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 Post subject: 2200pt League Match: Tyranids vs Space Wolves
PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2011 12:59 am 
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My fourth and final round robin match leading to a determination of who goes to the four-man playoffs.

My list:

- Tyrant Guard (3) w/ LW

Hive Guard (2)

Termagants (10)
Tervigon w/ AG, TS, Cat, Ons
Warriors (5) w/ LW/BS, TS, Devs
- Mycetic Spore
Genestealers (15) w/ AG, TS
- Mycetic Spore

Mawloc w/ Regen
Tyrranofex w/ RC, CS, Grubs
Biovores (3)

His list:
Wolf Lord in Term Armor w/ Wolftooth Necklace, 2xFenrisian Wolf, 2x Wolf Claw, Wolf Tail Talisman
Rune Priest in Power Armor w/ Melta Bombs, Talisman, Necklace, Runic Weapon, JotWW, Murderous Hurricane

Wolf Scouts Pack (10) w/ Bolt Pistol x8, Melta Bombs, CCW x9, PW x2, Meltagun
- Scout w/ Mark of Wulfen, CCW, BP
Wolf Guard Pack
- Wolf Guard in Power Armor w/ Combi-Melta, Frost Weapon
- Wolf Guard in Term Armor (2) w/ 2x Wolf Claw
- Wolf Guard in Term Armor (2) w/ Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer
- Land Raider Crusader w/ Multi-Melta, 2x Hurricane Bolters, TL-Assault Cannon, Power of Machine Spirit

Grey Hunters Pack (10) w/ Wolf Standard, BP x8, Bolter x8, CCW x9, Plasma Pistol, PF, Meltagun
- Hunter w/ PF, Meltagun
- Rhino w/ Storm Bolter, Extra Armor
Grey Hunters Pack (10) w/ BP x8, Bolter x8, CCW x9, PP, PF, Plasmagun
- Hunter w/ PF, Plasmagun
- Rhino w/ Storm Bolter, Extra Armor
Blood Claws Pack (15) w/ BP x14, CCW x14, PP, PW

Whirlwind w/ Whirlwind Multiple Missile Launcher
Land Raider w/ TL-Lascannon, TL-Heavy Bolter, Extra Armor
NOTE: This wasn't on his list. Running through the points it looks as if he was using an extra 265pts. I believe it to be accidental because he's a good guy and I think he was confused about what list he submitted and thought he was using, though the rest of the above matched up with what he used.

Here is how the terrain appeared:
[Open in new window]

The building the very center was a two-level, with the left side twice as high as the right. No one could enter the building but could scale the walls to the ramparts on top. The entire terrain feature was a 4+ cover save and difficult, though impassable for the purposes of DS.

We rolled Seize Ground (3 objectives), Spearhead. One objective was placed in the NE corner of the far left forest. The second was 8" S of the lower left corner of the middle forest. The third was 2.5" SW of the lower left corner of the bottom Detritus feature.

I won initiative and chose to go first. Because of all the vehicles, I wanted to make travel and deployment as annoying as possible for him. I put him in the NE corner with all the Detritus. This also gave me access to both objectives quickly. I placed my Swarmlord w/ Tyrant Guard between the ruin and central forest as close the center of the board as possible without over-committing to either side of the central building. The TFex went 6" SSE of the Swarmlord unit. The Hive Guard went into the far NE corner of the ruins. The Biovores lined up in the SW corner of the ruins. The Tervigon set up 3" SW of the ruins. The Mawloc went 3" E of the Tervigon. I put the Deathleaper, Warriors, Genestealers and Gaunts in reserve.

He placed his two LRs in the far W side of his deployment zone, with the HQ LR (both HQs with the 4 Termie Wolf Guards) closer to the edge by just a bit. In the other LR was the 15 Blood Claws with the Wolf Guard in Power Armor. Behind them were the two Rhinos with Grey Hunters still in them. In the far SE corner of his deployment zone he put his Razorback. The Long Fangs lined up against the far right side of the lower detritus. The Whirlwind set up in the extreme SE corner of the board. He put his Wolf Scouts in reserve as Outflankers.

He failed to steal the initiative.

I moved the TFex towards the forest for LoS on the HQ LR over the bhilding. The Swarmlord unit moved up towards the alley on the left side of the building. The Hive Guard moved into the Forest to the immediate N of the ruins. The Biovores moved to the far NE corner of the ruins where the Hive Guard were. THe Mawloc moved 6" SE. The Tervigon moved 6" E to get away from the left short board edge.

The Hive Guard and TFex did nothing against the HQ LR. The Biovores did nothing. The Swarmlord ran a few inches to the SW corner of the building. The Mawloc ran 3" and the Tervigon ran 3", both in the same directions they moved.

Space Wolves
Both LRs moved SE towards the detritus, away from me. Both Rhinos moved into the Detritus (passed dangerous terrain). The Razorback moves 6" W.

At the end of shooting, the TFex had 5 wounds on it (horrendous save rolling. On one volley of shots, I failed both 2+ armor saves) and one Tyrant Guard had 1 Wound.

The Warriors, Genestealers and Gaunts arrived from Reserve. The Warriors barely stay on the board after scatter, landing 1" away from the right short board edge to the ESE of the lower Detritus. The Warriors disembark S of the spore to get shots in on the rear of the Razorback. The Genestealers drift to just outside the NE corner of the far left Forest, with the 'Stealers disembarking into the forest and around in a crescent form up the hill to the W of it and on the other side of the Spore. The Gaunts walk on towards the southern placed objective to provide a protective screen from the Wolf Scouts should they choose to come onto my long board edge.

The TFex moves more to get another shot at the HQ LR. The Swarmlord unit continues advancing N along the west side of the building. The Mawloc continues moving SSE towards the long board edge to get prepared for a Burrow later. The Tervigon moves 6" E.

The TFex manages to immobilize the HQ LR. The Swarmlord unit runs to the NW corner of the building. The Genestealers spread out a bit so at least half are behind the spore or in the forest. The Warriors manage to destroy a weapon on the Razorback and shake it. The Biovores manage to kill one Long Fang but fail to pin the unit.

Space Wolves
The Wolf Scouts arrive with the option to enter on any board edge. He chooses to bring them on 6" S of the Warriors' position on the extreme right side of the board.

The Razorback moves 6" W and into the forest, but immediately becomes immobilized by the terrain. The Rhinos move 6" into the upper detritus. Everything else stayed put.

The TFex was wiped out, two Genestealers died and one of the Tyrant Guard was killed with a wound put on a second. The Warriors suffered two wounds from the scouts.

During assault, the Scouts charged into the Warriors. One Warrior died while the scouts were wiped out. I consolidated 4" towards the Long Fangs.

The Deathleaper arrived. I placed him on the left edge of the right parapet on the building.

The Tervigon spawned a unit of 10 without rolling doubles. The were dispatched towards the far left objective in the western forest, where the Genestealers arrived. The Genestealers and Swarmlord unit advanced on the HQ LR. The Hive Guard advanced towards the western edge of the building. The Mawloc Burrowed into Reserve. The purchased Gaunts advanced on the southern objective. The Warriors moved closer to the Long Fangs.

The Biovores missed everything. The Hive Guard did nothing to the Blood Claw LR. The Deathleaper did nothing to the same LR. The Genestealers ran only 2", not enough to get within charge distance of the HQ LR. The Warriors killed one more Long Fang w/ shooting.

The Swarmlord unit charged the HQ LR and managed to destroy the Multi-melta on it but that's it. The Warriors assaulted the Long Fangs and wiped them out. They consolidated from the detritus to the forest S of the detritus.

Space Wolves
The unit in the HQ LR got out to deal with the Swarmlord unit. The Blood Claw LR went to move to the ESE through the detritus but became immobilized. The two Rhinos rolled out E to deal with the Warriors w/ melta and plasmagun shooting from the units inside upon the Warriors.

When all was said and done, the Warriors were reduced to three models, the Tyrant Guard to one and the Swarmlord had 3 wounds on it. I was unable to do any damage thanks to horrible CC rolls by the Swarmlord. And the Deathleaper died by ID to a Lascannon blast.

The Mawloc came up under both Rhinos, destroying the weapon from one of them.

The Tervigon advances N to the edge of the building to avoid getting shot by the LRs while the Hive Guard advance along the southern edge of the central building. The Warriors advanced on one of the Rhinos (the one that drove out of the detritus entirely).

During shooting, I brain farted and ran the Warriors, completely forgetting I could've assaulted the Rhino to attempt damaging it. The Hive Guard managed to stun the Blood Claw LR.

During assault, two Termies, the HQ and its Fenrisian Wolves all died. Three Genestealers died in return.

Space Wolves
The Blood Claws got out to assault the Genestealers. The Rhinos rolled to get better shots on the Mawloc and Warriors.

After shooting, the Mawloc had 2 Wounds on it and the Warriors were wiped out. The spawned gaunt unit was reduced to 5 models.

The Blood Claws assaulted the Genestealers. In the end, everything but one Tyrant Guard died, but the Termies were wiped out first. The Rune Priest was still alive.

The Tervigon spawned another unit of 8 (rolled doubles), which moved up to the objective to co-claim it. The Tervigon moved up a bit to close range on the Termagants that moved up north to bottle up the gap at the northwestern corner of the building. The Mawloc failed IB and moved 1" towards the left side Rhino. The Hive Guard continued moving into the central forest.

The Hive Guard failed to punch through a the Rhino being assaulted by the Mawloc. The Biovores missed everything... again.

The Tyrant Guard fell and the Long Fangs consolidated 6" W. The Mawloc assaulted the Rhino and popped it, pinning the unit inside.

Space Wolves
The Blood Claws moved 6" W towards the left side of the building from the northern side of it. The Rune Priest joined the unit. The unit inside the other Rhino disembarked.

The Mawloc was reduced to 3 wounds after shooting. One of the two Hive Guards was destroyed, with a wound on the other.

The Blood Claws assaulted the gaunts. I failed to make the Counterstrike roll against the Tervigon's Ld. They couldn't hold the line and the Blood Claws won out, advancing only 1" on consolidation.

Seeing the Rune Priest running free, I beat feet with the Tervigon, running around the SE corner of the building to the immediate E so as to get out of LoS from the Rune Priest. The Biovores moved out of its ruins to advance on the objective as a second unit to contest it.

The Biovores shot at the Grey Hunters near the Mawloc but failed to do anything... YET AGAIN. Stupid scatter. The last Hive Guard shot at a Rhino and managed to immobilize it. The remaining spawned gaunts from the other unit managed to kill one Blood Claw. The Tervigon kept running E.

The Mawloc assaulted the Blood Claw LR and did nothing.

Space Wolves
The Blood Claws maneuvered to assault the remaining unit of spawned gaunts on the left objective. The two units of Grey Hunters advanced on the Mawloc.

The last Hive Guard died, the Mawloc was reduced to 1 wound by shooting and the Rune Priest triggered JotWW on 5 Gaunts (two removed from play).

On the charge, the Blood Claws managed to multi-assault the Gaunts and the Biovores, wiping them out. The Mawloc was assaulted and killed. The unit consolidated towards the right objective.

Game over in a draw, 1-1.

Given the fact I had to deal with an extra LR throughout the entire game, I did pretty well. Things would've been much different had we been on equal footing. The TFex would not have suffered nearly as many wounds so quickly, thus making him more effective for Turns 3-4 at the very least. The Biovores would've had a huge unit of Blood Claws to shoot at from the get-go. Of course, with how poorly they were rolling to hit the BCs might've been safe.

The choice to put him in the detritus corner was clutch. It made moving difficult for him and endangered all his vehicles. I was also able to make the intervening terrain work for me. Unfortunately, that also requires me to make cover saves.

I'm accepting the tie as is since I'll be in the playoffs either way. He's a cool guy and there's no point making a big deal about it.

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