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 Post subject: Mega Space Hulk!
PostPosted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 9:02 pm 

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-X space hulk games (x=up to 10)
-2 or more space hulk style mats
(one landing zone and the rest Genestealer Hives)
-X times 2 players

additional rules:
Dormant-- all blips start the game spread throughout the hulk. When a terminator moves within 30 spaces of n blip it awakes in the following turn. These spaces cannot be connected through doors.

Boarding-- Terminators enter the game through the landing zone. Only 40 terminators may start in the first turn. up to 15 terminators may enter in the following turns per turn through the landing zone.

Evacuation-- Terminators exit the game through the disposal chutes. They re-enter the game 3 D6 turns later through the boarding zones or other disposal chutes, wherever there is a hole/door to the outside.

Casualties-- Space marines may not bring back casualties. Genestealers may bring back 2 D6 blips per turn. These blips return to the stealer room.

Supply Rooms-- Terminators may build supply rooms as they travel through the hulk at the cost of 2 AP and 3 command points. Weapons that are out of ammunition may restore their ammunition when they are in a supply room. This costs 1 AP.

Melta Bombs- Melta bombs explode 6 spaces in all directions and 1 floor up and down. If a genestealer room is more than 2 stories high the melta bombs affect all stories for the purposes of destruction.

Notes: There are at least 3 stories to the space hulk. Landing zones are 3 stories high.
Terminators get marked so each player can identify them as their own.
Genestealers and terminators have a marker placed next to them after they perform their actions

Victory: The terminators must destroy the Genestealer Hives using Melta Bombs and/or Heavy Flamers.
The Genestealers must destroy all of the terminators in the game and/or control the landing zone after turn 7 and hold it for 2 turns. You control the landing zone by having more control points than your opponent which are calculated as follows:

Genestealers-1; Terminators-2; Terminator Sergeants-3; Librarian-5; Broodlord-7

Additional ideas:
Control Rooms- Marines may operate and lock doors through the control room. You may open, close or lock a door at the cost of 1 AP. Locked doors count as jammed until they are unlocked by the control room.

Infection- When a Genestealer destroys a Terminator, you may roll 1 D6. If the result is 1 the space marine is knocked out and is treated as an object. You cannot move through the space marine. Check the unconscious space marine rules in the mission book for details. If a 6 is rolled, the Terminator turns into a Genestealer after D6 turns. The space marine player may choose to shoot the infected space marine with any weapons (including heavy flamers). The space marine may only use 2 action points per turn after he is infected and still under the Space Marine player's control. He may not use Command points. After the D6 turns are over, a genestealer is created, but it rolls only 2 dice for attacks and has only 6 action points.

And brand new: Chapter Master/Captain/Chaplain
Chapter Master: Rolls 3D6 for attack and adds lowest+highest together. Chapter Masters may be armed with any weapon that terminators use, and may choose up to 3 of them.

Captains: Roll 2D6+2 for combat resolution, choosing the highest die, and may use any 2 Terminator weapons EXCEPT: Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer.

Chaplains: Roll 3D6. may add 2 lowest or use only the highest. May take: Chainfist, storm shield, powersword, stormbolter, or heavy flamer (1 shot)

This is an idea I had on my Main 40k board (z15.invisionfree.com/Ordo_Malleus/index.php?) that died down (or really never caught on) and it is still stuck in my head. If anyone wants to try these rules, please do so and add feedback.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:58 am 
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Sounds funny, but who on earth would have 100 SH? ;P

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:14 pm 

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Actually, that should be 10. I'll fix that.

Also, I played a game similar to this with my 1 space Hulk set, and it adds more strategy than many would think. I added a meditation room to the Hulk for the Librarian to regain physic energy.

I modified a few things when I played the game, instead of a landing zone, I had a Terminator Command floor. Each entry point brought on a blip if the genestealer player wanted. no Terminators came back. instead of a Hive room, I had a small board with a ton of arrows.

Here's the rules:

When in a Meditation room, the terminator Librarian may use 3 AP to regain 2 Physic points.

Wall-mounted overwatch storm bolters- These are storm bolters mounted on walls at critical locations in a space-marine controlled area. Limit 3 per 5 terminators.

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