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 Post subject: League Game 6: 5 missions vs. Space Marines
PostPosted: Tue Sep 13, 2011 11:59 am 
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Yes, I did skip game 5; RL intervened. My league score was already not great, so missing a game didn't really hurt me any. I am somewhat late on this batrep (played last wednesday), and no batrep is planned for the game tomorrow (which will be a 3-game 750 point mini-RTT; I won't have time to take notes or pictures if I want to get past turn 3).

Back to the subject, game 6 was the last game of the league; the mission was...interesting...

* Roll for turn and pick sides of the board.
* Before deployment, each player places one objective anywhere on your own long board edge.
* Then, each places two objectives anywhere in your opponent's half of the board (must be more than 12" from any other objective or any board edge).
* Once all objectives placed, deploy per Pitched Battle as normal.
* Each Game Turn, on the roll of 1, the turn is played with Night Fighting. After it happens once, it does not happen again.

VICTORY CONDITIONS: there were five separate victory conditions, all assessed at the end of the game (and each worth 5 league points):
* Hold the objective on your opponent's board edge
* Hold the two objectives in your opponent's half of the board (the ones you placed)
* Hold all three of the objectives in your own half of the board
* Kill your opponent's unit that costs the most points (not counting transports; if more than one unit tied, then killing any of them awards the victory condition)
* End the game with no enemy units in your half of the board

I brought the 2000 point version of my MCs+Warriors army that I've been working through the whole league:
* Walking Tyrant w/ 2x TL Devs, armored shell
* HQ Tervigon w/ Cat
* 2x2 Hive Guard
* 1x Zoanthrope
* 4x2 Warriors w/ BnSw/LW/Dev, TS
* 3x Warriors w/ DS/ST, +BS/ST
* Harpy w/ TL HVC
* 3x Ravs w/ ST/RC
* Tyrannofex w/ acid spray
* Trygon Prime w/ AG
* "The Beast" embedded reporter

My most expensive unit (for the purpose of the 4th victory condition) was tied between the Tyrannofex and the Trygon Prime (250 pts each).

My opponent was playing Space Marines, and was fairly new to the game; he knew the rules and was a great sportsman, but the game did go somewhat long (which had an impact on the length of the game and both of our ability to do last-turn objective grabs; we learned half-way through Game Turn 4 that it would be the last turn played). He brought a good balanced SM army (i.e. only one special character):
* Chaplain Cassius
* 5x Assault Terminators w/ TH/SS in a Land Raider Redeemer
* Dreadnought w/ assault cannon, DCCW/storm bolter
* Dreadnought w/ plasma cannon, DCCW/storm bolter
* Tacticals w/ plasmagun, plasma cannon in a Rhino
* Tacticals w/ plasmagun, plasma cannon in a Rhino
* 5x Vanguard Vets w/ jump packs, 2x power weapons, 2x power fists, 1x relic blade
* Devastators w/ 2xML, 1xlascannon
* Devastators w/ 2xML, 1xlascannon
* Thunderfire cannon (his favorite)
* "The Prophet of Blood" embedded reporter (basically a Khorne Berserker IC that grants cascading attacks on 6s and Furious Charge that lasts a full Game Turn)

His most expensive unit was the Vanguard Vets.

As usual, betting is now open on how this unfolded.

"And Darkness and Decay and the Red Death held illimitable dominion over all."
- Edgar Allen Poe, The Masque of the Red Death

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