Space Hulk custom rules, Long!
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Author:  J O N E S Y [ Wed May 25, 2005 12:19 pm ]
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i aggree with the bottom sentence. remove that rule. how about making template weapons more points as they are sure to burn lots of nids.

Author:  RampagingRavener [ Wed May 25, 2005 2:19 pm ]
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Intresting idea Titan, though I want the Heavy Flamer to be a viable option to the assault cannon (one of the reasons I included the firewall option).

brynjolfr, I did consider something to do with blips, but had no idea how to implement them. How about this:

ONE brood of no more than 6 genestealers may deploy with the 'hidden' rule. However, up to one in every three broods (of any size) may move via air ducts, hidden walkways etc.

To show this, do not delploy the brood at the start, but instead use a small (3") marker. This may move and fleet at the exact same way as normal genestealers.

It cannot be shot at unless an enemy model is within 12", but any enemy shooting at it will need a 5+ to hit as the genestealers are still partially concealed.

If an enemy model is within 6" of a 'blip' marker at the start of his turn, then the marker is removed and the brood is placed onto the table (without scatter etc). It may then be shot at as normal in the enemy shooting phase, and will work normally in the Tyranid turn from then on.

At the start of the Tyranid Turn, the Genestealers represented by the blip may come out of hiding in the same way as above, and can move, fleet and assault as normal.

Genestealers represented by a 'blip' may not have hits allocated to them, and may not assault as long as they are represented by the 'blip'.

A little complicated, but I can see it working. :D

As for getting Lost in the warp, that was removed from 4th ed deep strike. If you get a double one, you just move 2".

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