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 Post subject: Tournament Report (1/21/12)
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 3:11 pm 
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Well, I showed up at my FLGS for the 1750 pt 40k tournament yesterday, mostly decided on my list. I chose to use the list I'd been playing with recently, mostly because I was used to it and didn't want to change.

My list was a deathstar of my hive tyrant, 3 tyrant guard, and a tyranid prime. I took 2 broods of two Zoanthropes, 2 of 12 genestealers, 2 of 24 hormaguants with toxin sacs, and a tyrannofex.

Round 1
My first battle was against a very nice demon player. I think it was a kill points mission with some objectives to gain extra points.

He had three named characters (Skarsnik, the Masque, and Skulltaker), two squads of bloodletters, a squad of daemonettes, a squad of bloodcrushers, and a demon prince of nurgle.

I won the roll off and told him to go first as I wanted to have something to react to on turn 1, rather than just overloading the center of the table. I then deployed in a broad curve in my table quarter and infiltrated my genestealers into the center of the table.

Turn 1 he brought in the demon prince, the blood crushers with Skulltaker, the masque and her squad of daemonettes. They moved forward.

I moved everything forward, plinked around a little with shooting, mostly killing a couple daemonettes with the zoanthropes template and putting a wound on the bloodcrushers with the tyrannofex.

Turn 2, he moved forward and brought in a squad of bloodletters on my left flank and Skarsnik behind his line. I moved everything forward again, plinked away and didn't do much in shooting, but brought my squad of hormagaunts on the right around the building in the center and moved my genestealers closer to his forces. On the left, I charged the hormagaunts into his daemonettes. I didn't realize that they were initiative 6 (or, higher than my gaunts, at least). The squad was obliterated. I think I had three models out of 24 left when I attacked back and may have killed one of his. One squad of genestealers also charged the demon prince. I think they did one wound to him before they all died. (He was rolling pretty well on invulnerable saves.)

Turn three, he moved forward again and brought the final squad of bloodletters in behind his lines. He charged his blood crushers into one squad of zoanthropes and wiped them out. On my half, I moved forward as well, templated and plinked away at the daemonettes, then hit them with Paroxysm, and charged them with my deathstar. There may have been one left as well as the masque when the fight ended. Between lash whips, paroxysm, and toughness 6 they couldn't do much. I also charged the other squad of genestealers into his bloodcrushers. They all died over a couple turns, but took most of the squad with them.

On his turn, he piled Skarsnik and the demon prince into the fight with the masque. He killed most of the remaining tyrant guard, but I did enough wounds back to only lose the last wound on my tyrant guard to fearless. He was again making an ungodly number of invulnerable saves, particularly on the masque of slaanesh. On my turn four, I plinked away at his bloodletters, but didn't do any real damage. I also moved my hormagaunts around the building, ran, and then charged into the back of the mass combat. Only elven hormagaunts got in range, but they did enough wounds to kill skarsnik, the masque finally failed her last couple wounds to the tyranid prime, and the tyrant whiffed on the demon prince. Then he failed his instability wounds and died. We had to call the game at that point because of time. I was actually kind of glad because I didn't think I could survive a charge from his bloodletters.

When we counted up victory points and kill points, I had pulled out a draw on kill points and won on victory points.

Round 2
I drew a grey knights player for my second game. He had Draigo, a librarian, a squad of ten paladins kitted out for wound allocation shenanigans, a squad of ten grey knights with the same, and three psifleman dreadnoughts. The table was a little sparse on terrain, but workable. He chose to outflank the grey khight squad and move the paladins and a dreadnought forward on scout moves. I infiltrated my genestealers out of line of sight behind buildings in the center of the table and center deployed everything else. On turn one, he shot at the zoanthropes and put one dread into hormagaunts because he was out of line of sight. I made all my saves. At that point, I had to pack up and go because my wife needed me.

I don't know how I would have done against him. I really think I would have done reasonably well, but having not played that breed of grey knights before I'm not sure. My plan was to run everything up the middle, hold the genestealers in place for a turn, then charge out with everything and hit his paladins with both squads of stealers and a squad of hormagaunts. My tyrant, guards, and prime would have held back to provide close synapse and probably charged the psiflemen. (My tyrant does nasty things to dreadnoughts.) I would have used his fear of my zoanthropes against him and walked them forward along with the tyrannofex to snipe at the dreads as well. My hope was to have the aegis dreadnought dead from shooting before I got to his line. I really think I could have piecemealed him to death and basically overwhelmed his big squads with mass numbers of basic troops. Either that, or just conceded my deployment zone to his grey knights and occupied his with my entire army, except for the remainder of troop squad to hold the objective in the center.

Overall, I'm pleased with how things went.

1. The big squad of tyrant, guard, and prime are nasty, even when I'm playing a group that still has eternal warrior on everyone.
2. Deployment. Just because my genestealers can outflank, doesn't mean they have to. I think the one mistake the grey knight player made was outflanking his squad. It made my target selection easier.
3. Attitude. I kept playing and making good decisions even when the dice didn't go my way and I made mistakes. And I didn't complain as much about the codex as I normally do. :}

1. Target selection. Know what I'm charging and whether I can beat it or not. On the other hand, charging massive numbers of hormagaunts into independent characters works really well.
2. Speed. It's hard to move hordes around in a timely manner, but I need to be better about speeding up my game. I don't like the fact that I really won my first game because we ran out of time.
3. Trust my instincts. I need to stop being so concerned about my army and my list. I've got good instincts for the game and what works and doesn't work, particularly for me. That doesn't mean I should stop experimenting, just that at times I need to trust my instincts over internet "wisdom."

A good plan executed violently now is better than a perfect plan next week. -George Patton

 Post subject: Re: Tournament Report (1/21/12)
PostPosted: Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:34 pm 
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Looks like a pretty good self-assessment. One thing in particular stands out:

- Hormagaunts into Daemonettes: as you noticed, this was doomed to failure since the daemonettes are faster and have lots of attacks. Adrenal glands for the win (you still would have lost the same number of models, but you would have taken down his entire unit in the process rather than just dying).

- Genestealers into Daemon Prince: rending is essentially worthless against Invul saves so their special talents were pretty well wasted here.

Now if table positioning had supporting reversing these two close combats...

- Genestealers vs. Daemonettes: I6 for both, roughly equivalent numbers of attacks and both have rending...however, he's wounding you on 5+, and you are wounding him on 3+. This makes for a factor of 2 difference in relative wounds inflicted as compared to hormagaunts (i.e. both horms and daemonettes wounding on 4+).

- TS Hormagaunts vs. Daemon Prince: toxic horms are the best thing in the entire codex (in my opinion) for killing enemy monstrous creatures. There is just nothing he can do against that many attacks hitting on a 4+ and wounding on a 4+. And all of his CC advantages (high WS, S, and MC close combat attacks) are completely wasted when he's hitting back against cheap numerous T3 Sv6+ models.

"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
- Edgar Allen Poe, The Masque of the Red Death

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