out of Warp Blast templates. Plus with the Tervigons “run and shoot” power, they were rather mobile. They were picked off rather fast in the Space Wolf game, but the other two games they were amazing.

Tervigon: It under performed. Spawned out one the first spawning all 3 games, though those spawned Termagants did get some good mileage. I was facing more power weapons than normal, so I was switching between the two psychic powers. “Run and shoot” was priceless in my first game. I can see it being worth running at least one Tervigon with “run and shoot” just so you have that option to close in, since our average shooting range is 12-18 inches.

Termagants: 5 point little craps, yet you can’t leave home without them. They hold objectives, can be mobile cover, and be a speed bump to hold the line. They can surprisingly do some damage too with the proper buffs haha.

Toxic Hormagaunts: First game they didn’t do anything, second game they just made those Thunderwolves cry, and third game they ended up holding the objective over the assault role. These either hit like bricks, or go splat against a wall. Since I only had one squad and they are one of my 4 troops, I couldn’t just throw them away all the time. The Gargoyles helped protect them too.

Genestealers: Yet another one of those units that do extremely well, or just fall over and die. In all 3 of my games they made it into an assault and got very lucky. 2 of those 3 games they did a lot of damage! Screw those Long Fangs lol. Due to their huge hit and miss ratio, I keep them cheap and not put Toxin Sacs on them.

Gargoyles: These may just be the MPV’s due to giving SO many of my units cover. They made up for the lack of Venomthropes in my list. If it wasn’t for these in the way of those Thunderwolves, my Hormagaunts would have not had that brutal charge opening! Since they can fly, opponents tend to target them a.s.a.p. too. The ultimate cover generator and bullet magnet!

Tyranofex: Well this overpriced fatarse impressed me. I still feel it is extremely overpriced, but playing this thing aggressively is quite fun. I did manage to hit quite a bit on armour shots too. Once the armour is out of the way, nothing is more fun than getting into range to fire all 3 of its weapons. I kind of want to make a fleshborer hive one now, just to have a crazy aggressive one lol.

Trigon Prime: I added the prime upgrade primarily for synapse. I never shot it once. It got a lot of action in the first two games, and shot to death before it could say “omnom” in the third. It replaces my Flyrant for a fast synapse choice. I had to keep those Gargoyles in line, no lurking! Still wish the upgrade was a little cheaper, but that’s the Tyranid codex for you… all those overpriced things lol.


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 Post subject: Re: 4909 word bat rep (TLDR?)
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Yes, I did read all of it and I have to say, good job. Great summaries. They gave enough information for us to understand you but not so much that we got lost. And good job on the competition as well. Sad face for the Tervigon, but happy face for the Hormagaunts.

When in doubt...more hormagaunts

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 Post subject: Re: 4909 word bat rep (TLDR?)
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It's readable? Yay xD

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this due to the length, but then I was all, what da heck lol.

Also knew I would not get best painted army due to the 4 year time gap in my models, but I got a load of good comments on my scheme. A lot of people came over and said they love my scheme and my conversions, especially the T-fex. One guy said he saw my Tyranids all the way across from the other side of the room due to their high contrast lol. When an other guy was looking at my models to vote for best painted, he had to pick up a 4 year old Genestealer to inspect, and I am all NOOOOOOOOooooOOoooo in Darth Vader style xD

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