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 Post subject: Planetary Empires, Siege of Exodus Prime, Round Two
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:15 am 
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Planetary Empires, Round Two

Between Round One and today two of our players had to withdraw citing the inability to commit to bi-weekly play. So the armies stand at this:
Tyranids (Me)
Space Marines
Chaos Daemons
Imperial Guard

Resources. We rolled or resources before starting. I rolled poorly, and after deducting the cost of controlling seven tiles and two buildings I had only 18 resource points to play with. I could have purchased a Power Station for 10 points but got so caught up in managing the campaign that I completely forget and moved right into battle mode.

I knew that I would be up against either Space Marines, Tao, or Orks and so I had a basic core list prepped ahead of time. The dice roll for army size was 1200 points. With my two manufactorum I increased my army points by 30%. Controlling a Space Port allows a player to also utilize 10% additional base points in an Ally’s troop choices. We all agreed that Chaos and Tyranids could use their own troops since we had few if any allies. So my point total was 1680. The Tao player elected to fight me. Because he had one fewer tile than me he got a 10% bonus to his troops as well.

Knowing that the Tao had the weapons to bring down MCs I went very, very swarmy.
I had just purchased the Battle Missions book which everyone used to determine scenarios. My Tao opponent elected to attack me in my tile and per the rules we used a Tao Scenario.
The table was divided diagonally down the center. One objective marker was put back in his controlled corner, one in the very center of the board, and one exactly halfway between the two. Based on terrain placement it was put on the bottom floor of a two story ruin. Because the terrain was defined as “Plain” there was no forest terrain. We had two small ruins, a pretty decent hill, and then a scattering of low walls and one area of rough broken terrain. Per the scenario he deployed first; I could not. I would go first, but all of my units would come on from my two board edges. I could put units in reserve.

I had a brood of 3 Spore mines which I deployed in the open area to my left of his building and far enough back that I didn’t think they would drift off the board. They came down about 5 inches from the board edge.

Tao Army

My opponent made a huge tactical error electing to deploy in a relative gun line within four inches of the center line in the following arrangement, from my left flank to right:
1x3 Crisis Suits (within 4 inches of the board corner)
1 x Hammerhead
1 x Devilfish with 11 Fire Warriors embarked
2xBroadside with two shield drone, in cover behind a small ruin
O’Shavvah (his champion) with a retinue of 4xCrisis Suits
1 x Devilfish with 11 Fire Warriors embarked
1 x Hammerhead

He didn’t put anything in the building.

Tyranid Forces

== HQ ==
Tyranid Prime (1) - Deathspitter, Lash Whip And Bonesword, Regeneration = 110 pts.
== Elites ==
Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.
Ymgarl Genestealer Brood (6) = 138 pts.
Hive Guard Brood (2) = 100 pts.
== Troops ==
Tyranid Warrior Brood (4) - Deathspitter, Lash Whip And Bonesword = 200 pts.
Hormagaunt Brood (20) - AG, Toxin Sacs = 200 pts.
Termagant Brood (15) - Fleshborer = 75 pts.
Genestealer Brood (8) - Toxin Sacs = 136 pts.
Genestealer Brood (18) - Scything Talons, AG, Toxin Sacs = 396 pts.
Tervigon (1) - Cluster Spines, AG, Toxin Sacs, Cat = 195 pts.
== Fast Attack ==
Spore Mine Brood (3) = 30 pts.
== Total ==
1680 pts.

I put the Ymgarls dormant on the ground floor of the ruin holding the objective marker. I kept the smaller Genestealer brood in reserve.

Tyranids Turn One
I bring my Warriors with Prime joined on about 12 inches in from my left flank just shy of a section of trenching for cover. One Brood of Hive Guard passes through them and hugs the trench wall. To their left I bring in the blob of Hormagaunts and after their 6 inch move they’re about 2 inches from the Crisis Suits. My huge genestealer unit comes in to the right of the Warriors. To their right the second Hive Guard unit comes on and takes partial cover behind a pile of stones. Next come the Termagants, strung out in a near single line, followed by the Tervigon, who can’t Spawn or fire off Catalyst this turn.

In the Shooting phase The Hive Guard Immobilize the left most Hammerhead and strip off his main weapon. The second Hive Guard brood stuns the Devilfish next to it. The Warriors Run a measly two inches. The Genestealers Run to within one inch of the immobilized Hammerhead. Termagants and Tervigon Run five inches and six inches up to the hill which is on my side of the mid-line, center left.

Hormagaunts assault the Crisis Suits, killing two outright and stripping the third down to one wound. He kills one in return, fails leadership and is overrun. I consolidate away from the Hammerhead. Genestealers overrun the immobile Hammerhead and Rend it so many times that an explosion was inevitable. I lose four stealers to the flames.

Tao Turn One

My opponent has already realized how quickly the battle has tipped in my favor. He decides to concentrate fire on the Tervigon. O’Shavvah and his unit of Crisis Suits Move on to the hill for clearer shots, fire on her and strip three wounds. They then use their jump ability to return to their original position. The two rail funs fire and strip off a fourth. He moves his Hammerhead for a better position and puts a wound on one Hive Guard and a wound on a Warrior. He drops the other Devilfish behind the large ruin for cover.

Tyranids: 2 Kill points Tao: 0

Tyranids Turn Two

Neither reserve unit comes on board.

Tervigon spawns 13 ‘gants. Casts Catalyst on the Genestealer brood. Spawned brood crest the hill and is within charge range of O’Shavvah. Tervigon and original ‘gant brood move forward. Hormagaunts advance towards the broadsides. Genestealers move towards the Shaken Hammerhead. Warriors with Prime and both Hive Guard units advance.

Spawned Termagants Fire at O’Shavvah to no effect. Original Gants Run to the Right to get out of the way of the Tervigon which Runs up behind the spawned ‘gants to provide buffs for a charge. One Hive Guard brood immobilizes the Hammerhead. Second brood fire on O’Shavvah and put one wound on a Suit. Hormagaunts Run towards the Broadsides. Genestealers run past the immobilized Hammerhead to within charge range of O’Shavvah. Warriors Run to keep Hormagaunts within synapse.

Hormagaunts assault the Broadsides though only half the squad is able to get into the fight. The squad is still taken down to one model which fails leadership, and is overrun. I consolidate the ‘gaunts around the Hammerhead to block the exit ports.

Genestealers assault O’Shavvah and supporting squad. Two models up against one suit do enough damage to take down two of the suits to one wound each. The majority of the remaining ‘stealers pound O'Shavvah with so many rends and regular wounds that he dies to rends before even rolling the regular wounds. In the return attacks from the crisis suits I lose one stealer thanks to Catalyst. He fails leadership due to the wound difference, and with AG genestealers he’s overrun.

Tao Turn Two

Me moves his Hammerhead into position further to my right flank to get a bead on the genestealers and drops his Devilfish right into the corner on top of the back most objective.

He fires on my stealers but again thanks to Catalyst I lose only two models. At this point having lost his Champion/Commander and with the Tervigon still able to pump out at least one more brood of troops he calls it and retreats with his shattered force.

All-star unit: The 18-strong pimped out genestealers. One Hammerhead, O’Shavvah , and four crisis suits. The Hive Guard proved their mettle as well.

Poor performers: Really none.

Would have been a tougher contest if he’d deployed closer to the back corner and put some fire warriors in the building. As it was he completely forgot about the deployment angle as well as my reserved units, which I pointed out to him twice before the battle started. He also kitted out his army expecting monstrous creatures which I don’t play very often and certainly didn’t want to have against Tao.


He rolled on the “killed Champion” chart and ended up with a War Wound, reducing the model’s WS by 1. O'Shavvah lives to fight another day.

I elected to conquer his Power Station tile and successfully took it. I earned one experience point for surviving the battle and one point for causing my opponent to essentially flee the field. I still need one more experience point to earn a special ability or other such buff.

In the other battles the space marine and ork players were also victorious. So I’ll be up against Imperial Guard, Chaos Deamons, or the Tao again.

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 Post subject: Re: Planetary Empires, Siege of Exodus Prime, Round Two
PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2012 1:37 am 
Little One
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yeah, as soon as i saw the tau list i knew you had the game, even without looking at your list.

As a tau player myself, i have weighed the options of designing lists, and ive found putting too many crisis suits on the board can actually hinder. The two hammerheads can be very good depending on how he set them up, but if he is putting that many points into crisis suits, then he isnt properly supporting the rest of the army.

were it my army, i would have had some markerlight support in there, and my devilfish would have dropped off the warriors in cover and then charged at the tyranids, letting my flechettes deal with anyone trying to assault it. hammerheads would have been deployed further back and rained pieplates on your swarm while other units focus on the MCs. basic tau guns still have a good change to wound MCs, so using railguns for that becomes less useful against them.

but that aside, good job on your victory!

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