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Author:  Forest [ Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  tervi-gant drop list

Came up with a new list that's got some nice flow. now the list currently is just for testing a gimmick but the core function itself should be usable in other lists and maintain some competitiveness.
the core mechanic is a tervigon in a drop pod with roughly 40 pts in reinforcements. (roughly 406 pts total).

supreme command 1 CP- 972pts- Leviathan

HQ- Tervigon: sycthing talons
HQ- Tervigon: sycthing talons
HQ- Tervigon: sycthing talons
HQ- Tervigon: sycthing talons
Transport- Tyrannocyte: 5x Deathspitters
Transport- Tyrannocyte: 5x Deathspitters
Transport- Tyrannocyte: 5x Deathspitters
Transport- Tyrannocyte: 5x Deathspitters

Spear head 1CP- 534pts leviathan

HQ-Nerupthrope >warlord: perfectly adapted, relic: norn crown
Heavy- 3x Biovore
Heavy- 3x Biovore
Heavy- 2x Biovore

[178 pts in reserves/reinforcment] <total value 1998>

again this list is just for testing how may tervigon/reinforcment pts to be reliable.

Playing the list> deployment is the biovore's and neurothrope far back as you can and still benefit from their 48". depending first or 2nd turn purpose is to do light damage and hopefully bait some enemies into a meat grinder. the tervigons (in their respective pods) deploying into the back lines if able but as close possible. the first arrival i would expect 1 maybe 2 to die early but you should be able to do some damage between smites and stinger salvo. following they should be capable of charging into infantry units to tie up for the following turn. you end, then opponents turn , back to your 2nd turn you can move and then spawn 10 termagants, per tervigon still alive, up to 1" from enemy. This may be depend on your opponent and your map but overall it generates a large area of coverage and some fodder units to do some damage. this may be better for maelstrom missions/ non kill point games. also you can utilize the stratgems <single minded annihilation>,<Implant attack> and <scorch bugs> to maximize your damage for the termagants. few in number but able to reroll 1s in shooting and wounds may compensate for it and if you can focus fire form multiple small broods and smites it should supply some decent impact.

still waiting to test it out and i am hopeful their is some rulings i over looked about spawning otherwise your limited to just 10 man broods. even so, as long as 1 remains alive you can rebuild the brood back to 10 for free. I'm thinking 2 tervigon in pods would be sufficient ( 812pts) to compliment another list, but it awaits testing. I chose leviathan for the 6+ giving the gants a touch more survival. the relic and warlord traits i didnt find anything of real benefit so i just tossed in generics in case neurothrope could move enough to smite and still stay alive.

thoughts opinions ideas> thanks in advance my siblings

Author:  Vore [ Sat Feb 03, 2018 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: tervi-gant drop list

So, the possibilities in favor of this list that I see:

It's unexpected.

Four T8, 14 wound, 3+ save tank-equivalents just showing up right outside or behind your opponent. Then you give a 6+FNP. They will soak a lot of dakka.

Tervigons are surprisingly fast. 8" move! They are faster than termagants (before wound degrading).

The massive Scytals are basically close range Lascannons that let you reroll 1s.

The pods can do a decent job of tying up vehicles or heavy weapon teams in melee to keep them off the Tervigons (provided they can reach them).

Many much smite spam.

Good spread of Shadow in the Warp and Deny the Witch.

That many Biovores is a lot of potential mortal wounds per turn

Excellent potential board coverage.

The detractions from the list that I see:

Spawn termagants happens at the beginning of the movement phase, like any transport. That can limit your ability to place, especially if your opponent is smart enough to surround your Tervi.

Tervigons hit on 4+ before wound degrading. They can't wreck what they don't hit, and with only three attacks, you aren't likely to solo any hard targets in one round of CC. Their melee ability is supportive in nature, not a lynchpin you can depend on.

Tervigon shooting is likewise supportive. Four shots hitting on 4s.

You are correct in that there are only unit of 10 gants allowed if you spawn fresh. 40 termagants sounds like a lot of shooting, but with a 12" range, they won't be able to focus the same targets easily if at all.

Depending on how you have the gants spread, your opponent can take all or most of them out by killing one Tervigon.

Severe lack of ObSec. A 10 strong unit of gants isn't stopping anyone from claiming a point by themselves, and if you concentrate them on something to counter that vulnerability, you simultaneously give up board control elsewhere and leave yourself open to the detraction listed above.

If your enemy wipes all 10 gants, you have to pay another 30pts to bring them back. With the long games that this type of attrition army is suited to, you will run out of reinforcement points.

Snot pods have a lot of shots, but not what I would call a reliable source of firepower. They are also meant to be supportive in nature.

If you babysit the biovores in the backline with the Neurothrope Synapse, you lose a valuable source of psychic power. If you don't babysit, they will not get the mortal wounds where you need them reliably.

Even if you do babysit, any dedicated melee unit that can Deepstrike will wipe them out without much trouble.

That's about it. Overall, the list is interesting, but the main drawback I see is that this list is all Anvil and no Hammer. You will have the endurance and the interference that you can expect out of Anvil units, but outside of some good smite rolls and/or biovore shots, there isn't anything really punishing to cripple the enemy force quickly. You will be left with what amounts to a battle tank demolition derby; a slow attrition grind. Definitely better suited to maelstrom.

If I get the chance I will run it and see what happens. Might be a bit, though. New baby and all.

Author:  Forest [ Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: tervi-gant drop list

as said above the list is just to experiment with since 1 set would probaly just get shot down. the core is a tervigon ina drop pod and spawning the following turn. if they dont kill mama in that run they have to dedicate something to denying the spawns. granted couple gants wont be doing much damage but their pressence is still more firepower in the back line think best suited for a list with a chunk of carnifex or such to split the pressure

Author:  Tropic Thunder [ Sat Feb 17, 2018 12:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: tervi-gant drop list

Competitively, you wouldn't be able to execute as you desire on account half your units have to be fielded at the start of the game. You have eight units in reserve and only four deploying. At minimum you'll need to convert a Tervigon and Tyrannocyte into two other non-reserve units to balance it out.

Author:  Forest [ Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: tervi-gant drop list

that actually brings up a ruling i been debating on a FaceBook forum. when you make a list you take tyranocytes/trygons ect. as separate units but as for deployment you put say a squad of dev-gants with trygon or a tyrannofex in a tyranocyte they count as a single deployment correct? as for the list above the biovores (in broods of 3) make up the bulk for on the table deployment while each tyranocyte+tervigon should equal the deepstrike reserves

Author:  Tropic Thunder [ Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: tervi-gant drop list

Sorry for the delay in response. Work's been hell.

Not much debate on this from what I've experienced, both in pick-up games and tournaments. Deployment and unit count are different. The requirement is no more than half your unit count can be in reserve. While you can combine units in transports for one deployment drop, that doesn't change the fact that the single deployment drop (into reserves or onto the table) still takes up more than one unit towards unit count.

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