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 Post subject: Seige of Exodus Prime: 'Nids vs. Chaos Daemons
PostPosted: Sun Feb 12, 2012 1:45 am 
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So my opponent turned out to be Chaos Daemons just as I'd expected. We rolled off to see who would pick the battle site and he won. He selected a Plains tile in my territory. That made me the defender on a field that had a few hills, a small ruin, and a scattering of other small difficult terrain pieces but what was for the most part wide open. Given that neither of us had much in the way of shooting units it was no big deal.

We used a Chaos Daemons scenario from Battle Missions with the following guidelines:

* Night Fighting all game long
* Four objectives placed on the board, no closer than 12" to another objective. Objectives are stars on the maps.
*Board is divided diagonally corner to corner into four quadrants. I had to deploy my units first. Roll 1d6 for each unit. On a die roll of 1-4 place the unit in the specific deployment zone. On a 5-6, pick the deployment zone. All Daemon units still come in with Daemon deployment rules, but have to roll the deployment zone randomizer before deepstriking. We agreed that my units already assigned to mysetic spores could come in from reserves even though the rules said "No Reserves". We also agreed that our Ork allies could come in from reserves and would enter the board edge from the random zone rolled.
*Victory conditions: Control the most objectives at the end of the battle.

Starting Points: 1100

Hive fleet Antiquitus: I recieved an additional 30% points for controlling two Manufactorum. I also purchased 100 points worth of allies due to controlling a space port.
== HQ ==
Tyranid Prime (1) - Deathspitter, Lash Whip And Bonesword, Regeneration, Fleet = 115 pts.

== Elites ==
Ymgarl Genestealer Brood (6) = 138 pts.
Zoanthrope Brood (160 pts.)
Zoanthrope (2) = 120 pts.
Mycetic Spore (1) = 40 pts.

== Troops ==
Tyranid Warrior Brood (180 pts.)
Tyranid Warrior (3) - Deathspitter, Rending Claws, AG = 135 pts.
Tyranid Warrior (1) - Barbed Strangler, Rending Claws, AG = 45 pts.
Hormagaunt Brood (17) - AG, Toxin Sacs = 170 pts.
Termagant Brood (190 pts.)
Termagant (15) - Devourer = 150 pts.
Mycetic Spore (1) = 40 pts.
Broodlord Brood (222 pts.)
Broodlord (1) - Scything Talons, AG, Toxin Sacs = 68 pts.
Genestealer (7) - Scything Talons, AG, Toxin Sacs = 154 pts.
Genestealer Brood (7) - Toxin Sacs = 119 pts.

== Total ==
1294 pts.
Allies: Ork mob with Nob and powerclaw

Chaos Daemons Army
HQ: Herald of Khorne on Chariot (Champion)
HQ: Herald of Khorne on Chariot
EL: 1x3 Bloodcrushers of Khorne
1x3 Bloodcrushers of Khorne
1x6 Flamers of Tzeench
TR: 4x7 Plaguebearers
HS: 1x Daemon Prince
1x Soulgrinder
Allies: Ork horde in Looted Wagon

[Open in new window]

Here is the battlefield with the identified deployment zones. the NW and SE corners were hills with both difficult and normal terrain. The center hill was not considered dangerous terrain due to a gradual slope.

Initial Tyranid Deployment
[Open in new window]

Since I can't control where I deploy I decided against trying to spread my units to force bad deployment for the Chaos units when they arrive. Based on my deployment rolls, I put the Ymgarls in terrain around the NW objective. I put the Broodlord and his 'stealers mostly on the north slope of the hill falsely assuming they would get cover saves. I attach my Prime (Champion) to the other 'stealers and deploy them in a piece of difficult terrain. The warriors and Hormagaunts spread out in Zone Four.

Initial Daemon Deployment
[Open in new window]

He rolls to see which half of his force will come in on turn one, then begins placing them based on die rolls. He rolls bulls eyes on all but one deepstrike and puts his tarpitting plaguebearers next to two objectives and right next to my Warriors and Hormagaunts.

Daemons Turn One
With all units deepstriking he can only shoot or run. None of the Plaguebearers move as they're right where he wants them to be. The Herald runs 4 inches. His Flamers roll for Night Fighting and easily have range on the Broodlord and Stealers. That's when I realize, and we agree as players, that they aren't in any cover whatsoever. A flurry of die rolls later and the Broodlord is left with two wounds and two escorting 'stealers.

Tyranids Turn One
[Open in new window]

I move the Prime and his 'stealers, the Broodlord and his 'stealers, and the Warriors away from the Flamers and assault the closest unit of Plaguebearers. The Hormagaunts assault the other Plaguebearrer unit with a little help from the dual assaulting Warriors. After all the claws have done their work and the Plaguebearers have rolled their Feel No Pain, the unit assaulted by Warriors and 'Stealers is gone and the unit assaulted by the Hormagaunts is down to two models. I lose only one Hormagaunt and consolidate my Prime down towards the south table edge. The Broodlord consolidates slightly to the East.

Tyranids: One Kill Point, one objective
Daemons: Zero Kill Points, two objectives

Daemons Turn Two
[Open in new window]

Rolling for Reserves and deployment zones he brings in his Soulgrinder on the far side of the broken hill/scrabble to my left flank. The Demon Prince bulls eyes on the last open objective. His second Herald comes in on his left flank. The Flamers rush forwards up to the central hill to get clear shots at my units. It's about to start getting messy.

He fires on the Broodlord with the Flamers (make their night fighting roll again) and takes down the Broodlord and the last two 'stealers with ease. The Soulgrinder makes its night fighting roll and opens up on the Prime and 'stealers with everything its got. By the time all the phlegm and vomit settles the Prime has taken two wounds and the stealers are down to two. The prince does some sort of shooting attack that completely misses the Prime and his 'stealers.

In the assault phase the warriors and Hormagaunts eliminate the last two Plaguebearers. The 'Gaunts consolidate a couple inches towards the Daemon Prince. The Warriors consolidate to screen my Champion from any additional fire and from the Soulgrinder if it charges next turn.

Tyranids Turn Two
[Open in new window]

Prior to the match I used Resource Points to build a second Power Station ensuring that all Reserve rolls would be at +2. Rolling for my three units the Zoanthrope and Orks come on board but the Hormagaunts with their Devourers don't! I get the deployment zone roll I desperately need for my Zoans and with a bullseye of my own put them about 8 inches off the side of the soulgrinder. The Orks roll a 5 and so I bring them on from the right flank table edge. They advance on the Plaguebearers and whiff all of their shooting (No surprise)

The Zoanthrope roll for their psychic tests. One passes and the second passes with double twos! He rolls his invulnurable, passes with a three, but has to roll it again, which he does rolling a second three. Now we have to roll to hit: a 4 and a six. Two hits! Two armor penetration and two damage rolls later and the Soulgrinder is a smouldering wreck.

The Hormagaunts rush the Daemon Prince and slam into assault. They're still within synapse of the warriors. 48 scything taloned, adrenal glanded, toxin saced blows later and the prince is down to only one wound! I lose no hormagaunts in return!

The Orks descend on the plaguebearers on my right flank and, thanks to Feel No Pain, manage to kill only three leaving four still holding the objective.

Tyranids: Three kill points, one objective
Daemons: One kill point, one objective

Daemons Turn Three
[Open in new window]

My opponent rolls for more reserves and is able to put a unit of Bloodcrushers within two inches of my ymgarls. He brings his orks in on my back flank but gets a bit flustered. He brings them in six inches then has the orks pile out with the looted wagon shielding them from me. He then moves them to the opposite side, shoots them, and does nothing. I don't push the issue that he shouldn't have been able to Move and Shoot. Plus he didn't check for night fighting but since no damage was done I didn't worry about it.

He moves his Flamers on the hill top, and pops off shots at the warriors, killing only one. The Daemon Prince falls to the Hormagaunts. Yay 'Gaunts! They consolidate to within an inch or so of Objective Two.

One of the Herald's joins the fight on the right flank. I manage to kill only two more plaguebearers while losing three orks. Talk about a tarpit. Clearly Objective Four is going to remain contested until the end as time is running out rapidly.

Tyranids Turn Three
[Open in new window]

With the clock running down I'm determined to get my full turn in. I don't worry about my Warriors or Prime and 'stealers, and completely forget to bring my Termagants in from Reserve. I eyeball the distance to the Flamers and figure he's out of range of the objective by at least an inch.

I Move the Zoanthrope towards the Bloodcrushers. Their Night Fighting roll ensures they can see them and so, two successful psychic tests and To Hits later and two Bloodcrushers are down to one Wound each. I rush my Ymgarls into Assault and Rend the Daemons to pieces. We decide not to worry about the Assault raging to the East.

Final Score:
Tyranids: Five Kill Points, Two Objectives
Daemons: One Kill Point, One Objective

Observations Overall it was a very tight battle. My rolls were weak at the very beginning but got better and better as the battle progressed. My opponent is a very skilled player and we both play with a high level of sportsmanship so there was a lot of laughing and only a modest amount of rules checking.

The unpredictable deployment benefited the Daemon player as he was able to put his units on top of two objectives right out of the gate. My mistake on assuming my 'stealers had cover on the hill ultimately cost me the unit. My decision to retreat away from the strength of his initial deployment and clean out my backfield kept me in the game. The fact that Daemons come in piecemeal via Deepstrike ensured that I was able to elininate two of his toughest units before they could unleash on me.

MVP: Has to be the Zoanthrope. I had my doubts as the necessity to pass a psychic test, then a ballistic test, an armor penetration, and then finally a damage chart result, is a lot to pin your hopes on, and I'd been burned horribly by them the last time I used them. But they performed admirably, destroying the Soulcrusher and softening up the Bloodcrushers. The Hormagaunts were a close second. With their mass of attacks on the charge as long as they're cleaning up opponents during thier assault phase, they are a force to be feared. Against 'gaunts I think the plaguebearers Feel No Pain and inate toughness actually worked against them in that it ensured I was finishing them off in his assault phase.

LVP: The Broodlord, but mostly due to my poor deploying. In the assault on the Plaguebearers he took out two models, but I sincerely had higher hopes for him.

All in all a great battle.

Next up, a new player in the campaign and his Tau force who replaces our Ork player who has moved on to participate in a Warmachine campaign.

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 Post subject: Re: Seige of Exodus Prime: 'Nids vs. Chaos Daemons
PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:18 am 
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Good battle and nice write up.

Go the zoanthropes!

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