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 Post subject: Battle report :: 1500pts vs Chaos marines
PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 4:57 pm 

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One of my friends has been wanting to play against my 'nids with his Chaos marines since I started the army nearly two years ago. (Has it really been that long? I must paint some more!) We finally managed to arrange a game for today at 1500pts.

I took the following:

Hive tyrant with twin-linked devourers, lash whip, bonesword, Paroxysm, Leech Essence, Old Adversary, armoured shell, adrenal glands,
2 tyrant guard with scything talons, rending claws,

Tyranid prime with deathspitter, lash whip, bonesword, toxin sacs,

2 hive guard

1 Zoanthrope

1 Zoanthrope

19 hormagaunts

4 tyranid warriors with scything talons, toxin sacs, 3 with deathspitters, 1 with a barbed strangler,

20 termagants

Tervigon with stinger salvo, Dominion, Catalyst, toxin sacs, adrenal glands,

4 genestealers with rending claws, toxin sacs,
1 broodlord with rending claws, toxin sacs,

5 genestealers with rending claws, toxin sacs,

His army consisted of:

Demon Prince with the Mark of Tzeentch, wings and the Warp Time psychic power.

2 squads of chosen in rhinos. One of these was 5 strong with a pair of meltaguns. I didn't see what was in the other but I assume 5 dudes with melta or plasma guns.

2 squads of 10 Chaos marines in rhinos, one with a pair of flamers and one with a pair of plasma guns.

5 demons.

10 raptors with a power fist and two special weapons.

A defiler with demolisher cannon and lots of dreadnought close combat weapons.

Every unit that could was carrying an icon of Chaos Glory.

We rolled seize ground with 5 objectives and spearhead deployment. One objective was almost dead centre with one more in each quarter. First advantage to me as I had six scoring units to his three, and a tervigon to generate more. :D

He won the roll-off and opted to deploy first and take first turn. Both units of chosen outflanked. The raptors were out of sight behind his rhinos with an objective behind them. The demon prince and defiler on his right close to another objective. I strung my hormagaunts out across one objective to provide cover saves for my important units, tyrant and a zoanthrope on my left, warriors with the prime in the centre and spaced out to minimise damage from the demolisher cannon. The termagants, tervigon and second zoanthrope hid behind a rock on my right ready to advance on the objective on that side. The hive guard behind my centre, hidden by a line of sight blocking power generator (based on the one from Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back). Both genestealer units outflanked, hoping to counter his outflanking chosen. I did consider infiltrating one brood into some woods on the right but decided to maximise the chances of my reserves arriving on time and in the right location.

Turn 1 was fairly uneventful. I failed to seize the initiative, the Chaos army moved forward with the demon prince shifting to his left and the demolisher cannon's shell scattered off target to hit nothing. the two rhinos popped smoke. My army advanced too but, despite firing a warp lance, two impaler cannons and the tyrant's devourer's at a rhino failed to even make a damage roll! The other rhino was shaken by the warriors' deathspitters.

In turn 2 the summoned demons and one chosen squad arrived, the latter arriving behind my army and killing a zoanthrope with their meltaguns. The demon prince tried casting warp time but courtesy of the shadow in the warp caused a wound on himself! The demolisher cannon hit the tyrant guard and the warriors but cover saves prevented any damage. The marine squad with flamers tank shocked the hormagaunts, bunching up the left of their line, then disembarked to fire on the warriors. With some wound allocation shenanigans and good saving throws I suffered just two wounds. The other squad tank shocked the right-hand side of the hormagaunt brood (more bunching up) and fired their plasma guns out of the top hatch at the tyrant guard. They could see over the hormagaunts at this point so the tyrant and one guard each took a wound. The raptors softened up the hormagaunts with their bolt pistols then assaulted, which is where the fun began! With better initiative, two attacks each and preferred enemy from the tyrant behind them, my hormies caused nine wounds, killing three or four. Nine wounds dealt in return and average saves saw me making five no-retreat saves for five hormagaunts. Sadly one survived, denying the tyrant a chance to shoot at the raptors next turn. He'd placed the summoned demons on his left and they and the demon prince charged at my termagant brood that was sat on an objective. Spurred on by the tervigon the termagants counter-attacked and killed all the demons. Although the prince whiffed his attacks with a clutch of ones the lesser demons did enough damage before they died to win the combat leaving a handful of termagants clustered around the prince. At this point my opponent was starting to get quite exasperated, both with his less than stellar dice rolls and the sheer quantity of attacks and re-rolls I was throwing out!

My second turn began with the broodlord and his four buddies slinking onto the battlefield behind the outflanking chosen who were still high-fiving each other over their successful strike on the zoanthrope. That ended in the assault phase as you would expect, 5-0 to the 'stealers. The Tervigon spawned a brood of nine termagants who scuttled over to the wood near the demon prince, hoping to grab the objective after the monster had been dealt with. My hive guard excelled by immobilising the defiler; now I could outmanoeuvre it easily to keep clear of the demolisher cannon. The prime and his warrior brood shot the dismounted marine squad then assaulted, thinning their numbers nicely but losing a warrior in the process. The hive tyrant and his bodyguard slammed into the raptors and the champion survived. The demon prince killed a few termagants and the rest fell to no-retreat saves, leaving the tervigon dangerously exposed...

With most units locked in combat or immobilised there was very little movement in the third turn. The second chosen squad arrived in their rhino, but on the wrong side of the board. The marine squad with plasma guns dismounted and assaulted the warriors and the three empty rhinos drove around plinking away with their twin-linked bolters. The demon prince assaulted my tervigon then my opponent began the combats by picking up the one surviving raptor: "There's no point rolling the dice, he's going to die anyway." I agreed and just made the consolidate moves for my lone hormagaunt and the tyrant brood, moving the tyrant to the right to help out the warriors next turn. We then moved on the ongoing fight between the warriors and marines and I realised that I'd unintentionally brought the tyrant close enough for the Old Adversary aura to kick in! A bunch more Chaos marines died but both squads passed their morale checks. The demon prince managed to inflict four wounds on the tervigon, followed by two failed no-retreat saves. Whoops! No more termagants for me, but I had genestealers nearby.

In my third turn the second genestealer brood arrived, also on my right, and wrecked an empty rhino in assault. The tyrant brood charged into the scrum in the centre, hoping to mop up the handful of surviving marines. The broodlord led his kin towards the demon prince and, with a good run move, got close enough to launch the assault. Using hypnotic gaze to prevent the prince striking back the genestealers took another wound off him. At this point, with his last scoring models about to be hacked apart by boneswords and rending claws and the demon prince facing the prospect of not being able to attack again before the 'stealers finished him, my opponent conceded.

This was his first game against the new codex and his decision to field a close quarters army could charitably be described as brave. That aside I'm quite pleased with this army list. It's an extension of a 1000 point list I used for a league with the addition of the tyrant and second zoanthrope, and the broodlord and four friends replacing the biovores. I didn't realise the danger the tervigon was in until too late, but the prince had wings so I doubt she could have escaped anyway. This is the first time I've remembered Old Adversary and used the tyrant aggressively enough to get the benefit. I printed the tyranid psychic power cards from GW's site last night and slipped them into some spare CCG card holders. Having them on the table in front of me made it easier to remember to use the broodlord's powers and much faster to double-check when each power had to be used. I still forgot to use catalyst each turn though!

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