Making Kill Team SH more Space Hulk
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Author:  refuse [ Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Making Kill Team SH more Space Hulk

Space Hulk AoD work in progress

This AoD will use the GW's Kill Team Rules as a basis for the game. From there the rules I quoted above will modify 40k into more space hulk style game.

Here are a list of the current working rules:

And a summary.

Major changes:
  1. Kill Team
    • Termies allowed
    • Multi-wound models
    • Multiple STR 8 weapons (power fists)
    • Genestealers instead of gaunts
    • Psychic powers (for the stealers and the marines)
  2. Movement
    • No cohrency rules each model is a unit.
    • Move and shoot
      Models may move and shoot, there is no seperate shooting phase. This means the 6" you can move are spent as action points. 1" to move forward one square. 2" to move backwards 1 square. 1" to move and shoot (a storm bolter).
    • Stop to open doors
  3. Shooting
    • LOS
      • Models block line of site
      • Doors block line of site
    • Alot more shooting.
      You can shoot up to your movement number of times. This means a marine can shoot up to 6 times a turn. ach shot uses the weapons specification. So assault cannons roll 4 dice per target.
      Some weapons like the assault cannons have a special mode, it consumes alot of ammo, but can potentially do more damage in a singe turn then the marine could do normally.
    • Weapons jam
      Weapons with multiple dice may jam/run out of juice/block
      Fire a storm bolter and roll double 1s the storm bolter jams and you have to clear it. Fire any weapon with multiple dice, and double ones jam the weapon.
    • Critical Jams
      Fire a weapon with 3 or more dice and you have the potential for death. If a wapon rolls 3 ones, the weapon explodes killing the owner.
    • Overwatch
      Marines may go into overwatch. This means that when ever a stealer performs an action within the marines LOS they will fire upon the stealer. If a weapon jams or the marine is attacked they drop out of overwatch. Note an LD test is performed to stay in overwatch if they are shot at.
  4. Assaults
    • Facing matters.
      If you are attacked from the rear, you may not attack back
    • You pay to attack.
      Marines pay 1" of movement to attack. Stealers may attack during a move (like marines may shoot). This means a marine that moves 1" may attack a target 5 times. Stealers may attack it 6+d6 (for fleet of foot)
    • After the attack the models can move as normal.
      You can walk away from an attack, or you can shoot your attacker (though shooting a stealer at point blank, means they can attack back).
  5. Will be AoD format
    • Players will be selected
      Players will be selected to play the game, and they will submit their teams and their moves to the Mods. The mods will run the turns. Special instructions and specific instructions will be take per turn. This means it is a bit more tactical in you have to think of possiblities when giving orders.
    • There are multiple outcomes per batte.
      Most battles will be win or loose. Some will have major and minor victories along with major and minor losses. You will have to determine how to split up your forces, how aggressive to be and more.
    • There will be a back story.
      There will be a story to go with this, as well as fluff surrounding the action. Frater are free to expand this (and encouraged to).

Some "tutorials"
An example of a change.
When the Assault Cannon is fired, it may be fired in a shot by shot mode, consuming minimal ammo, or it may be fired in a special Sustained fire mode.
Here is a simple tutorial showing this sustained fire mode
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In sustained fire mode, every model within LOS is hit, any models revealed due to a previous model being hit are also hit. This continues on until the weapon jams, kills all models in LOS, or the weapon explodes.


[Open in new window]

Fleet of foot and attacking!

There is alot more work to do.
Hammering out the turn sequence changes from 40k to SH.
Army pick/balance.

But the piont of kill team isn't balance, it is fun gamming. So with that these rules will be written.

Author:  refuse [ Sun Apr 30, 2006 10:12 pm ]
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How I see the introductions.

Author:  refuse [ Mon May 01, 2006 12:10 pm ]
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Author:  Ecalsneerg [ Mon May 01, 2006 12:41 pm ]
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There is an edit button, you could easily have done that in one by editing it.

I'm not keen on complicating it further than standard KT rules, SH may have used to work like that but I prefer quick and simplish rules.

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