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 Post subject: batrep 1750 nids vs blood angels
PostPosted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 4:28 pm 
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I had a game at my local GW last night and i thought i might share the hilarious fun that both of us had!

first off, i dont remember much of what he had on his list, but we both took 'fun' lists.

he had two predators with TL assault cannons, another tank with an ordinance weapon, three assault marine squads, i think it was 2 meltas in each, and each had a priest. there were some librarians, and mephiston.

i took an all comer fun list that i have been refining

in reserves i had
10 genes with broodlord (outflank)
5 ymgarls (secret deployment)
10 gargs (deep striking)
3 skyslashers (deepstrike)

i started the board with:
Tyrant with STC & 2+ save
Tyrannofex w/ RC
10 horms
10 terms
2 hive guard
2 hive guard
old one eye.

we rolled objectives, spearhead... rolled FIVE objectives... he won first deployment, but i managed to steal the initiative!

first turn, terv spawned 12 gaunts, with doubles... out of the last 10 games, only THREE have not had doubles first turn. one squad of my hive guards popped the gun off one of his preds that took the scout move in deployment, and tfex stunned the ordinance tank. he mostly ran up, i mostly stayed back, i moved my horms out front and gave them FNP, but the assault from the troops he sent down the middle assaulted them and slaughtered them in one turn, leaving them in the open. he shot the hell out of my 10 terms i took to begin with, leaving only 5 of them.

second turn, everything except my outflanking genes came on, skyslashers get a direct hit on the roll and land directly behind the pred that lost the weapon and was now sitting inside cover to make it harder for the HG to snipe it again. Gargs mishaped, and he put them behind my lines and then shot them to death, on his turn. ymgarls woke up and tore the gun off his other predator before on his turn a squad of assault marines jumped over and cut them up. he focused fire and ended up taking out my tfex, but not before i once again stunned the ordinance tank. mephiston tries to shoot something, and rolls a 1 (gets hot) and a 1 for his armor save... takes a wound.

Turn three is where it started to get interesting.
genestealers make it in, i get to choose sides, and i deploy directly behind where his troops were by the table edge that took out my ymgarls. i completely forgot about hypnotic gaze and didnt kill the marines in the first turn, but he didnt manage to take out a single genestealer. the skyslashers assault the predator and stun it and tear off one of the side heavy bolters, but with being out of synapse, eat 2 of the 3 models on the way.

My main bulk repositioned and placed a squad of gaunts for a meat shield and used the remaining 5 gaunts from the first squad to block the side approach... OOE shuffles to take the place of where the tfex was... on his turn, mephiston flys across the board and just BARELY makes it to the tiny gap i accidentally left on the side of the tervigon, his forward marines assault the gaunt meatshield... he did the mephiston vs tervigon battle first... manages to succeed all his psychic rolls on 3d6 and instant-gibs the tervigon... and here is where my opponent starts to appologize. backlash kills the squad of 5 gaunts.. and the 3d6 wounds i rolled on the squad of 12 gaunts... i rolled all sixes... 18 wounds on the 12 gaunts from the terv dying. 4 survived, only to be slaughtered by the assault marines he was assaulting them with. mephiston consolidates into the ruined building that one of my hive guard are hiding in on the top floor. his assault marines consolidate only 2 inches and duck behind a wall they were near by.

Fourth turn, more fun.
genestealers tie combat with the assault marines on the far left, nothing happened there. OOE and my tyrant move to ethier side of the assault marines, and just to soften them up, i lay the large blast from the STC on the squad, (it barely fit between OOE and the tyrant) and rolled a direct hit, hittinh everyone in the squad, but no pinning and only one dead. OOE charges the assault marines from the left, my tyrant from the right, lash whip on the tyrant makes it so several die at his initiative, and then everyone else including OOE goes at the same time. OOE only takes one wound, and the entire squad is reduced to the librarian and priest that were in it at the end of my turn.

on his turn 4, meph flys up and slaughters the hive guard in the tower, the ordinance tank only got a cant shoot, retreats to his side of the board. his one remaining squad of assault marines starts to back towards an objective. in his assault, he loses to the genestealers and they consolidate all of one inch... OOE and my tyrant slaughter the other combat and both get a 4 for consolidate... towards the last squad of assault marines he had.

Turn 5... the beginning of the end.
genestealers have to run towads the nearest objective to have me have a chance of winning... i rolled a 1 for their run, so are left in the open. hive tyrant and OOE charge the marines and kill all but 5, who turn and run.

in his turn, his ordinance tank FINALLY gets to shoot, rolls a direct hit on my genestealers, slaughters everyone except the broodlord, who is then shot down by heavy bolter fire. his marines auto rally and get their 3 inch move... right onto an objective.

we rolled a 1 on if the game ends...

remaining tyranids... hive tyrant, OOE, 2 hive guard, and one skyslasher.
remaining blood angels... 3 tanks (2 mostly disarmed), 5 assault marines, and mephiston
1/5 objectives held

damn that was a fun bloodbath!

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