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 Post subject: Rising the cult(s) with Proxy Wars Kickstarter
PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2013 5:47 pm 
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Dear fellow cultists and other servants of the Skymother

I would like to tell you about "my plan" to create new and modern models for a genestealer cult:

The Proxy Wars Kickstarter ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/proxyarmy/proxy-war-custom-3d-printed-miniatures ) is an excellent project that offers many new and exciting possibilities for the tabletop-hobby. If successful, they will design and create (ie 3D-print) models according to almost any description / artwork. Being fully aware that there will be a lot of noise about our new codex very soon, I hereby try to convince you to spend/pledge some of your money elsewhere - similar to some 'nids infiltrating ahead of the main-force to increase the chances for success of the overall goal of the hivemind: to devour everything. Ahem. I already have a quite extensive collection of 'nids and was always looking for proper models for a cult. I don't think that GW will offer anything for this "niche" of tyranids in the near (or even far) future and I am not aware of any other company offering anything besides some general cultist's masks.

The coolest feature of Proxy Wars: the more "niddy" parts and creatures they will be asked to design and produce, the more "bitz" will be available in their library, usable for everybody and in any combination. I initially only thought about creating an exocrine that looks as much as possible like the biovore-sketches from the 4th edition (that unfortunately never were "translated" into deserving models). If, by now, you are skeptical about transgressing GW's intellectual property and what they are allowed to do and what not, here is my conversation with the makers of the Proxy War Kickstarter:

Hi There

This is my first participation ever on Kickstarter and after reading a bit more about it I went from WAR CORRESPONDENT straight to WAR HERO. I can make a tabletop-miniature exactly how I like it and have professionals that help me to design and produce it?! Yes please!!!

With my pledge I intend to make a big (ie huge) alien artillery beast for my tyranid army. Can it be based more or less on some artwork by Games Workshop? How closely can you follow concepts / art that is the IP of others without getting yourself (or me) into trouble? I am not looking for an exact reproduction as a miniature but something rather similar some sketches. These sketches are concept art by Games Workshop that never got used for the horrible biovore-model that they offer. I would love to see the terrific concept art "come to life" in my Hive Fleet Yersinia.


I am seriously considering increasing my pledge to BIG DAMN HEROES or even BAND OF BROTHERS. I would like a modern interpretation of a genestealer cult with cultists, civilians, first- and second generation hybrids, hybrid kids, patriarchs but also a "nest", limousines and civilian walkers and a matriarch kind of a leader. All should be loosely based on old artwork / background / miniatures but with a touch of elysian drop troops which are more modern then the classical cadians. There will probably soon be a new tyranid-codex and many new models but I don't think that this niche-variant of them will be covered in any way. Not in the near future and not in the years to come. So basically the question is the same: how close can you get to the IP of Games Workshop without getting into trouble? I know that many tyranid-players love the background and concept of genestealer-cults but there are (almost) none of the old miniatures available and they are certainly not nice. But if you - as professionals - could design and (re-)create them for me and possibly others... that would be a dream come true!

I am looking forward to your answer and will promote your (and to certain amount now also my...) project on the various tabletop forums on which I am active.

Kind regards


Hey Goldark,

Wow, that is awesome! It's always great to see that people are enthusiastic about our idea. Makes us feel like we're onto something. We'll be sure to make you glad you donated!

But, to answer your questions. First, tyranids. We can get pretty dang close to 'nid designs. The concept of the "biological horror" is not new, and so as long as we don't use any trademarked 'nid integrated weapons, we should be fine. We might add a few more tweaks to the concept at your discretion, but making that come to life in your tyranid army is not a problem.

Second, genestealer cults. These are actually one of my favorite themes in 40k. I'm more of a Dark Heresy player than a tabletop tyranid player, but the mix of seemingly normal hivers, high-class civilian equipment, and alien monsters has a fantastic cult feel. Better than most chaos cults, IMO. There are a number of ways we can bring genestealer cults back to life without running into copyright issues:
1) Mutated humans are, of course, open-domain. While we can't have distinctive tyranid weapons, genestealer cults don't tend to favor those anyway. A good mix of mutated claws and natural weapons, and civvie weapons in the hands of monsters and first-generation cultists should do great.
2) We can add civilian vehicles like limos, cargo trucks, improvised technicals, etc.
3) We can add "vanity plates" where things like the Imperial Aquila, or other classical genestealer cult symbols can be easily added to the vehicle or weapon post-3D print, so your army keeps a clear 40k look without us needing to make invalid models.
4) The great variety 3D printing offers means the mutations can get a lot more random, and offer a much bigger variety of cultists and mutant creatures.

I hope that helps! It is fantastic to hear you'll put in a good word for us, and hey, if you know any other genestealer cult fans, let them know! It's a great idea we'd love to see realized.

All the best,


So, what I am really hoping for is, that some (or even many) of you fellow cultists pledge for this Kickstarter. I think that they offer a new and very interesting way of making models for people who don't have the time and/or skills to do the conversions they always wanted to. If this Kickstarter is successful, you will be able to profit from the investments of others that brought tyranid-llike bits into their library and order them, similar- or even completely new creatures for your hive-fleets. So please, give it a look and think about it. Support this project with a minor pledge and you can just sit and wait for it to succeed and then profit from my "exocrine/biovore/whatever-artillery-beasty". Of course you can also pledge more and get them to make the model you always wanted for your hive-fleet.

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