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 Post subject: Forum Rules of Engagement
PostPosted: Sun May 15, 2011 4:32 pm 
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Welcome to the forum. Please take a few minutes to read through the FAQs and then take a few hours to read through what has been posted.

When you feel ready to start asking questions, try conducting searches to find the information you need. There is a good chance the topic has been discussed. Go to the topic(s) you turn up, and if you have something new to add/ask, then post away!

If you feel the existing topics don't cover what you want to talk about, then, again, post away.

This is a Tyranids Board.
  • We’re here to have fruitful discussions of Tyranids
  • In the interest of civility, fire safety and bandwidth, let’s avoid contentious real-world religious, political and social issues (if in doubt, don’t post it); there are a ridiculous number of places to discuss that ad nauseum, but we are here for the nids.
  • We’re not here to separate people from their money, so please keep all posts that involve buying, selling, donating, and generally parting someone with their money in the Marketplace forum.
  • No commercial signatures. (That includes links to webstores or painting services.)

Play Nice.
  • Be courteous and respectful of your fellow members.
  • Please keep crude language to a minimum.
  • No flame wars – if you have a problem with a member PM an admin. - Don't post replies when angry, PM an admin as to why you're angry.

How to Contribute (as opposed to spamming).
We look forward to conversing with you. Take a moment to realize that in a forum environment, your messages linger for long periods of time. As such, it would be great if you take a moment when posting and consider the following:
  • Does my post add anything to the discussion?
  • Is my post coherent and easy to understand?
  • Did I quote too much or too little from a previous post?
  • Try to use “proper” English. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make an effort to use complete sentences, capitalization and punctuation. (This makes life a lot easier for everyone, especially our many members who speak English as a second language.)
  • Try to avoid using “it” and “that” if your reference is not clear.
  • If you are in too much of a hurry to follow the above guidelines, then you probably don't have enough time to post at all. Come back later when you have more time.

Why Curse Words Can Be Problematic.
Simply put, please avoid using curse words. When you use expletives liberally, you diminish the impact of your words more often than not.

The golden rule for a swear word is the same as the general posting guideline - if it does not add anything worthwhile, then don't use it. Harsh language is not really verboten here, but in a forum, when you have lots of time to think about your post and more time to think as you type, there is no real explanation for knee-jerk swearing.

One word that will generally receive special editing attention is "rape"; I have come across enough people in my life that have excellent reasons for discouraging the casual use of that word. To be frank, "rape" has been used carelessly and unnecessarily in past posts.

Back to swear words - There are times when no other words will convey your meaning, but that is actually far rarer than most might think. I'd like to see folks bleep it at least, so those that are really sensitive to such things can mentally substitute in their friendlier (to them) word. More often than not, the swear words are used in a way that obfuscates the exact meaning. Rather than enhancing the communication, it confuses it.

Sometimes, “wtf” and “omg” really convey the meaning more clearly than any substitute.

Topic names are generally not acceptable places for swear/curse words.

It is all about the quality.
The Board is What We Make It.
The content of this board is only as good as we make it, so let's make an effort to make it something worth reading.

Thanks for your attention and your help in making this a great discussion board! We look forward to your participation.

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