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 Post subject: tyranids on brigade
PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 1:13 am 
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came up with a full brigade list and it seems to be holding up well. so far ive played against a deathwatch & knights consisting of a intercessor squad, and 2 veteran squads (watch captain and librarian included) the knights were 2x harvingers and a big red with pyre flamer. 2nd game was vs a blood angles anti horde( baal predators with flamers) and a handful of tactical and a dread, with 2x units of death-guard(guys with red X marking in case i named wrong units). and 3rd game was vs a melee oriented dark-eldar. primarily 6 talos, 3x ravagers complimented 2 battalions of wych cult and wracks(1 unit of grotesque)

in short these are 3 hard match ups for most tyranid lists that are not customized to opponents but on all 3 occasions my list was able to hold its own and win( technicaly i did lose 2/3 casue game extended into additional turns and the battle of attrition began to faulter with those last few objectives giving points to opponents.

the list itself

-HQ flyrant: Deathspitters (hydra relic >slimer maggot infestation), MRC, *killer instinct warlord trait, [paroxsysm] [psychic scream]
-neurothrope [catalyst]
-neruothrope [onslaught]

troop 6x broods,[24] termagants:fleshbore

elite- 2x malaceptor [psychic scream]
[3]hive guard: impaler cannons
fast attack-[3] meiotic spore
2x broods [5] raveners: 2x scything talon, deathspitter
Heavy- 2x mawlock: biostatic rattle
[1] biovore

first thing to note is yes its only one (singular) biovore, i had a hard time finding units to fit in the needed roles and still cheap so its just a filler for heavy slot but it still puts out a few MWs and/spore mine.

playing the list can be a bit touch and go wanting to push and aggressive line or needing to play defense early game but should be able to advance the first turn with little risk outside acceptable casualties. primary units are the termagants primary function is just board control just enough in each brood to benefit their reroll to wound,and soak up over watch for more powerful units but small enough to be manipulated through city-scape style terrain. next line should be the spores if your lucky to get turn one you can use metabolic overdrive on them and advance and close in that 12" gap and get in some early MWS. chances not many things will be in reach of you deathspitters or hive guards especialy if your playing more defensive. so turn 2 will be the big impact if able to play aggressive the malceptors should be in range to charge and benefit from psychic overload, if no save them for the last few smites (benefit from their +1 when it gets to 7+) mawlocks should also make a appearance putting pressure into back lines or clusters, from that point their basicly a distraction piece since they are poor in combat against most units. but it does deliver MWs to spare and on death a extra chance. fleshbores are not the best weapon but if you dont mind the occasional scorch bug investment and possibly single minded annihilation they can take care of most infantry reliably if able to charge with the termagants i would make sure to bring in atleast 1 unit of ravaners to clean up melee. combined with the hydra adaption both the termagants and ravaners become able melee units ravaners being the primarys of course and their fast mobility should allow them to move form one unit into the next bogged down by gants. more durable units this becomes less reliable but thats my reason for malceptors and smites malceptor is not great in melee but if you can land a few hits those D6 really start to shine, especially when combined with the gants holding units in melee allowing Psychic overload to tag multiple units with minimal risk. reason for give in then both psychic scream was incase they were out of range of their auras damage you can still use the single target abilities to focus units. and finally the flyrant should be in optimal range to benefit form its 3+BS and able to reroll everything, and finish off units in melee also rerolling everything. the rest is self explained i think neruothropes are just additional smites and synapse, and the hive guard just to pick off units in range hopefully sitting on objectivs

Such beautiful name with a dark secret. Welcome to the nightmare that is HIVE FLEET LAMIA!

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